Bruce Jacobs Out, Mike Broomhead In

JD announed this afternoon that Bruce Jacobs will no longer be hosting the early moring show at KFYI-550.

Bruce has always been outspoken and brash on the issues and with political personalities. We certainly hope that did not factor into any decision regarding Bruce’s departure.

Here is a clip from one of Bruce’s YouTube clips. Ironically, listen to Bruce’s comments about being on Phoenix’s #1 radio talk show.  

Temporarily replacing Bruce will be weekend sensation, Mike Broomhead – another outstanding favorite conservative talk show host.

We wish Bruce the best in whatever endeavor he embarks on and will even extend an invitation to write right here on Sonoran Alliance if he seeks another medium.

We also welcome Mike Broomhead to the weekday lineup and hope you will continue to set your clocks early to get your morning dose of conservatism.


  1. Bruce Jacobs was irritating to listen to and not just because of his stock anti-immigration political position.

  2. I liked Bruce’s views, I just couldn’t take all of the yelling. Mike is a lot better about that and still articulates some interesting points.

    It will be interesting to see who they go with long term.

  3. Regardless of Bruce Jacobs’ opinions, his voice made the show unlistenable. It was between a rusty bandsaw cutting glass and a cat slowly being fed into a juicer.

  4. I heard Bruce is going to be a writer for the Arizona Republic, I’ll miss you Bruce!

  5. Kathy - Chandler says

    Good Luck to Bruce,
    Not very smart on CC’s part. I think he’ll replace KFYI far far easier than KFYI will replace him.

    Wherever he lands is where my radio dial will tune. What’s funny, is that he was even addictive to the people who just tuned in to hate on him, even the most petty & small who focus on the sound of his voice rather than the content of his speech.

    Matt Welch – Absolutely hilarious!

  6. Kathy, you misunderstand, I did not listen to him – it was the opposition of addiction His grating voice immediately made me switch (in the same way that Fran Drescher or Gilbert Gottfreid make me reach for the remote or a gun, which ever’s closer). JD, Barry Young, etc. I can listen to (in fact, I was listening to Barry Young back in West Palm Beach when he was on WJNO and getting his *** handed to him by Jack Cole).

  7. Diogidog says

    Bruce was OK. With Ankarlo out on the injured list and Bruce gone … we’ll hear more hit and run arrogant Scottsdale snobs who don’t have a clue about real life … But they’ll try to make believe that they do! Ugh! Time for drive time music again.

  8. DaveinPhoenix says

    I listened to Bruce almost every morning. But the show needed more depth. For instance, where was the story or commentary on our federal government’s $43 trillion negative net worth ? How about 60% of our 16-25 year old’s being functionally illiterate ? Where’s the story there ? How about the incredible cost to business owners in Tempe to simply put a sign on their building, the regulation ? What about the hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes being trashed by former homeowners/a nation of adolescents ? How about a live report from a nearly failing treasury bond auction ? How about the Housing Act of 1949,
    The 1968 Fair Housing Act/FHA Section 235 program, the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, the 1990 Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act,
    the Housing and Community Development Act of 1997, or the American Dream Downpayment Act of 2003 ? Any research on the results of these government interventions into American home ownership ? Did Bruce ever once ask the listeners if they thought that spending 41% of our tax dollars on a failed public education system was acceptable ?

    I liked Bruce, good man. But there’s more to a good show than Repugnant and journos. Just got boring….best wishes anyway to Bruce.

  9. David Nance says

    Bruce was real, his show was informative, irritating in a fun way. His rants were heartfelt and genuine, something lacking with the other shows. Where ever he winds up will be a boost to that station, and that’s where my dial will be set at.

  10. Joe Gonzales says

    Will have to look for a new morning show.

    Broomhead endorsed Lisa James. What are they going to call it? Moderates in the Morning?

  11. Frank Coz says

    Wait a second! Broomhead endorsed James? He also endorsed McCain over Obama and Kyl over Pederson!

    OH NO!!! Kyl once tried to advance an immigration reform bill! Thank goodness Randy turned the AZ GOP grassroots machine into action to spike that!

    And McCain?! Don’t get me started. He supports immigration reform too and he sometimes co-sponsors bills with Democrats.

    Down with Broomhead! Either put JD on in the morning and the afternoon or give JT Ready his own morning show. JT and JD! I like the sound of that.

  12. T. Tremblay says

    B. J. gone?? Man thats not good. He made my morning. He let you know where he stood and left no doubt about it. Yes he ranted. Yes he streched the limits of the “line”. Thats what made him real and worth tuning in for. M. B. is well boring. I find my self saying come on man get on with it. A whole segment on BS and never saying anything..Time to move on got to be something to listen to.. What was that sports station again?

  13. Pete Smith says

    Hey Thane – Bruce Jacobs was anti-ILLEGAL-imiigration!

    Nice Leftist deflection; you failed though.

  14. Kathy - Chandler says

    Klute, No need to clarify, I didn’t misunderstand; my comment was backhanded.
    Interesting that you found Bruce’s voice so irritating but confess to being a long-term fan of the Barry Young Vaudeville Show replete with idiotic canned applause, symbols drum-rolls, Georgia-redneck-self-hate etc..
    By admitting you listen to B.Y., I can only surmise you don’t actually care for talk radio because B.Y.’s show contains only about 20 minutes of subject matter and 100 minutes of inane blather, fake characters and sound effects.
    All he is/was/will be is a ‘filler’ between shows.

  15. JohnnyRussia says

    Good riddance to a hateful, talentless hack.

  16. John E.Osmun says

    Bruce Jacobs was a tipical New Yorker.Loud And Brash.But, so am I.
    He will land on his feet

  17. ClassicFilm says

    As a long-time AZ resident and a kid growing up in So Cal, I loved listening to Bruce Jacobs not only for his values but because his sound was unique compared to all the other radio hosts in AZ. His gruff, loud, brash NY voice was a welcomed change and was precisely why I started listening to him… he wasn’t of the same boring garden-variety as other radio hosts. His passion was genuine and his love of country commendable. KFYI has made a grave miscalculation in firing him. Jacobs will do well anywhere.

  18. Mike Mack says

    Bruce was AWESOME. He stood up for the little guy…the Police… the Military and called out the leftist political agenda phony media hacks every day. It was real. He did it with passion. He will be missed. I have many friends who loved his show and felt he was a voice for us. We will miss you Bruce.

  19. Miss Lizz says

    I LOVED Bruce’s show! he made my day something to look forward to, someone to laugh with on my way to work. He inspired conversations between people that wouldnt normally talk to eachother. Bruce will be sorely missed, i have tried to listen to Mike but i cant do it… i have to change the station… he talks about the same things everyday… is that normal? even on saturdays… same ol thing… blah!!!

  20. Mike Mack says

    I miss Bruce tremendously…his go for the throat style his no holds barred approach ..take a stance for the things that are right. Call politicians out. He was a unique voice, compared to the many sound alikes on the dial. I like Mike B, but I miss Bruce’s passion and of course that laugh. Hope he lands somewhere soon.

  21. Goodby Bruce I will miss your ranting and raving in the wee hours of the morning. No mincing words or wondering where you stood on any given subject. Broomhead has more substance but is a tad too mundane for my liking. Bruce go back to sports radio. It is what you did best and with less agravation.
    As for me its time to move the channel down the line to Steve Zaban sports on 910 am

  22. JohnMaricopa says

    “Bruce Jabocs likes the schlong”

    “I know Bruce Jacobs likes long Schlongs”

    thats how I sang along with his intro song, thats about all I will miss because as soon as he started talking the Sirius got turned on.

  23. Bruce sucked really bad. He once called the red cross a knucklhead organization? good bye. I hope he gets a job with the Az Republic what a joke he gave all conservatives a bad name. Major upgrade with Broomhead, even if he is really confused. He’s articulate and smart, There’s maybe some hope after all.

  24. “he gave all conservatives a bad name””Major upgrade with Broomhead…. He’s articulate and smart”

    Humm, sounds like we have a liberal masquerading as a conservative. Or maybe you are in fact Mr. Broomhead himself.

    Bruce was the man!

  25. correction.

    Bruce is the man!

  26. I gave broomhead a chance , I mis bruce! broomy should go back fixing toilets or whatever he did before. put barry on from 6-9 so we hear rush live and bruce in the afternoon. don’t make me listen to ktar!!!

  27. Just returned from a prolonged world tour to discover the psychotic hate merchant, Wedgie Jacobs, has been canned! “Good show,” says I.

    And KFYI calls him “controversial”! Hah – there had to have been a payoff to purge Wedgie from the Faux News Network’s cesspool of oiverpaid crazies.

    The only good thing about KFYI is still Coast to Coast AM. After hearing Broomhead’s contribution once – this morning – I found his monotone boring but his klutzy inability to pump out the atented Murdoch hate is refreshingly entertaining — does he even read the talking point scripts before he signs on?

    KFYI’s talkers still aren’t worth the effort to try to understand what they’re saying.

  28. Sue Kruggel says

    I truly miss my “morning cup of coffee”. I like Broomie, but Bruce was uniquely in your face, entertaining, and interesting. He was passionate and unashamedly and humorously blunt. I wish him well wherever life takes him. Bruce’s insight into Arizona and Phoenix politics was truly thoughtful and thankfully not politically correct. I continue to miss him.

  29. KenPhoenix says

    . . . . UGH..! someone kill me..!! I’m going back to music to wake up to. Must admit though, I do jump out of bed to turn off Broomhead. Dude,,, are you thinking of running for governor? You are such an authority. Where did you get that ego? Your head’s going to detonate any minute. Take a breath, take some calls, take a pill, something. Quit brutalizing my radio with your ‘Bovine Flatulence’. It’s irritating.
    I feel like I’m being scolded by my third grade teacher. And QUIT pointing at people,
    it’s not nice. Lay back on the use of the word ‘I’,also. It says something about you.
    As long as talk radio remains largly moronic, there will always be a place for music on the radio. Less stressfull.

  30. Gerade beim herumstoebern im Netz bin ich auf einmal auf deinem Blog gelandert. Und jetzt komme ich nicht mehr wirklich weg weil mir die Artikel welche du geschrieben hast richtig zu sagen. Sind schoen interessant geschrieben so das man sie gerne liet.

  31. BigDaddioAZ says

    I really miss Bruce. The fungus is dying. Karolin will not be missed though. Too mamby pamby. Bruce Rocks. Broomhead needs to be swept under the rug. I don’t think he has a firm point of view on anything.
    Broomhead is a moderate. We have enough of them. We need somone with a spine, willing to stand up to that maggot of a phx mayor. Barry and Michelle are firmly in the John MCCain camp and so is the station. That SUCKS. McCain must be removed and forgotten.

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