Lisa James is enjoying the support of some of the best the Republican Party in Arizona has to offer. It was just announced that James received the endorsement of long time Appropriations Chairman and now Senate President Bob Burns. Both are pro-life as is James. Both are fiscal and social conservatives. So is James.

Burns is also known for his “when pigs fly” attitude towards spending tax payers money. Adams came from the grassroots and as an freshman legislator assisted former Rep. Laura Knaperek in the passage of the largest income tax reduction in the history of the state of Arizona. Everyone of James’ recent endorsements has worked as grass roots workers within the Party – some for decades. Congratulations to Lisa James.


Early on in this race, the Pullen supporters counted on Lisa to run a dirty campaign full of personal attacks and mud slinging. Instead, some of those same folks have under anonymity made the race personal. Let’s stick to the issues and work on how to further the Republican Party and its principles. I expect both Lisa and Randy to live by Reagan’s 11th Commandment and to demand their supporters do the same. That is the kind of leader we should all expect. In order to win we must all rise above our petty differences and work together. Let’s remember, at the end of the day, we are all on the same side.


  1. Results Matter says

    Curious. While denying Knaperek will be the new ED, James’ supporters are anxious to promote Knaperek’s achievements while in the legislature. Why is that? Surely Adams and Knaperek weren’t the only two votes in favor of the largest tax reduction in the history of the state, or it wouldn’t have passed. So why throw in a random Knaperek reference here?


  2. Okay, I confess. My given name is Edgar “Tru” Dat. You got me. Now, am I seriously being lectured on anonymity by a poster who goes by LJD? Since LJD is into “demanding” things from others, let’s have your full name please. You know, lead by example?

    Or, you can write a post attacking Pullen supporters for anonymous attack posts, in an anonymous attack post.

  3. I think it was about the post saying Knaperek was the ED pick when it apparently isn’t true. There is a difference between comments and something posted as fact.

  4. Yeah, like calling Russell Pearce a Nazi because he opposed Wake Up Arizona. That kind of “personal attack”? Is that the “same side” we’re all on?

  5. Results Matter says

    Sorry Oscar, but your response makes no sense. Lots of folks worked on that tax cut and lots voted for it. But LJD, a Lisa James booster, goes out of his or her way to promote Knaperek’s accomplishments, ignoring everyone else who worked on those tax cuts. That’s either odd or telling. Is it a fact that Knaperek voted for it? Sure. But so what? The question was why go out of your way to promote Knaperek at all? I think it reinforces the earlier post and lends it credibility. That’s all.

  6. Maricopa PC says

    Tru Dat- calm down sweetheart 🙂 I think you missed the point. LJD is not “demanding” anything. No one is saying that anonymity is wrong, but that attacks shouldn’t be blantantly thrown out while hiding under a shield of anonymity.

    Perhaps DSW could do us all a favor and expose those who are the most malicious on either side.

    I fully expect that other writers will write under their pseudonym’s, as this is something that DSW has expressly wished so as not to endanger their own identities.

    Congratulations again to Lisa James for earning more legislative support from leaders in our legislator whom many of us in the grassroots have worked hard to elect. Kirk Adams, Bob Burns, Senator Kyl, Ken Bennett, Dean Martin. The names keep coming!

  7. Kettle,

    Russell Pearce surrounded himself with Neo Nazi’s like J.T. Ready, and forwarded on his emails to supporters. Thats why I would assume that he holds Neo Nazi beliefs. Not that he opposed Wake Up Arizona. Not that this has any bearing in this post, but since Kettle brought it up- did Russell Pearce eve denounce Precinct Committeemen and White Supremecist Aryan Nation Supporter JT READY?

  8. MPC-

    Pullen’s endorsements keep coming too, 8 Senators, 16 House Members, 8 AZGOP Officers, 18 County and District Chairs. This is clearly becoming a showdown between the grassroots vs the establishment once again. I know what side I’m on.

  9. Casual Observer says

    WOW! The grassroots versus the establishment? This just gets funnier all the time!

    I’m having a hard time figuring out who is the establishment and who are the grassroots…is it the legislators and elected officials endorsing James or the ones endorsing Pullen who fail to meet the test of quality?

    I don’t see Pullen throwing out names like… Sue Jones who is a PC in LD 74 and has walked the streets with petitions and voter forms for years! But pour on the labels like “Country Club elite” and “establishment” and all the other crap, that is supposed to serve as important information, but is nothing more than the same old tired, echo chamber, non-productive, backward looking, negativity designed to keep the ill equipped in power and ignores their failings. Heaven forbid the party actually gets something done. Register more voters, raise some money. Grow the party.

    This is just about as ridiculous as the special brand of “conservative” reserved for the special ones; you know the Pullen-Haney-Tuttle crew and followers. The elected officials endorsing Randy are grassroots, but all the rest are establishment and should be ignored.

    What a joke!

    I am sick and tired of watching the rights of each of us, including the unborn, whittled away, year after year. I am sick and tired of seeing good candidates work way too hard and spend way too much energy trying to stay in office when they could be building solid policy!

    And I am sick and tired of the double standard, double talk designed to do nothing more than scare good, hard working, true Republicans from getting close to the power of which the current leadership is so jealous and has squandered. Divide and weaken, then let the Dems conquer.

  10. Calling a fellow Republican a Nazi and a wife beater is a thoughtful discussion of issues? Is that what you’re saying?

    Calling Randy Graf an extremeist and dangerous is a thoughtful discussion of the issues?

  11. Goodyear GOP says

    Then the hit piece on Pullen arrived. Too funny. I guess its time for LJD to reject Lisa James’ politics of personal attacks now. Or does “Enron” constitute a meaningful discussion of the issues?

  12. It looks like wearing tin foil hats while scanning the sky for black helicopters and illegal aliens can impair your judgement.

  13. Home Town Girl says

    JT Ready is a Neo- Nazi. Fellow Republican or not, and he would be the last one to complain about the label!

  14. Veritas Vincit says

    When a story begins, “… the best the Republican Party of Arizona has to offer”

    That is divisive. We can all agree to that. Especially since it is a subjective statement.

    The question then becomes; Why are many key incumbents publically getting in this race?

    Could it be they hope for a “cheerleading” section should James win? Could it be that they’ll need her good will if they hope to continue their political futures? Could it be because she is synonymous with supporting Jon Kyl and John McCain?

    As with any election – any – going into next weeks ballot box are two vocal groups AND one very quite crowd; the margin.

    How the two candidates play their hand with these voters will determine the outcome next week. And these voters are looking for solutions not retoric. They’re sick of this high school popularity contest between the prom queen and the swim team captain.

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