Bundgaard v. Jurassic Park

What right thinking individual could possibly support a GOP fossil like Ron Carmichael over Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard for GOP Party Chairman, should the telegenic conservative make a last minute bid for the post?

Bundgaard is purportedly lining up a conservative constellation of stars
since Bruch Ash dropped out of the race.


Why not Ted Baxter instead? Or Jack Tripper? Or Potsy? Has Carmichael done anything since Richard Dawson anchored Family Feud? Mr. Furley would make more sense to represent Arizona Republicans than Mr. Carmichael.

Here’s a real simple idea. Have whatever candidates place their name in nomination debate prior the convention — before voting takes place.

This way, and perhaps only this way, can everyone witness how meaningful the differences are for our party between Bert Tollefson and, well, Scott Bundgaard. Or, on a national level, the difference between an archaic pretender like Arlen Specter and the real deal like an up and comer like John Thune.

Unite, don’t divide. Bundgaard can fundraise and articulate. Carmichael? Seriously? Republicans can do better than a warm up act at Vee Quiva as opposed to someone who is already headlining Jobing.com Arena.


  1. Bobthe Builder says

    When did Jason Rose start writing for Sonoran?

  2. I don’t believe Scott will be running as the powers in the party have chosen an unknown by the name of Tom Morrissey who’s a conservative but no experience that I can find so guess Haney and Husband still believe they run the party. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  3. Ron Carmichael cannot be the State
    Chairman. Senator John McCain will be
    running the state. No doubt. Why is he
    in the race?

  4. Ann, I would appear that Ron is Jon Kyl’s Front Man. As the earlier article aptly stated, this is Matt Salmon 2005 all over again. It is another transparent attempt to use the AZ GOP as Kyl’s 2012 Campaign Committee. THAT’S WHAT we’ve got to stop!!

  5. Either Scott Bungaard or Tom Morrissey would be an excellent choice for the grassroots conservatives.

    Hermanson or Carmichael would hand the party over to John McCain to micromanage as democrat-lite. Amnesty, TARP, Global Warming, Embryonic Stem Cell Research…John McCain has a busy agenda for Arizona and is licking his chops to get started.

  6. Either Scott Bungaard or Tom Morrissey would be an excellent choice for the grassroots conservatives.

    Hermanson or Carmichael would hand the party over to John McCain to micromanage as democrat-lite. Amnesty, TARP, Global Warming, Embryonic Stem Cell Research…John McCain has a busy agenda for Arizona and is licking his chops to get started.

  7. RINO Hunter says

    Jason Rose is as phony and unaccomplished as they come. Cut your fruity hair and go away, loser boy.

  8. Don’t forget who backed Bundgaard: Russell Pearce.

    Sometimes you can’t trust the black/white, conservative/RINO paradigm.

    Why did Pearce so vehemently back Bundgaard? Was it Bundgard’s promise to vote for him for Senate Pres? Was it business dealings? What it because Pearce isn’t really who you think he is?

  9. Reason in 11 says

    Bundgaard & Morrissey are both prinicpled. Only one is qualified…guess who’s running. AZGOP will forever remain in the dark ages.

  10. Dislike Ron Carmichael’s policies all you want, but the unkind manner in which this poster makes fun of the man’s age is undignified. By the logic presented in this post, Reagan should never have run in 1980. I’m not comparing Carmichael’s political temperment to Reagan; just pointing out that arguments that appeal to base distrust of someone because of his or her age, gender, religious beliefs, etc., are not what the Republican party is supposed to be about. Grow up, people.

  11. I realize that many are going to go in lock step and vote for whoever the team of husband and haney put out there and remember the past before stepping in the water. I’m debating what to do and will not just follow blindly. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  12. Walt Stephenson says

    Wasn’t it group of “old white men” that wrote the constitution? I guess if Ben Franklin were to run for state chair in Arizona he would be deemed by some of you as unfit to hold office.

  13. Lyle Tuttle says

    Bundgaard is good — BUT– he has his hands full with Senate position and Majority leader…..that, coupled with the problem of an elected official running the Party effectively removes Scott from this race. He is MY Senator, and I fully support him in that position.

    I know Tom Morrissey, and although we have not always agreed in the past, he has turned even more conservative, and his actions have confirmed that change over these last several years…..

    I will be casting my vote for Tom Morrissey.

  14. Carmichael’s age isn’t the issue. His lack of active involvement in the Republican Party for the past 40 years IS the issue. That’s what makes him a “fossil.”

    I agree that the wording should be more respectful, but the only way age is part of the “fossil” description is that Carmichael is old enough to have been inactive in the party for such a great length of time.

    If Carmichael stays active as an LD11 officer over these two years, he will be a new leader in the GOP who had taken a long vacation from party politics. He will no longer be a “fossil” regardless of his age.

  15. Dan Schultz says

    Scott Bundgaard informed me late last night that after being asked to get into the race for the Chairmanship, he declined because “with Tom Morrissey entering the race this afternoon, it appears as if conservatives will have a candidate.” I agree with Sen. Bundgaard’s assessment of Tom Morrissey — he is the conservatives’ candidate.

    I support Tom because he is a true “Party Platform” conservative Republican and I also know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio supports Tom’s positions. I am also informed that the following endorse Tom’s candidacy:

    Sen. Russell Pearce

    Thayer Verschoor, Exec. Dir., Pachyderm Coalition

    Don Goldwater, Chairman, Pachyderm Coalition

    Diane Douglas, Secretary, Pachyderm Coalition, Peoria School Board

    Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Councilman

    Rob Haney

    Marne Haney

    Thank you.

  16. When I found out Scott was on ‘the short list’ I was one that called him and urged him to run. He is an experienced executive, proven conservative, articulate spokesman and has extensive experience in dealing with the media.

    There is NOTHING that precludes a sitting legislator from being State Party Chair.

    Everyone seems to be over looking the obvious benefits: No one will know the problems our state faces and conservative solutions better than our Majority Leader. Also he is a skilled fundraiser, well regarded as a man of his word. If Scott served in both positions he would be able to connect the GOP grassroots to conservative issues at the capitol…unlike any other candidate.

    And not only would Scott be accountable to the voters, but to the Republican base as well.

    Bruce Ash left big shoes to fill and with 2012 around the corner, I felt Scott was the best choice.

  17. Also please note that Scott Bundgaard hasn’t endorsed anyone other than Bruce Ash.

    And that it is Dan Schultz who is supporting Morrissey.

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