Budget Woes Aren’t Hurting Lobbyists

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

County Supervisors spent more money on lobbyists than any other government agency

From yellowsheetreport.com

Budget problems didn’t stop governments in Maricopa and Pima counties from shelling out the big bucks on lobbying expenses last year. Maricopa County Supervisors spent $414,000 last year on public and private lobbyists and consultants. They hired private sector notables like Marcus Dell’Artino, HighGround, Lasota and Peters, Lee Miller and Rip Wilson. Pima threw down $220,000 on lobbyists, including private guns Art Chapa and Michael Racy.

On the city side, Phoenix dropped $192,000 for lobbying expenditures in 2009.

Much of the reported expenses covered city employees like Karen Peters, Thomas Remes, John Gonzales and Tom Buschatzke. But the city also wasn’t shy about hiring private talent. They paid Kevin DeMenna almost $35,000. Gallagher and Kennedy received $28,500, and R and R Partners pulled in $15,000 from the city, which reported 29 registered lobbyists. Tucson spent even more, but their reported $235,000 lobbying tab was directed to city employee Mary Okoye. Phoenix’s 2009 lobbying bill increased by almost $35,000 compared to 2008. Tucson’s held steady.

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  1. The supervisors are so crooked I don’t know how they walk straight. Clever how they keep “anonymously” telling reportters that the feds racial profiling investigation of Arpaio has amagically been broadened to include Arpaios and Thomas investigation of them. In reality, the feds are interrogating supervisors top management like county manager David Smith, who had to hire a criminal defense attorney. I hope the ffeds are looking into everything including this abuse of tax dollars to hire lobbyists to keep the legislature from investigating them

  2. Cranky old guy says

    You know how it will be portrayed in the lamestream media when Stapley, Wilcox and Smith are finally convicted of crimes. “Supervisors’ Criminal Convictions A Surprise: Arpaio and Thomas escape consequences.”

    But those of us reading this blog and American Post-Gazette know what’s really going on and appreciate the information. The only surprise we anticipate is WHEN the convictions will finally occur – sometime this year, but when?

  3. Principled Conservative says

    I don’t understand why the Republican Party or Republican legislature hasn’t launched an investigation into these Supervisors. Spending our money the way they have and obstructing prosecution is not representing the Republican Party well. They are an embarrassment and I for one am sick and tired of reading about their antics day after day, they are always in the news up to something.

  4. Boot them all out! says

    There is an Axis of Corruption formed between the supervisors, the courts and the Republic. The Supervisors get away with stuff that normally the public would be outraged over, but the courts approve it and the newspaper DOESN’T COVER IT. The public is left in the dark. Frankly, I’m surprised the yellow sheet covered this, at least they have the guts to report something negative about the supervisors.

  5. I want to know why the Maricopa County Superior Court is running facebook ads! They laid off 40 employees last year and are still in dire straits financially. How can they justify running a facebook ad? Those can get pretty pricey pretty fast. It’s transparent that they are doing it to improve their reputation over the bad publicity they’ve had lately due to fighting with Sheriff Arpaio and Thomas. Where are the watchdog groups calling them out on this? Americans for Prosperity, helllllloooooo????? I know you’re on facebook and have seen those ads. I want my tax dollars accounted for, and do not want them going to provide positive self-promotion for a government agency mired in trouble.

  6. These guys put families out on the street to pay lobbyist!!?? When is the Goldwater institute or someone like them going to get after them. The legislature needs to wake the H@!! up. The stupidvisors are fiddling while Rome burns.

  7. Come to think of it, perhaps Joe and Andy are guilty of “profiling”

    Smith, Stapely and Mary Rose certainly fit a certain type of pol!

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