Calls for Arpaio Resignation Pure Political Opportunism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2011
CONTACT: Chad Willems

PHOENIX, AZ – The Re-Elect Joe Arpaio 2012 campaign committee released the following statement today:

“Elected Democrat officials in Arizona are breathlessly calling for the immediate resignation of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio based on a four-year-old story involving sex crime investigations, which were reviewed and investigated by his office four years ago. These Arpaio detractors are also breathless in their insistence that none of this has to do with politics or partisanship.

The actions and words of Ruben Gallego, Randy Parraz, Steve Gallardo, Kyrsten Sinema, Congress members Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva, and other elected Democrats, reek of political opportunism and partisanship. After all, these are the same Democrats that have been opposed to the Sheriff’s enforcement of illegal immigration laws for years.

The fact of the matter is this: the mishandling of these cases was brought to the Sheriff’s attention in 2007. Arpaio immediately ordered the cases re-opened and investigated. They have been brought to a conclusion. Further, the Sheriff is hiring an expert in the area of sex crimes investigations to train staff for future cases and will offer that service to other law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, the City of Phoenix has nearly 2,500 cases involving sex crimes and molestation currently under review. Many of these were never pursued or were mishandled. These cases surfaced only months ago, yet there is a deafening silence from these elected officials in calling for elected Mayor Phil Gordon, a Democrat ally, to immediately resign.

Why would they remain silent about Phil Gordon? Mayor Gordon was responsible for going to Washington several times to request that the Justice Department investigate Arpaio’s enforcement of state and federal immigration laws.

Arpaio has stated he will not criticize Valley law enforcement agencies that currently have the same problem his office experienced four years ago. However, for these elected officials and other activists to use these investigations, which have received extensive coverage media coverage through the years, as a pure political tool is disgusting.

Many of these Democrat politicians calling for Arpaio’s resignation are the same ones that have called upon the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate his office. But they have curiously remained silent on any calls for resignation from (Democrat) Attorney General Eric Holder and his role in the “Fast and Furious” scandal that resulted in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The political left in this state feels emboldened by their recent success in removing Senator Russell Pearce from office. The leader of that effort, Randy Parraz, has publicly stated that his next target is Arpaio.

Tomorrow this group will attend and surely disrupt the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor’s meeting in a futile attempt to have Arpaio removed from office.

The transparent political stunt to resurrect a four-year-old story after steps have been taken to resolve the issue is shameful, desperate and again, disgusting.

The voters in Maricopa County will see this for what it is and reject this partisan witch hunt.”

Next month, Arpaio will announce plans for his political future.

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  1. Chandler Conservative says

    Pure partisian politics. Sheriff Joe isn’t perfect but these accusations are just BS!

  2. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    I assume that the leftist loving cabal within Republican LD18 will join in. They have learned from the Pearce experience that recalls leave the “target” at a disadvantage the way the laws are currently written.
    The problem that they have is Arpaio is a statewide office holder so recall is not going to happen. Asking [demanding] that he resign is a sign of these creatures juvenile perspective on reality. However, just like other juveniles, they will get some attention.

    • Political Hack says

      SGT. – Arpaio is not a statewide officer just Maricopa County. However, these other 2,500 cases is interesting and makes me wonder if there are other communities out there like Mesa, Glendale, Chandler etc that have the same issue.

  3. The human offal that frequent the New Slimes, where Chad Snow is God, believe this time around they are going to oust another one with an online petition. But underneath their gutter-crawling bellies is the local Phoenix media, and FOX 10 KSAZ in spades. A couple of days ago, KSAZ opened their 9 p.m. “newcast” with rapid-fire video stills of Arpaio backed by sinister-sounding background music – just to build drama before moving on to the “report.” KSAZ FOX, which alledges conservatism, has metamorphosed into subculture TV. Just as they ran attack pieces against Russell Pearce ten days before the recall petition deadline, they are now hot on the trail of Joe Arpaio. I have blasted them so many times recently on their “contact us” venue, I’ve ran out of words to use without inviting black helicopters. It is clear that John Hook and company have joined forces with the scum of the earth to attack local authorities who have passed anti-illegal legislation and enforced the law, and it is all at the direction of owner Rupert Murdoch who called for AMNESTY just last year. It is time to start contacting KSAZ sponsors, and letting them know they won’t see a dime in patronage while KSAZ broadcasts from the pro-illegal septic tank. They are so devious, they are starting to make KPNX/Gannett look like fair and balanced.

    • Interesting take on God, zoo. So you are o.k. with Arpaio not investigating 430 sex crimes, many against children? What is your threshold where you take notice? 500 kids being molested? 750? 1000? Or is your hatred for Mexicans so great that you’d rather see child molesters and rapists go free so Arpaio and Hendershott can arrest janitors at the City of Mesa and Don Stapley?

      Why don’t you read the Goldwater Institute’s “Mission Unaccomplished” study and get back with us about what a phenomenal law enforcer Joe Arpaio is? Or is the Goldwater Institute too pro-illegal leftist for you?

      • What part of child rape do they NOT get? They obviously don’t get the part of the tens of millions that Arpaio has cost the taxpayer in the last year. Its cult worship, when Joe is gone, stuff will come out that he has kept quiet via intimidation. But, till then, the Arpaio cult will continue to look the other way.

      • Still hiding behind that racist card huh? Of course Parraz and you, being a reconsquista and a illegal immigration profiteer respectively, have little else to work with. There has not yet been any proof that Arpaio was directly responsible for the snafu or tried to cover it up, yet the first cockroaches out of the woodwork screaming for his resignation were Grijalva and Gallardo. And of course another “perfect storm” for the subculture to jump on the bandwagon. You can just smell getting Arpaio next can’t you?

        Just about two months ago it was revealed that the city of Phoenix Child Crimes Unit has some 2,500 cases (four times the amount in question with MSCO) going back to 1994 that might have been mis-handled. Where were you and your assassin group then? I don’t recall hearing Parraz, Grijalva, or Gallardo calling for any resignations over that. The article here is titled correctly that sewer rats like yourself and your ilk are playing political opportunism. I just wouldn’t bet the mortgage that you’ll go two for two.

        BTW, SB 1070 IS getting its fifteen minutes of fame before SCOTUS, better start packing for Californee now and avoid the crowds. Maybe you can switch specialties for a while and sue Americo over U-Haul equipment injuries to illegal aliens. That should help pay your moving expenses.

        • “There has not yet been any proof that Arpaio was directly responsible for the snafu or tried to cover it up…”

          Shorter zoo:

          “The buck stops somewhere else!”

  4. Someday these press relations guys will learn how to use grammar more effectively, for no other reason than to help make their point. Or they could just use it correctly for it’s own sake. An error here or there is not a problem, but almost every sentence could have been edited in a way that the thousands of people reading copy aren’t confused or wasting time.

    The Supervisors are in their own vat of corruption, and they don’t really know how to get out of it. They found out some top employees were taking bribes and they were…shocked. Well what rock have they been living under? They have no investigation skills, and they don’t really follow their own guidelines anyway. They were shocked because even though they collect a couple billion a year from taxpayers they are overall pretty gullible. The solution could be found in two words, but they checkmated him (Andy Thomas).

  5. Besides their being distinct differences that I’m totally SHOCKED were not included in the press release, why would someone call for Gordon to resign over the PPD issue?
    Joe Yahner’s running the show.
    Hasn’t some group tried to rid us of Gordon before by trying to drum up a recall? (those things are totally unAmerican and a tool of the left wing, right?)

    You know, the guy who replaced Jack Harris, the guy that…well….resigned….over scandalous accusations.

    I’ve always tried to play fair, so in sticking to that, I’m willing to give PPD 4 more years to work on the investigation, just like MCSO.

    Because I’m sure it’s totally coincidental that Jerry Sheridan stated at a press conference last week that the MCSO investigation “should be finished this week”.

  6. Not investigating illegal alien on illegal alien crime is part of joe’s effort to rid the state of illegals. what’s all the excitement about?

    • So, how is his department supposed to handle all that if the Justice Department won’t even allow any law enforcement to even inquire about an arrested person’s legality?

      They are always supposed to do their jobs with perfection, with two hands tied behind their backs.
      That’s impossible. Yet all we hear is demands for perfection that literally cannot be achieved.

      • Shorter wanumba:

        “I’ll accept excuses from Sheriff Joe, just so long as I can somehow use it to attack the Obama administration – I mean, obviously, one needs to know the residential status of someone before I investigate whether or not they were raped”.

        • Yep, because Wanumba’s outrage is faux and convenient.

          How many raped kids are enough for the Joe lovers?

          • You were comotose to this 48 hours ago and suddenly you’re all frothing with righteous fury.
            So, from my perspective, you’ve been AWOL on this issue for years and look patently phony all sniffy handkerchief and snarling spittle. It wan’t compelling enough for the kids sake before, but since it’ s potentially Arpaio’s scalp, well it’s suddenly use the kids as political tools time. The cases and the kid, faces and all will disappear after the real goal is achieved, so don’t waste your time trying to outmorality me on this. My work has been with starving and abused kids… for years. What’s YOURS?

            How many people counsel victims around here NOT to talk to the police because they are illegals, the victims not being told they’d get a fairer process here than they would get in .. say Mexico? Hmm? Server to enable the perps while blocking effective police intervention.

            • “You were comotose to this 48 hours ago and suddenly you’re all frothing with righteous fury.”

              Ergo, Lampoon’s concern about this is totally invalidated.

              Also, in the latter post, you said you make (R) look terrific. Truly, you are a humble man.

            • Hey Wanumba, you don’t know where I work, but…we work to save kids lives every day. Right here in the good old USA.

              As usual, you bounce all over the place, never focusing on this corrupt sheriff and his corrupt practices. You think what the DOJ did today is bad? Wait till the FBI chimes in. Arpaio is toast, should have been toast 20 years ago, we would have over 50 million of our tax dollars back and the county wouldn’t be a laughing stock.

      • True Conservative says

        Arpaio had that right. His officers were certified by the Justice Department to investigate the residency and citizenship of their detainees. Arpaio abused that power, so it was revoked.

        He proved himself to be a poor steward of police power. If we replace him with a mature, seasoned leader – not a self-promoted press monger – we can restore that power and actually implement the acts you claim to support.

        It’s a voter’s dilemna: do you go with the guy you like, who makes you feel good when you see him on the news, or do you go with the guy who can actually get things done?

        To that extent, there is a parrallel with Pearce. Voters liked Pearce’s position – his ideological substance as SW describes – but his operational style prevented him from effectuating laws in support of those positions. (Think larger than just SB1070 and of all the issues Pearce let lanquish.)

        Even those who like Arpaio’s positions need to recognize that he is a failed leader. He has cost the county some $70 million in lawsuit payouts. He mis-spent some $100 million of taxpayer money. He’s lost the county the ability to participate in the federal immigration enforcement programs.

        And now – he’s failed 420 victims of rape and child molestation.

        But, hey, he sounds good in front of the camera and he’s found time to write (but, interestingly, not to read) a book or three. (Seriously, how can you trust a guy who doesn’t even take the time to read the book he claims to have authored?)

        Bottom line: do you believe in personal accountability or not?

        • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

          AMEN. Arpaio has some of the right positions, but his scandals make him a bad steward of the cause. We back him at our peril. Why not thank Arpaio for all the good he’s done, and then get a better lawman or woman in place who will serve as a better ambassador for the conservative cause?

  7. “Meanwhile, the City of Phoenix has nearly 2,500 cases involving sex crimes and molestation currently under review.”

    That’s the defense? “Sure, Sheriff Joe ignored sex crimes, both failing to fufill a contract and treating a minority community with second-class status, but have you seen what’s going on in Phoenix? Please tell me that you’ve seen what’s going in Phoenix.” Good luck with that.

  8. I would challenge you all to read the Goldwater Institute’s (that would be named after Barry Goldwater – the father of modern conservatism) report Mission Unaccomplished, a link is provided below.

    Saying that “these cases have been brought to a conclusion” is a slap in the face to hundreds of victims of sexual crimes. More than half were “exceptionally cleared” – which means little if any investigation was even attempted.

    • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      Chad Snow says:

      December 13, 2011 at 9:46 pm
      I would challenge you all to read the Goldwater Institute’s (that would be named after Barry Goldwater – the father of modern conservatism)

      I’ve noticed this weird habit of Liberals to invoke “conservative” words, like “rule of law” and “Goldwater” like they were magic spells if said out loud to “Conservatives” who are then supposed to freeze in place, and then lie down, staring at the sky in a stuor, disarmed, in a trance, like OWS do with “twinkles” and “droning repetition.”

      I mean, that’s what witch doctors do around here all the time.. it’s common, but maybe it isn’t as noticeable to “scientific” and “rational” atheists that they are using classic sorcery-gimmick tactics.

      So, we’re ALL supposed to “read” an authentic “Goldwater-derived” talisman script to tell us how to think.

  9. Gee Chad, does it seem as if you support exploitation of illegals by undermining the legal attempts to get rid of the rackets of underpaying them under the table, so if that would be the case, what sort of “moral authority card” would you have on this issue?

    I worked field work with illegals years ago…the only gringo in the lot of them… they told me quite a few things, and I got to watch the frequent visits of their coyotes who would swing around on a regular schedule demanding kickbacks from every one of them, and the coyotes demanded more than just cash from the women.

    You been addressing any of that abuse in your “crusade?”

    • Stick to the topic, Wanumba. The topic is Joe Arpaio’s tragic misallocation of resources which resulted in hundreds of sex crimes going uninvestigated. Where do you stand on that?

      • Do you really actually CARE about illegals as human beings or do you look at them and see $$$ signs?

        You can’t be considered an unbaised person in any of this, not after you stood up and declared Arpaio was the next target, is that so? So, what should anyone care what you think? It’ll get in the way of a fair review of the situation, won’t it?

        • Stay on topic, Wanumba. This isn’t about Chad Snow. Chad Snow could shoot up a day care tomorrow and it would have nothing to do with him. It has to do with Arpaio’s horrific record at enforcing the law. (Not to mention the corruption in his department, his brutal fiscal mismanagement, and his shocking abuse of power).

          Quit trying to deflect attention onto me, the Phoenix Police Department or anyone else, and stick to the topic. Have you read the Mission Unaccomplished report? Do you approve of Arpaio’s not investigating 430 cases of sexual abuse? Those are yes or no questions.

          • “Chad Snow could shoot up a day care tomorrow and it would have nothing to do with him.”

            And if he did, he could probably get a six-month or so head start on law enforcement if Sheriff Joe was leading the investigation.

      • Agreed, Chad. Wanumba needs to stay on topic.

        • I am on topic. Chad announced Arpaio was their next target. Here we are. Chad doesn’t want people to be reminded of his uber partisan, openly braggingly active role in all this.

          We are not supposed to take that into account in this subject? I think Chad would want all due process fairness applied to HIM that he seems to be encouraging us all to ignore for Arpaio.

          • No, you’re not supposed to take that into account. The topic is Joe Arpaio, wadumba.

            • Chad,
              Why are you addressing me as if you were still in junior high school? And we ARE supposed to take ALL that into account.
              What you did to my nic is very racist… very very racist, you demeaning an African cultural standard in such a manner, so I find it hard to believe that you don’t look at foreigners who are in this country illegally with any less racism, just $$$, while you lecture everyone else who hasn’t done anything wrong.

              So your posturing looks so so so so fake.

              Do you look at Arpaio and see $$$ too? Like what the flip? The cartels are IN Phoenix already, FAST an FURIOUS weapons have already been pulled out of the hands of criminals IN PHoenix. They would be very very very happy to get rid of Arpaio.

              You ought to live a week or two or three in Mexico City… take a look at the better houses there… the walls, the concertina wire, the guards. Get it? The local law enforcement, under abuse and attack, cannot handle the crime, so anyone with any money at all pays for additional personal security.

              Who wants THAT sort of CHANGE in Phoenix?

              • Joe is not doing his job, for political reasons, he is ignoring 400+ cases of sexual assault, including child rape. Yet you stand up for him, have you no sense of decency? You are an amazing hypocrite, if it were a democrat sheriff, you would be calling for blood.

                How many raped children are enough for you to care?

  10. I do want to know why so many of these crimes seem to have been under-investigated around here. That being said, you only have to look at the names of those calling for his head to see that they are making these calls to grab headlines. At one point, they may have gotten into politics for the right reasons, but they have been corrupted by party politics as bad as anyone.

    • That being said, I do have a theory on Joe. He is a media whore, no doubt. You can tell that by the way he picks and chooses his investigations. He doesn’t take to the podium for rapes or murders. No, those crimes already have faces: those of the victims and the perpetrators. Instead, he reserves his media time for the faceless crimes of illegal immigration and drunk driving. That way he can keep the spotlight on himself.

  11. Wisconsin Democrat Unions recall has one million signatures to force a recall on Gov Walker. The election board has announced they’ve “flagged” blatent frauds like “Mickey Mouse” and “Adolph Hitler” but unless Walker challenges EACH FRAUD, those will stay as “legit” signatures.

    It’s hard to believe that people who’ve grown up the safest in the world, the best fed ,the best paid, the most comfortable are so willing to rip the foundations apart of what made that all possible, destroying our electoral process.

    The Democrats are attempting to completely overwhelm every functioning system in this country, exhausting people while piling on budget-busting expenses for the physical damage they produce.

    • Focus. This isn’t about Wisconsin or about Obama. Stop adding superfluous baloney to the thread.

      • Why isn’t it? The unions and Democrats are openly talking coordinating recalls against Republicans, and the tactics are identical.

        Focusing too tight and one misses the big picture, which plays into the hands of the recallers. They don’t want people making connections, seeing patterns

        For example, of ALL the Congressmen to harrass yesterday, the richbrat skanks of the OWS mobbed Rep Issa’s office in DC. Issa is coincidentally the point man for the FAST and FURIOUS investigation of the Jutice Department and his office was overrun by OWS with the lame excuse of, “We uh uh uh don’t like um um some of your investing.”

        Uh uh? If THAT was the case, how come they weren’t dogpiling into Nancy Pelosi’s office?

  12. Mike Triggs says

    Excuse me but wasn’t this about sex crimes that were not investigated be Sheriff Joe and the MCSO? How did we get to talking about African witch doctors?

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

      Thanks, Mike.

      I’ve liked Sheriff Joe in the past, but the man is a media whore who has wasted several fortunes in lawsuits. He is derelict in his supervisory duties of rogue nutjobs like Henderschott. Either he was aware of all the dirty stuff Henderschott engaged in, or he was negligent in his duty to supervise him. Either way, I’m dissatisfied with Arpaio, and I want someone new. And forget about a recall…let’s just vote for a better candidate in the upcoming election.

      The only good thing Arpaio has done of late is to hire much better people to clean up Henderschott’s messes. I hear his new people are actually pleasant to work with and are professional. Keep them, and replace Joe.

    • You would think they had absoultely nothing in common if you didn’t know how they operate. Suggestion, innuendo, softening the public … then the attack on the target … most time employed now to insure political gains.

      Astounding similarities with the same sort of sleazy outcomes.

  13. SO are those the official talking points?’
    “media whore”
    “wasting money on lawsuits”
    “abuse of power”

    Do ya’ll realize how many times those stock phrases have been invoked in so few comments?

    Tsk! Down twinkles.

  14. Lampoon says:
    December 14, 2011 at 8:44 pm
    How many raped children are enough for you to care?

    So, me being someone who actually deals with kids in horrible distress, I ask, where have been for the past four years the *caring* Democrats in Maricopa County who took up the cases of these poor kids so they wouldn’t get lost in the system? I mean, it was brought officially to Arpaio’s attention four years ago and he actually tasked officers to it, to comb through cases they could get to prosecution and those they couldn’t, but where oh where oh where were you all this time who could have HELPED the KIDS? Helped the sheriff’s department get through the cases faster? Hmm?

    It is about the KIDS, not about Arpaio, ain’t that right? SO, why did everyone who’s all irate today sit on their hands until yesterday?

    The kids not have any money to pay a lawyer like .. just randomly pick a name .. Chad …. who is so concerned about the plight of illegals he makes a good income off it?

  15. I also notice that not a one of the screeching harpies are diverting ANY of their time, energy, or precious funding to any abused KIDS even today, but SOLELY to screaming that Arpaio resign.. so it has NEVER been about “caring” for kids.” They’re just “tools” to be “used” then discarded.

    • You don’t know where I work, but we save kids lives every day, sick and abused. So get off your high horse and start focusing on the issue: Arpaio knowingly ignored sexual abuse claims, not doing his job. But, I bet he jumped in front of the camera every time he had the chance.

      • I focused on the issue, which on close inspection, is four years old, with Arpaio taking action when it was brought to his attention, as he should have.

        You are tearing your robes and wailing.. this week. Hullo? You have a peculiar sense of urgency timing, and focus. You CARE about the kids but aren’t actually working on any of those CASES, but do have time to throw your support to the recall gangstas who have thrown themselves on the ground holding their breaths, and kicking and tantruming to demand that Arpaio step down.

        But you DO have time to snarl and accuse innocent ME in the most derogatory fashion of not caring, when all of the irate grievance-mongers were in state doing nothing for said same kids during that LONG period. Arpaio actually reacted to the complaint and ACTED. But now he just isnt good enough for you, you who did nothing.

        You want to jack less than 400 reports of cases that occured MORE than four years ago, yet brought to more comprehensive review FOUR YEARS ago, of which most were found to be inadequate to meet the standards of the PROSECUTORS OFFICE.

        Sheriff Arpaio is NOT the entire legal system in that county. He has a very defined duty, which he does. Taxpayers pay a chunk of money to Social Services, and they are AWOL in this discussion, the prosecutor’s office, the courts, the judges…. but that’d be injecting REALITY and certainly a lot of DEMOCRATS who didn’t do their jobs into this highly targeted, uber partisan attack.

        Kids? If Democrats don’t abort them, they find use for them as political tools, like placing them in front of trains at busy ports, strapping babies on during demonstrations in the hopes they can get some shocking pictures of their kids with eyes full of tear gas. Normal parents would keep their kids safely AT HOME. Noo.

        I watched a vid this week of New Yorker Democrats lead their kids to make cute little paper hearts, show their kids how to tape them up without permission on city property, expressly so that the city officials would phone the police who didn’t stop any of it there to take DOWN the un-authorized stuff, and watched the parents watch their kids cry as the bad old meany set-up police, on orders from highers up, most of whom in New York City are DEMOCRATS, took down their artwork, that their parents knew from the get-go damn well that they were manufacturing a fraud meant to caste the police in the worst possible way to their own kids.

        With sleazoid dishonest, manipulative Democrat parents like that, no wonder so many Democrats kids are on drugs.

        • Endless yammering, because its all about you, and democrats and abortion, and whatever else you can throw in the kitchen sink to avoid the debate. Whenever you have no argument, you just substitute it with a long, unfocused post full of silly words and CAPITAL letters in an effort to divert.

          Because this is all about kids paper hearts being torn up…

          Pathetic as usual Wanumba, your emperor wears no clothes, and you know it.

          • So while you sit around seething, I took the time to poke around to be better informed and found that there is a big discussion that the Justice Department is on record as having concluded during said same period that Sheriff Arpaio’s department was “highly professional” had “excellent working relations with the feds” and “conducted their duties very correctly.”

            But LO!
            It’s like there’s a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr Hyde transformation … and the very same Federal departments being implicated and exposed in FAST and FURIOUS are just possibly … dare one say the words that this all suggests. … engaging in a PARTISAN POLITICAL hatchet job on … Arizona law enforcement. ..? I mean, Janet Napolitano was Governor during the same time, and she can’t say anything in Arpaio’s defense, when these things happened on her watch, over four years ago?

            At this point in time, Arpaio has more integrity and credibility than the entire US Justice Department, TOP to BOTTOM.

            Aren’t you even a teensy weensy bit concerned that drug cartel money might be influencing poeple’s decision-making? I mean, it greases all sorts of things in Mexico…Afghanistan…Myanmar… it would be a plain disaster if that culture of short term payoff long term sellout were to establish itself in Arizona, wouldn’t it?

            • Seriously, could you get some Adderall over there in Africa? You are all over the damned place….focus.

              Arpaio, turns a blind eye to child rape, loses over $50 million in lawsuits, “loses” millions more, uses his power to intimidate and silence critics, and on and on and on and on. He is a very very corrupt man. But he will always have shiny boots just as long as guys like you are around to lick them.

  16. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Chad Snow says:
    December 14, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Stay on topic, Wanumba. This isn’t about Chad Snow. Chad Snow could shoot up a day care tomorrow and it would have nothing to do with him.

    Gee Chad, the kids just read that and were shocked anyone could be so quick to imagine such a vicious example involving innocent kids to make his lame point. Like, you don’t like kids or something.

    Couldn’t you have just said something blandly unchilling uncreepy like “Chad Snow could run down Central Avenue stark naked tomorrow and it would have nothing to do with him.”

    Both cases actually WOULD have something to do with Arpaio, but one would be apalling while the other would be just funny as all get out.

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