Buz Mills and Shades of Planet of the Apes

Maybe I watched Planet of the Apes too many times but whenever I see the Buz Mills commercial this image comes to mind:

Compare that to a screenshot of the Buz Mills commercial:

I almost expect the late great Charlton Heston to walk up besides Buz.


  1. Cola drinker says

    Yeah, he’s got a lot in common with Heston with the NRA leadership.

  2. If he’s anything like Heston’s character in Planet of the Apes, I’ll vote for him!

  3. I like when he talks to crowds and tells them to spell “Buz” with one z – just like Arizona. Go Buz!

  4. Buz is making a huge splash in this campaign. The more I see the more I like

  5. fedpublius says

    What relevance does a comparison to a Planet of the Apes photo have to a Buz Mills photo? None!

    Please present an article that will better help educate voters on who to choose for their Governor.

  6. kralmajales says

    This is really funny. Kudos.

  7. It is Willow Lake in the background; one of Prescott’s landmarks.

  8. Seedy Three says

    ‘Those damn dirty apes!’ Ha. Great post man.

  9. Antifederalist says

    I’ve seen the Buz Mills ads, and according to Rasmussen, his attempt to buy the Governor’s office is working well. What strikes me most about these ads is how Jacksonian he appears. His ads are long on talk but VERY sparse on details. It’s like the Peter Gabriel video “Big Time” where Buz is just going to wave his hand and things are magically be as he wishes. I’m afraid Mr. Mills is in for a rude awakening…both in the primary and if he wins the general election.

    Be skeptical of candidates who give you no details, folks.

  10. Double Decaf Latte says

    I’m liking what I see…..sure beats Sheriff Joe, or the other hacks and flaks that are running. I’m ready for some new blood. Buz has that RR way about him that is right out of central casting. Plus he sounds like a Governor.

  11. Minnesota Liberal says

    I love this guy. We need more successful business people willing to stand up and say our government spending is out of control. The fact is, State Government is pretty simple. There are things the State needs to do (education, roads, infrastructure) and there are lots of things the State doesn’t need to do.

    Thank you Buz Mills!

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