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Brewer Flip-Flopping?

Brewer Flip-Flopping?

Brewer made a big deal about not playing word games and calling the State Exec Tower’s Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree rather than a “Holiday Tree” (read article). But now Brewer has gone and scheduled a “Holiday Party.” (View Event Invitation) Guess she’s back to politically correct word games and her decision to call things what they are was really fleeting. Granted, one could say that the point is niggling or even that there’s a consistency in that the tree is specifically Christian, but her party could be a celebration of all the year end events, but perhaps there is an inconsistency in light of Brewer’s other inconsistencies.

Brewer HAD a conservative history in the legislature … but now she’s betraying those Republican principles by advocating for an 18% sales tax hike.

Brewer gave a conservative inaugural address attacking the growth of government. But since she stepped on to the 9th floor, she has been anything but true to her word. The fact is that she has protected the growth of government through line item vetoes that have actually protected government spending at the same time she has advocated for a tax hike to sustain government growth.

We heard from Chuck Coughlin that the governor would not run if she didn’t get her tax hike as quoted in the August 28th edition of The Arizona Republic

Friend and political adviser Chuck Coughlin said Brewer “wants to run,” but his counsel on whether she should do so may depend on whether she gets the tax hike she seeks. A majority of Republican legislators in the House and Senate have voted to refer the proposal to a special-election ballot, but not a single Democrat has signed on.

“My belief is that (Brewer’s campaign decision) hinges on whether or not she has the tools to govern,” Coughlin said, referencing the estimated $2.5 billion that would be generated over three years by the tax increase. “If Democrats are unwilling to help her, than maybe she’ll give this job back to them.”

But then she’s already thrown her hat in the ring.

Brewer got rid of Kevin Tyne as part of her political “makeover” … but we’ve gotten the same-ole, same-ole since his departure.

Niggling point on the tree? Perhaps, but the Governor’s inconsistency is undeniable.


  1. My point of view says

    I didn’t see anything about a “Holiday Party” but even then it’s a different description. Brewer changed something Janet actually mandated be done. She forces everyone to say holiday. Referring to holiday to describe Hannuka and Christmas is appropriate.

    As for her conservative cred, are we saying now that Regan wasn’t conservative? From the looks of it I’ve seen more cuts then any governor before her with more proposed to come. We can’t cut what we would need to to balance the budget because of restricted and voter protected funds.

    That’s the facts and reality of the situation.

  2. This is quite a stretch. If you want to say she has flip flopped on being conservative or on other issues sure. But to attack her for having a holiday when you even admit a Christmas tree is specifically Christian and one can assume not everyone invited to the Holiday Party is Christian…
    To try and make this connection is a waste of a post and weak

  3. The governor has sent out invitations to something billed alternately as a “Holiday Celebration” and a “holiday reception” occurring on Wednesday evening. She’ll be fishing for $5 donations and seed money at the event. I’m simply not going publish the contents of her invite since she can publicize her own event. Maybe I wasn’t 100% correct in saying it was a “Holiday Party”, but I was close enough for argument’s sake. Be that as it may, even if this instance is petty, it’s reflective of the fact that the Governor is HIGHLY inconsistent in word and deed to a point nearing schizophrenia.

    On cuts, I wrote above that Brewer’s line-item vetoes INCREASED spending. The cuts that came from November’s special session didn’t entirely erase the INCREASE in spending she created in July. In fact, according to a July 9th Mohave Daily News article, Brewer said she increased spending to force legislators to consider her tax increase! Later, according to a November 24th Guardian article, Brewer tried to back away from her tax increase. What more evidence of inconsistency do you need?

  4. Huge heavy sigh, eye rollmhead shake and this…WHAT A CROCK! This is about the most idiotic thing I’ve seen in at least 12 hours from the super-duper, revisionist history, I’m a true-blue R and all else is heresy crowd.

  5. My point of view says

    What an absolute jackass. Your invite happens to be at the home of a Jewish couple.

    She made cuts earlier this year that you seem to forget. You focus on one part of her plan and ignore the cuts-undoing 105 stuff that is a big part of the issue, and putting a brake on spending.

    You didn’t answer my question. Was Reagan then not a conservative? What is your idea for a fix?

  6. Yah gotta be kidding. says

    Still can’t choke down the fact that cutting taxes won’t generate the jobs the boom did.

    Still can’t face reality that the state is now beyond broke, and raising taxes a year ago would have meant a BILLION DOLLAR Smaller BUDGET DEFICIT!

    This is why I can’t stand most of the republican party- they can’t raise taxes and cut expenses like adults.

    Spending has been cut back sharply- except where the voters tied the Republican Party hands. JaNo played you fools, and the voters went along with her because they knew you morons would want to do EXACTLY what you are doing- instead of cutting Republican pet tax credits, and modestly raising taxes like adults, pouting and blaming dems who can’t vote for anything.

    Uh, Majority rules, except when they are too stupid to sufficiently compromise to get anything done.

    JaNo is still running this state, because the Republicans are too dumb to change.


    Yeha! Ask the voters to solve YOUR problems, because you CAN’T DO IT?


    At this point, Reagan was an outstanding conservative, which is what most of the republicans in the legislature are not.

    Don’t even mention him on this blog again, because he would kick your moronic butts to the curb.

  7. “What an absolute jackass. Your invite happens to be at the home of a Jewish couple.”

    Oh my, that’s just classic.

  8. “What an absolute jackass. Your invite happens to be at the home of a Jewish couple.”

    Uh oh, did Chewie Shofir get a new handle to post under?

  9. Would someone please email me a scanned copy of the invite so we can make sure we all know what we’re talking about? (sonoranalliance@gmail.com)

  10. Imagine if you can, that I never made the Christmas tree argument (admittedly the weakest part of my article), it is STILL undeniable that Brewer’s actions while governor have been inconsistent. The lot of you FOCUS on the weakest point in the argument and ASSUME that the rest of the argument is invalid because you possibly eliminate ONE premise. Sorry, that just doesn’t hold up in philosophy. The other premises remain and still support the conclusion: that Brewer’s reign has been inconsistent.

    @ Ann
    Name one assertion in my article that’s revisionist. It all has support. I’m sure you’re a frustrated Brewer supporter who can’t logically counteract my assertions so you throw up the “Whatever!” defense. Mature that. Deep! You win, I’m wrong!

    If only adults could magically raise their own salaries to cover their increased spending. Responsible, emphasis on the responsible here, adults decrease spending to match their income. Irresponsible adults spend beyond their means.

    Jan Brewer is NO Reagan, though I didn’t know Ronnie personally. Everyone is human and therefore flawed, including our old hero Ronnie. Reagan made mistakes too. He raised taxes, he overspent, and he granted illegals amnesty to name just a few of his flaws. Reagan was called on his flaws and so should Jan. Yet I don’t think Reagan ever triangulated to increase spending for the purpose of raising taxes. That’s perverse.

    My ideas on cutting the budget? Honestly, who cares? Few will listen, fewer will read this. You won’t. You simply use the question as a canard to dismiss my very sound argument. You asked, so, I’ll write. I’d suggest appointing department heads that hate the agencies they head who will make REAL, logical cuts to their agencies rather than appointing agency heads that will fight tooth-and-nail to protect their turf and spin the hyped-up nightmare scenarios that Brewer directed her lackies to spin. I’d fire every single agency lobbyist. Make the department heads themselves answer to the gov and legislators. I’d also review every single position at every agency and fire everyone that isn’t essential. Every single held-over Janet appointee would get a pink slip if they’re not all gone yet. I know Jan has been harboring some Napolitano appointees for at least a little while. I KNOW at least one agency has more vehicles than it needs, so, sell cars. I’d also call for a review of agency regulations and if any regulation is not DIRECTLY supported by legislation, it should be struck, thereby reducing the cost of enforcement. I’d also have those same agency heads ask, “Does the State ABSOLUTELY need this program to survive?” and start eliminating programs. I’d also do a review of the complaints that agencies have brought and assess whether or not the cases are real or if some government employees has a vendetta, is trying to believe himself powerful, is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill , or is trying to advance his career. I’d throw out every case that isn’t real. That should cut enforcement costs and man hours.

    School administration is also notoriously top heavy and they spend a lot. I’d fire unnecessary school administrators. I’d sell the furniture, pictures, fake plants, etc. of all school administration. I’d make them sit on the same plastic chairs students sit on and buy them cheap desks. With the difference, I’d make the school payments.

    I’d also seriously consider eliminating shipping money off to the localities.

    Unpopular? I couldn’t care less. The state has spent WELL beyond its means and it’s time to tighten every belt and squeeze every penny of excess spending out of state government that is possible. If you respond that cutting government jobs would create more costs than they’d save, then you believe in big government and appreciate the economic distortions that government creates. You need to find a new party. That’s Democrat logic. As many workers as possible need to be in the private market, not working for government.

    I’d also advocate 100% transparency in government. EVERY PENNY should be accounted for and put on the web. I’d bet there’d be PLENTY of waste, fraud, and abuse found with such transparency.

    I’m sure you’ll come back with some lame assertion that my suggestions wouldn’t take care of X percent of the deficit, but I don’t see you making suggestions, MPOV, except harping the liberal line that every single state program is absolutely vital, that the government must confiscate more of the dollars taxpayers earn, and government employees are sacred cows.

    Perhaps the fundraiser could be at the home of a Jewish couple, I wouldn’t know. The name isn’t stereotypically Jewish. I don’t know them…and it might prove difficult to show that you know them on this site. You could be stating that just to try to undermine me, but I’m not going to dismiss your assertion outright. I know if I had made a media splash about Christmas trees and menorahs, all my events would say Christmas and or Chanukkah respectively.

  11. My point of view says

    Moulturous I understand it is easy to play armchair quarterback.  Heck, it is what I am doing.  I have seen the budget numbers though and I hear they are even worse then when I saw them.

    The problem with armchair quarterbacks is that we usually do not see the entire field.  For example, your suggestion of stopping revenue sharing with the cities.  Sounds good right?  Well, besides being unconstitutional, what do you think is going to happen when cities lose all that funding for police and fire fighters? Tax increases or massive public safety layoffs, plus other services.  Does it solve our problem?  No, it shifts it.

    Your other suggestions are decent but don’t begin to solve the problem.  Seriously, you just suggested maybe 15% of the deficit.  

    Your claim of Brewer raising spending is warping the facts.  Vetoes included, she still has cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget this year.  There needs to be cuts.  There needs to be reforms.  It is time to face reality though that the problem is too big and drawer of tricks is empty.

    You have a problem with 1 part of Brewer’s plan and ignore the other 4.  Problem is, without 105 changes nothing happens because the problem is too big otherwise.

    I find it ironic that Reagan gets a pass yet our Incumbent Republican Governor who signed every gun and abortion bill put up, and has a history of being an honest fiscal conservative is somehow different.  

  12. OK, thanks to our readers, here is the invitation. I have obviously redacted address information.

  13. Paulina is an employee of the Department of Administration. Anyone can read her online bio here.

    Some of you may remember her from her days on the Maricopa County Special Health District.

    One other thing, and this should scare the hell out of any cultural conservative. Her husband, Jason, is a member of the “Planned Parenthood of Arizona, Action Fund Board Member”. For those who do not know, this arm of Planned Parenthood specifically raises money to fund PRO-ABORTION candidates.

  14. Jason Morris’ bio can be found here: http://www.witheymorris.com/2008/09/30/jason-barclay-morris/

    Nothing in either Jason Morris’ bio or Paulina Vazquez Morris’ bio indicates they’re Jewish, though they may be.

    I’d like to repeat the last sentence of my first paragraph: “her party could be a celebration of all the year end events”. Since I took this into account in my FIRST paragraph, how am I a jackass?

  15. Also, Paulina Morris was the Planned Parenthood candidate for the MCSHD board when she first ran. Here’s a few articles that came out regarding her ties to the largest abortion provider in Arizona:

    Cathi Herrod, director of policy for the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), said her organization has surveyed candidates for the brand new Maricopa County Special Healthcare District election in November. The results of those surveys will soon be posted on the CAP website. It is already known that District 2 candidate Charlie Gail Hendrix is a pro-life, less government conservative and that District 3 candidate Paulina Vazquez-Morris is a Planned Parenthood candidate.

    Janet’s man revving up . . . Gov. Janet Napolitano’s chief of staff and long-time right hand man Dennis Burke appears to be staging the launch of his solo career.

    Speculation about Burke’s possible bid for attorney general in 2010 has been rampant for months, fueled even more by his month-long absence from the governor’s office.

    It was the first vacation in many years, apparently. But it’s clear that Burke also had to take some serious thinking time about his next step as Napolitano approaches the final three years of her term.

    Well, Burke was back in Arizona last week, reaching out to potential constituents from NASCAR dads to pro-choice moms.

    Last week, Burke was the grand marshal at the Arizona.Travel 200 race at Phoenix International Raceway and was one of three speakers at Planned Parenthood’s Celebracion de Noche Latina on Friday (along with Paulina Vazquez Morris of the board of Maricopa County Integrated Health System and Carlos Galindo-Elvira of Valle del Sol).

  16. Danke, Shane.

    Chalk another inconsistency up for Maltorus’ argument: Brewer, a supposed pro-lifer is cavorting with pro-deathers.

    Here’s another baffling inconsistency: Brewer was a conservative in the legislature, but she has tapped Grant Woods and Mary Peters, A Bush appointee, as her campaign committee heads. Why would a conservative surround herself with such notorious moderates? It’s rumored that Grant’s gonna switch parties after the election. I don’t think a strategy of running to the left has been very successful in winning Republican primaries, nor do I think spending too much helped maintain Republican majorities on the federal level.

  17. My point of view says

    You really are going to try and run to the right of Jan Brewer on abortion? Really? Really? THAT discredits you more than your holiday comment.

  18. What’s she doing having TWO pro-aborts hold a fund-raiser for her? It’s inconsistent if she’s such a staunch pro-lifer.

  19. My point of view says

    You are being rediculous by suggesting anything about it. As I pointed out, her actions and voting record stand clearly for itself.

  20. I suppose while she’s standing their sipping wine and socializing with two people who’ve given time, talent and treasure to the largest abortion provider in the State of Arizona, she can raise her glass and say “Happy Holidays!”

  21. I don’t know anymore which is worse, having a Democrat in office or a Republican with a below average (<100) IQ.

  22. Ya gotta be kidding! says

    If only adults could magically raise their own salaries to cover their increased spending. Responsible, emphasis on the responsible here, adults decrease spending to match their income. Irresponsible adults spend beyond their means.

    And Irresponsible Republicans living off of over a decade of tax cuts need to roll them back now the boom is over.

    Our tax base is too small to support the current level of government. Then do what needs to be done to the voters- raise their taxes and then tell them to lift the voter mandates to allow cuts.

    Tactics of stupidity is what we have now, rather than an obvious teachable moment.

    Voters wanted hands off, then teach them how much it costs!!!

    The mantra of tax cuts forever is the death knell of the Republican party.

  23. Next time pay attention who you nominate to run for SOS — the half-step chair from the 9th floor — will you?

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