Brewer running into financial troubles even in campaign

The Arizona Guardian (see below) is reporting that Governor Jan Brewer is struggling to keep up with her primary opponents and assumed Democratic nominee, Terry Goddard, when it comes to raising the seed money under Arizona’s Clean Election system.

Since Brewer officially entered the race on November 5th, she has yet to raise the $51,250 in $140 individual donations according to emails obtained by The Guardian. Gubernatorial candidate, Vernon Parker, was able to secure his seed money in just 41 days while Terry Goddard finished collecting his donations in 32 days.

Those who watch the campaign fundraising race closely will tell you that an inability to raise cash, even in limited small amounts, is an indicator of a lack of confidence among supporters who vote with their dollars. Most campaigns rely on a consultant to conduct most of the fundraising work. In Brewer’s case, Chuck Coughlin’s High Ground is most likely leading the effort to secure the campaign’s seed money.

John Munger, Robert Graham and Owen “Buz” Mills are also in the race as traditionally funded candidates but each has access to personal monies or wealthy donor networks. State Treasurer Dean Martin has yet to determine if he will enter the race but will likely run as a traditional candidate should he enter.

Next year’s gubernatorial race is likely to see upwards of $2-3 Million being spent by each candidate in the General Election.


  1. Dennis Welch has his story wrong. I gave a $140 check to Brewer and had it returned before this event because they reached the max.

  2. After looking at my calendar, if she did indeed reach the limit before the 14th, that would be Parkers 41 days.

  3. Jefferson Smith says

    Jeff, are you saying Chuck Coughlin is being disingenuous about the campaign not reaching the max seed money point? I won’t believe it. If the Brewer campaign had reached that point, wouldn’t Coughlin have simply said so to Dennis Welch? Hate to do this but produce the correspondence that says they have hit the limit. Send it to Dennis Welch and demand a retraction. That would be news. Until I see anything to the contrary from HighGround, the Brewer campaign or from the Arizona Guardian, I’ll believe Dennis Welch.

  4. Megan Kitner was hired by the governor/High Ground, to gather the five dollar contributions. Ask her.

  5. Jeff,

    If the Brewer campaign returned your check, I would assume they sent along a thank you note. Please scan that note and email it to us here at We can properly redact any personal info. We would have it up much quicker than Dennis Welch at the Arizona Guardian.

  6. My check didn’t even make it to the campaign. I was invited to one of the parties (not the one previously mentioned here) and couldn’t go. I sent my check along with someone else. They returned it in the afternoon saying they were told it was no longer needed. I know for a fact they had 5-10 others.

    I wasn’t on the phone so I don’t know what was said. Campaign finance reports will tell the ultimate date.

  7. Silent Slam says

    Haha! if it ends up that she’s been done for over a week, what a backhanded slight to Parker. Not only did she beat him, she didn’t think he was important enough to brag about it.
    Its actually a brilliant move vs. a polar opposite Jason Rose.

  8. More Chicanery says

    If she’s had this in the bag for over a week, then why didn’t she just come out and be honest about it? Oh yeah – she seems to have a problem with that. Says she’s a conservative Republican but doesn’t behave that way . . .

  9. Chicanery why does she have to say anything? Why won’t JD say he’s not running? Why won’t Dean Martin file an exploratory committee if he is reall. Going to jump in? Why doesn’t Vernon Parker give weekly updates on how many $5 he still needs? It is called strategy. Just because Brewers camp doesn’t press release something doesn’t mean there is dishonesty going on.
    Welch assumed she wasn’t done because her camp said they weren’t commenting on it.

  10. More Chicanery says

    Silent Slam – publicly announcing that you have reached your fundraising goals is a way for a candidate to indicate that they have popularity and momentum on their side – it’s why Parker and Goddard have done it. Gamesmanship is what unpopular candidates with no momentum do. The last thing Brewer needs is to appear to be playing games – Arizonans already mistrust her – she should shoot straight and stop playing around.

  11. Silent Slam says

    You must have missed my previous posting. I don’t understand how not announcing something is gamesmanship. She’s not legally obligated to do so yet so what is the issue?

  12. This is because the McCain led Victory campaign has thrown Brewer under the bus in favor of John Munger who the AZGOP is preparing to line up behind, whether you like it or not. Hold the AZGOP accountable and don’t let them hand over the reins of the party to McCain, Verdone, Logan and Munger. Call AZGOP HQ right now (well Monday morning.)

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