Brewer Qualifies on $5 Donations

Just as news comes that “Buz” Mills has dropped $2 Million into his campaign coffers, Governor Brewer has revealed that she has collected her $5 donations to qualify for Clean Elections funding. Brewer will now have access to $707,447 courtesy of  the Citizens Clean Elections Commission for the Primary Election. While CCEC requires a minimum of 4,410 $5 donations, The Arizona Guardian is reporting that she actually collected 5,500 donations.

Two statewide candidates now have access to major campaign funding and it’s only January 5th!

The big question now is of the other candidates in the race who will be the next to either aunty up or drop out of the race?


  1. I said it when the story came out a few weeks ago. Not only is she done with seed money, she has the whole kit-n-kaboodle! That’s huge.

    Parker just passed 60% which means he only has 2,650 or so.

    Mills putting up $2 million is huge for her too since much would be spent early building name ID. With matching, she has access to lots and lots of $$. This also makes it less likely or Martin to enter since it is an immediate uphill battle.

  2. Access to funding? Uh, she won’t get a dime until she’s actually a candidate…turns in petitions, doesn’t get challenged, etc. That will be at the end of April.

    Parker has 4 months to catch up, and they would each get an identical amount at the same time. Martin, too. So, no advantage in turning in early.

  3. Not so Snickers. Clean candidates can file petitions and $5 early.

  4. Do we know how many petition signatures Brewer has. Usually, people who make a $5 contribution sign your petition as well.

    Clean elections candidates can submit petitions early in order to qualify for funding. She may be waiting until March when the official signature requirements for 2010 are published, but I doubt she will wait if she doesn’t have to.

  5. Won’t she get $2MM due to matching funds?

  6. Sameer,

    Only if the candidate spends or makes a contract, agreement or promise to spend the $2 M within the designated reporting period.

  7. Yeah right. says

    Ante up.

    Like the penny ante site at times.

    Brewer got her money super fast, gee I wonder why.

    Could it be she has some support out there?

    Could it be that the folks are starting to wonder if she will be the last repub gov for 8 long years?

    The Lobbyslature had better get religion and get a balance budget fast, complete with tax increases or face a brutal campaign.

    Like that is going to happen.

    Grab a beer, and sit down to watch the food fight coming with the new session.

  8. Yeah right,

    And I supposed the voters of Arizona are gonna dig a little deeper and approve an 18% tax hike?

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m getting a terrible gut feeling that the next Governor will be Mr. Goddard.

  9. Eat our own says

    We must find a way not to eat ourselves alive. If we can do that and rally behind a plan that honestly solves the budget deficit-Goddard won’t have a chance.

  10. Sitting governors have a lot of influence when it comes to twisting $5 contributions out of people. It also works fairly well for collecting petition signatures. It is not a good measure of public support. Len Munsil had the Congressional delegation helping him get his $5 contributions and petition signatures and got them in a fairly short time with their help. He managed to win the primary, but he got clobbered in the general election.

    This gives Brewer an edge for winning the primary, but it is not decisive. It says NOTHING about how she would do in the general election.

  11. Hunter,

    While I generally agree with you, the fact that she has an advantage right now is pathetic. How the GOP in this state is weak enough to let someone like Brewer do well is ridiculous.

    The republican party is surging all over the country and here we have pathetic candidates running in CD-5, CD-8, I dont even know who in CD-1 and Brewer with the potential to get the nomination for Governor… It is all very disheartening.

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