Buz Mills opposes Employer Sanctions LAW

Everyone should know that at the Arizona Farm Bureau Governor’s Forum, candidates were given the questions weeks in advance. Buzz Mills was actually reading his answers.
See for yourself.

This isn’t about a candidate misspeaking, this is about a candidate kissing up to the Farm Bureau members. But trust me, everyone knows better and you can too by watching the video.

We still know nothing about Buzz Mills, hopefully we will be finding out alot real soon.

Here is today’s yellow sheets with Mill’s spin-meister attempting to pull the wool over the voter’s eyes.

ARTICLE POSTED 4.22.2010 | 4:05 PM

At a recent GOP gubernatorial candidate forum, Mills told the Arizona
Farm Bureau why he didn’t like employer sanctions. “I’m not your guy
for employer sanctions,” Mills told the crowd on April 8. “That is a
failure on the part of the feds that has made you the policeman. We
need a different system.” Despite his apparent distaste for employer
sanctions, campaign manager Camilla Strongin, said Mills supports the
legislation and simply misspoke at the candidate forum. “If you spent
as many days giving speeches, unfortunately sometimes you get your
words mixed up,” she said. Strongin said Mills didn’t change his
stance on employer sanctions because of the crowd he was speaking to,
and said his comments were meant to criticize federal inaction on
illegal immigration. “If the federal government was doing their job,
then it would take the pressure off business owners,” she said.


  1. Watch the entire video-not just the clip. He didn’t go first. He wasn’t confused. Strongin is lying. Her senile old candidate got off his talkers or she screwed up and didn’t cover one of the most important topics.

  2. hotflashholly says

    regardless of what strongin says…it is clear what he meant…that was not a mess up. it was a comment and belief that will cost him the primary election…THE REAL BUZ finally shows his cards. That campaign is going to cost him millions and he will lose anyway..JUMP SHIP BUZ..He will probably go into hiding again but it will do no good…Video is a great tool to show how two faced a candidate can be isn’t it?

  3. Mills is splitting the vote which explains why Martin’s numbers are down.

    If Mills remains in the race, Brewer will likely win the primary.

    Whoever wins, back em

  4. Mills, Munger, Martin…take cue for reality and what’s going on.

    Prop 100 is going to pass handedly. If it does, Brewer will be right and seen as a leader who knows the pulse of the electorate.

    She balanced the budget with or without the tax.

    She signed every pro-life bill that landed on her desk along with all of the CAP legislation.

    She signed the concealed carry bill taking care of the 2nd amendment.

    She’ll have her own jobs bill or sign the Speakers.

    She’s put forth a Border Security plan.

    She WILL sign SB1070.

    No one can match her. Like the tax or not, if the voters approve it, the 3 Musketeers are done and should just go home so we can all start beating up on Goddard.

  5. kralmajales says

    Anyone here know what Buzz Mills does for a living? Weapons producer? Well who buys weapons….UH…we DO that is WHO. READ: Government HO! And I am not joking here…not a school teacher, or social worker, but Government HO that makes millions upon millions of TAXpayer money!

    If there is a “govt. that governs least” among you, then I would be shocked at your hypocrisy if you supported this dude.

    On the other hand, heck…he is just being honest. He bellies up to the govt. bar and knows that business needs govt. and govt. needs business. He would NOT support employer sanctions…of course he wouldn’t.

    Again, he is honest. I bet you a monkey’s uncles wristwatch that everyone of your candidates, when faced with the wrath of the Chamber of Commerce (#1 funder of prop 100 by the way) would cave like a child’s dirtclod tunnel.

    Again, at least Mills is being honest. Can’t fault him for that.

  6. kralmajales says

    Oh…and Jamie is correct. Look at the support of prop 100. Chamber of Commerce is paying the bills. I have received 5 incredible mailers so far in favor of it…each shows how much my school district will be cut if I dont vote for it. Nothing from anti-100. The truth is that even Republican biz types want this to pass…and are funding it. The contractors, police, fire, and the list goes on and on.

    You won’t defeat prop 100 and afterward I am betting that the same biz types will say “hell no” to conservatism too.

  7. Bingo Henry says

    Buzz is always that confused and referencing notes from his campaign manager. If he’s not confused, he’s drunk (seriously). She must be FLEECING him because why else would she represent such a moron? Does he know ANYTHING on his own? NOT! Money can’t buy elections in this country.

  8. Pretty Peeved says

    Dang you guys, check out the Mills website at buz4gov and that should clear up his history training military and law enforcement. Oh, wait, you’ve done that already and came back here to spread some more misinformation cuz you work for the establishment candidates (BrewerMungerMartin).

    C’mon, an eight second clip? Give us some credit and run the rest of it. From the tv commercials he doesn’t sound like he’d kiss up to anyone. Brewer, on the other hand, sounds like she’s about to kiss up to the pro-immigration forces big time.

  9. We all love Fife right? Pillar of conservatism.
    The Arizona Republic
    Sept. 22, 2005 12:00 AM

    The public relations person, Camilla J. Strongin, is well-known in political circles. She’s a former spokeswoman for the Arizona Department of Corrections, was Matt Salmon’s press aide during his bid for governor in 2002 and is now a partner with former Gov. Fife Symington.

  10. kralmajales says

    I do NOT like Brewer…but she had the iron guts to put forward a tax increase to help balance this budget. That is STEEL folks.

  11. James Davidson says


    You should be ashamed. This tax will hurt the poor worst of all. It makes no sense to raise taxes in a recession. It makes even less sense to raise the famously regressive sales tax. This belies Liberals’ phony claim to be champions of the poor. Liberals are for government first, last, and always.

    Yes, the Chamber types have poured money into passing this bullet aimed at the poor. Surprised? Money, however, does not always win elections. If you don’t believe me, ask the payday loan people.

  12. kralmajales says

    Why does a conservative Chamber of Commerce support this James?

  13. kralmajales says

    And…yes…I am ashamed. I am ashamed that I have to support this tax to save what is left of this state after this budget. And…I am more ashamed that my elected officials would actually want even more cuts.

    The fact that the Chamber supports this and is bankrolling it says just how extreme those in opposition are. Plain and simply, James.

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    It’s easy to understand kral. He wants Brewer to run because she is the weakest of the major candidates against Goddard. kral wants the Dem in and the easiet way to do that is to tout the McCain moderate. Brewer is trying hard to run to the right, as is McCain. Its obvious and will not get her a primary victory.

  15. James Davidson says


    Who cares if the Chamber backs it? You may look up to the Country Club. I don’t.

    An increase in the sales tax is indefensible. It takes from the poor, and I will never go for that. You might, not me.

    What’s more, raising taxes in a recession is plain foolish. Want to make bad times last longer? Raise taxes.

  16. Stephen I knew little of Brewer prior to her ascension but have studied her along with the other candidates. Aside from the tax, her actions with every other Republican item is not running to the right. She’s been there already. I have looked at her voting record and you cannot argue with it.

    At the end of the day, if the tax passes-she will prove that she was right all along.

    One disappointment in my research is that not one of the other Republican candidates have come up with a plan to balance the budget without a tax increase yet all say it is easy to do.

  17. Pretty Peeved I spoke with a candidate that was there who gave me an entire rundown of the event. Mills was not first so there was no confusion and said even more then the 8 seconds shows.

    This was a noon luncheon so how tired could he have been?

    I wish Strongin would fess up to the truth. Mills is against Employer Sanctions.

  18. James Davidson says


    She’s not right. An increase in the sales tax is a terrible idea. It is one of the most regressive taxes, and hits the poor and the working poor disproportionately hard. So Governor Brewer wants to look the waitress struggling with a kid in day care in the eye and say you should pay more of what little money you have to the State of Arizona. She wants the retiree living on social security alone to pay more to the State of Arizona. To me the whole thought of it is revolting.

  19. Stephen Kohut says


    Our perspectives on Brewer differ. We obviously use different guidelines to determine what a conservative is. Raising taxes into a recession is nothing short of fiscal insanity. The state budget exploded under Napolitano and needs to have a axe taken to it. Spending cuts will restore fiscal sanity and Brewer is not the one to make them.