Brian Miller: Giffords Suddenly Gets Ethical

Brian Miller

For Immediate Release: Thursday, March 11, 2010

Congresswoman Giffords Suddenly Gets Ethical

Today, Gabrielle Giffords voted for a resolution calling for the House Ethics Committee to investigate House Democratic leaders and their handling of ethical allegations concerning former Rep. Eric Massa (D., N.Y.).

The attention has been on Congresswoman Giffords since the RNC began an early ad campaign against her in the 8th district. Maybe Giffords believes that if she votes for this ethics investigation we, the voters, will forget about her other un-ethical votes.

Giffords voted not to reprimand Congressman Murtha who threatened to use his power as a committee chairman to kill spending in the district of a fellow congressman (Roll Call 402, May 22, 2007). This is a violation of the very house rules that the Democratic leadership put into place when they took power in early 2007.

Giffords voted to block a resolution to remove Charlie Rangel from his chair on the Ways and Means committee. (Roll Call 759, Oct. 7, 2009). Rangel has hidden considerable sums in gifts and earnings from the IRS. The committee that he was formerly a member of has jurisdiction of the US tax code.

As part of the Democratic Caucus, Giffords voted to approve William Jefferson’s appointment to the Homeland Security Committee. Congressman Jefferson became famous when the FBI found $90,000 “cold cash” in his freezer. He was found guilty of fraud, soliciting bribes, racketeering, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

Brian Miller, candidate for U.S. Congress, said, “when I began my campaign against Ms. Giffords, I also started a PAC called the Freshmen 50. One of our platform items is ‘enforce congressional ethics’ because it’s going to take at least 50 of us to combat the culture of corruption in Washington D.C. We need to remind Congresswoman Giffords that ethics isn’t just an election year campaign slogan.”


  1. Calamity June says

    I think that Giffords is the type of person whol would become a crook if she was in office long enough! Good for Miller! The only bad thing about him is he’s married because he’s a VERY attractive man!

  2. Next she’ll release a statement saying that she “was misled” by Murtha, Rangel and Jefferson.

  3. Oberserve says

    Miller’s the real conservative in this race (i.e. Miller vs. Kelley CD-8 GOP primary).

  4. Yah right. says

    Yeha, ethics galore.

    Like both of our candidates for US Senate talking about voting against the tax increase.

    Cheap and stupid.

    We had tax cuts galore here in Arizona, and our economy just hit bottom. State government needs to take back those tax cuts and fund government.

    As for the voter mandates that the far right hates, admit that you hate it, vote against it, but don’t kill all of state government because you hate health care.

    Should have stuck it to the taxpayer, then told them to vote to roll back voter mandates.

    Pain, then relief from pain.

    R leadership is seriously lacking in horsepower, as it shown by the inability to control the far right, which is destroying the party.

    When they lose the Chamber, the R’s will be done.

    And that day is getting closer.

  5. Dear “NO COMMON SENSE” in Arizona,

    1. You are being libelous in stating that Somos Republicans is for Open Borders. I don’t think Jesus Christ would be happy with you in spreading rumors. I am a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and served my country honorably and was willing to die for her.

    2. Somos Republicans has the largest Hispanic Conservative movement in the State of Arizona. Alice Lara is a spokesperson for her ALRA and she was endorsed by the likes of Joe Arpaio, so naturally, she will not go against that grain.

    3. I have never been paid by McCain, nor have I been staffed by him. Again, I don’t think Jesus Christ would be happy with you in spreading rumors.

    4. ALIPAC has the ability to monitor the website content…..they simply chose not to do so. In fact, an ALIPAC moderator participated in the Operation Wetback discussion.

    5. Last but not least, I will gladly discuss my core leadership council when JD Hayworth RELEASES HIS DONOR LIST. Savvy?

    Have a nice day!


  6. Hey Dee Dee!

    You seem to have a one track mind!

    You sent the above post to another thread!

    Can you discuss anything but Identity Politics?

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