Brewer Budget Supporters

The Governor’s Office issued the linked press release in an effort to demonstrate widespread support for her budget which includes an 18% tax increase.

Reading through the list, it’s easy to see why these folks support the Governor. Virtually all of them stand to gain something from you paying more taxes.

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today released a growing list of supporters endorsing her comprehensive, long-term solution to Arizona’s budget crisis. On June 1, 2009 Governor Brewer released details of her FY2010 budget proposal that would rescue the state from the looming General Fund budget deficit of $4 billion.

“I want to thank those who have taken the time to contemplate the dire situation the state is facing and have taken the time to learn about my long-term plan for Arizona,” stated Governor Brewer. “My plan to solve this crisis is a comprehensive plan that will not only guide the state through the tough times we currently face, but it is a plan that will set us up for long-term prosperity built on a solid foundation. My plan is a plan of responsibility and courage that will save our children and future generations from fiscal ruin and put Arizona back on the path to prosperity.”

Letters of support from dozens of private and public entities throughout the state have been received by the Governor’s Office in the last several weeks, and continue to be received this week. The letters call on Governor Brewer to hold the line on her budget and continue to stand for what she believes is the right direction for the State of Arizona.

The following excerpts have been taken from letters received, followed by a current list of supporters:
Brewer Budget Supporters).


  1. Can you explain to me how “virtually all of them stand to gain something from you paying more taxes.” I understand why you said it, I just don’t see the link for most on the list. Education, sure. Healthcare, absolutely. I just really don’t see how others directly benefit from a temporary state sales tax.

  2. TITO: Taxes In [coffers] Taxes Out [to municipalities]

  3. I haven’t read anywhere that says the municipalities will get any of the state shared revenue. They are also a small part of the entire list. You said “virtually all of them stand to gain something from you paying more taxes.”

  4. Maricopa GOP says

    Virtually all of them DO have a personal stake in this fight.

    The municipalities support the Gov because she protects their unobligaed and unused fund balances, which are overflowing, while the conservative legislative budget reduces their on-going overtaxing.

    The business groups will realize more profits from the BrewCough budget as a result of increased tax and spend reaities that come from a larger state government that is already bloated. Do you think it is just a matter of civic pride that the Assoc. Gen. Contractors were the prime financial supporters of the Coughlin Plan to go after the legislature? Not a chance!

    PS: I do not consider 37 cities and their mayors that are listed out of her hundred to be s “small part” of the list.

  5. Roger,

    Where do you think these tax dollars are going once they are collected by the state? They sure aren’t going back to the citizens.

    The next question is do you really think that the proposed 18% tax increase will actually be realized as Brewer anticipates? I can tell you right now that people will put off major purchases or go elsewhere to spend their dollars to avoid the higher taxes.

  6. Maricopa GOP, by unused funds balances that are supposedly overflowing do you mean impact fees collected to pay for infrastructure like fire stations, streets and sewers because of growth?
    The quote was “virtually all” by the way, not 37 cities and mayors.

    SA, a vast majority of the state budget is Education and Healthcare (which I pointed out in my first post). That’s where most of these tax dollars go.
    I don’t know if the total amount will be attained. I do know that the Legislators budget not only is grossly underestimating the deficit, the methods of plugging holes are possibly unconstitutional and WAY overestimate other savings.

  7. Maricopa GOP says


    Just to refresh your memory, you had already stated that most of the people were education or health care providers, which adds up to much more than 37. Then you stated that the municipalities made up a small part of the group. My response was to that statement of yours. The 37 representing local government is over a third of the total – hardly “a small part”.

    As to their fund balances, I mean the hundreds of millions of dollars in “rainy day funds”. Also, please note that the Assoc. General Contgractors, WestMarc, EVP, and the Chambers to not represent education or health care.

    This tax, floated at the behest of Chuck Coughlin and his clients, was designed to be a replacement for the TIME Initiative that they screwed up.

    Since the most recognized economic forecasters have missed every projection on the deficit thus far, how is it that you feel you ‘KNOW’ the legislature is ‘grossly underestimating the deficit’?

    My assessment is that you are just making an uneducated SWAG – made worse by the fact that it is based on a predetermined outcome bias.

  8. Maricopa, I’m counting the multiple agencies represented by EVP, WESTMARC, etc. Regardless, your point was that everyone is somehow getting a windfall from this tax.

    You continue that argument that somehow this is all to benefit a lobbyist and some general contractors. How you connect that bridge I have no clue but to each his own.

    One example of how I KNOW they are grossly underestimating the deficit- they pretend that even though they’ve added 75K or so to the access rolls, that it will magically stop on July 1. They also don’t account for rollover funds or deficits from this year. Is that money just going to vanish into thin air?

  9. Maricopa GOP says

    What are access rolls? Maybe you meant AHCCCS rolls? I have a question for you regarding the people on the gov’s list. Name me one apecific person or group on that list that will NOT benefit from the confiscation of more taxes from the citizens and redistributing that money to a larger government, targeted industries and special interests.

    Also, since when did the legislature add 75K to the welfare rolls.

    So your answer is to pass policy that will result in eliminating 30-40K private enterprise jobs?

    One thing that has been proven over the last two years is that NO ONE has accurately predicted the status of the economy even three months out, let alone a year out. NO ONE KNOWS – NOT THE GOV, NOT THE ECONOMISTS, NOT EVEN Y O U !

  10. Yes, AHCCCS (I put access since people actually ask that question). The last three months we have added roughly that amount of NEW enrollments to the system. The Legislature’s budget ignores new enrollment possibilities even though we all know that won’t be the case.

    You write as if the Governor isn’t cutting anything. Regardless, browsing quickly there are few from the list that won’t receive tax money from a new tax, Associated General Contractors, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, all Indian Tribes listed. EVP, WESTMARC, all of the chambers and others have 100’s of members that won’t directly benefit.

    You are correct, no one knows. One thing I do know though it that cuts to education are VERY unpopular and VERY damaging to the state. There are cuts that would do damage that could take decades to recover from.

    Lets not forget the big picture either- the potential that this all could be the tipping point to returning a Dem Governor and losing one or both branches of the Leg. Lost any of those and wave bye bye to control and ability to pass good bills.

  11. Maricopa GOP says

    So, if you are a part of a group that gains an increase in funding as a result of the Brew/Cough tax increase, your position is that members of that group will not benefit? I guess that you get around that by using the word “direct”. Well, I know that I will be a “direct” loser of the tax increase every time I go to purchase anything.

    Looking at your education whine, handling a 2.2% reduction in a 41% increase should be a breeze for the educated financial wizards in the K-12 district monopoly.

    The only people who profited from the largest increases to education in the history of the state were the administrators.

    The teachers were way down the food chain within their own industry for any financial gain. Superintendents salaries rose by 49.5% and the money spent for classified managers increased by over 40%. The class room sizes increased as a result of the “good ole boy” network.

    The teachers are like sheep to the slaughter, supporting the continuation of this type of unethical decision making that harms them and their students.

  12. Maricopa, you have lots of options for purchases and have the right to use those options.

    I didn’t say I wasn’t in favor of cuts. I’m just realistic in what is palatable, and smart for the future of our children and state.

    I think there is a ton of inefficiencies in education and there should be stronger stipulations on how much is spent in the classroom. All of which you can do with a special or dedicated source of revenue.

  13. Maricopa GOP says

    We already have special, dedicated sources of revenue. That’s right there are two of them called Prop 301 and Prop 201 that established a .75 cent sales tax on everything we buy AND the Indian Casino Pact monies.

    Many school administrators have consistently ignored the provisions of these laws passed by the voters that required the new money to supplement (add to) instead of supplanting (replace) the funding source already in place.

    They have, in fact, misappropriated much of that money away from the classroom so they could grow the number AND salaries of classified managers. In addition, many of the school districts have illegally over-taxed their property owners for the same purpose.

    Because of their unethical actions – called illegal by many experts – the percentage of money to the classroom is LESS than before the passage of the Propositions and the student/teacher ratio has gotten worse.

    How many more dedicated sources do you think it will take before the money actually reaches the classroom?

  14. its funny that Brewer has bigger balls than Maricopa GOP. At least she tells the truth.

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