Brewer Announces Transition Team, Chief of Staff and Web Site

For Immediate Release: December 5, 2008
Contact:  Douglas Cole, (602) 686-9712

Brewer Announces Transition Team, Chief of Staff and Web Site

Secretary of State gathers government experts, community and business leaders to aid in gubernatorial transition

PHOENIX – Secretary of State Jan Brewer announced a diverse team of qualified individuals from both the public and private sectors to help her with her transition to Governor of Arizona today.  The members of this team have pledged their expertise and time to Brewer’s commitment of ensuring a seamless transfer of authority.

Also today, Secretary Brewer named her long-time top aide, Deputy Secretary of State Kevin Tyne, as her gubernatorial chief of staff.  Tyne will guide the day-to-day operations of the Governor’s Office.

“For the past six years, Kevin Tyne has served the people of Arizona as my Deputy with honor, devotion and dedication,” Brewer stated.  “He is widely respected throughout state government.  He enjoys my full confidence and trust in this vital position.”

Before his position as Deputy Secretary of State, Tyne served as Brewer’s Chief of Staff when she was a Maricopa County Supervisor.  Tyne worked for eleven years in Washington, DC, first with Senator Bob Dole’s presidential campaign and later on Capitol Hill for eight  years as the legislative director for Congresswoman Susan Molinari (R-New York).

The Director of Transition will be J. Charles Coughlin, a former gubernatorial deputy chief of staff.  Jay Heiler, a former gubernatorial chief of staff, will serve as Deputy Director of Transition for Personnel.  Douglas Cole, also a former gubernatorial deputy chief of staff, will be Deputy Director of Transition for Operations and Communications.

“I am looking forward to working with Governor Napolitano and her staff as we immediately face challenging tasks,” said Brewer.  “Not only am I seeking input from my Transition Team, but I encourage citizen input and involvement by accessing my transition web site:  I also encourage those interested in serving in my administration to contact us through this site.”

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Transition Director Chuck Coughlin. “Secretary Brewer has charged her team with seeking and reviewing agency briefing materials; interviewing current administration officials; making personnel recommendations and making general recommendations on state government policies and operations.”

The members of the transition team announced today include:

  • Bas Aja, Arizona Cattlemen’s Association
  • Lisa Atkins, Greater Phoenix Leadership, fmr. congressional chief of staff
  • Richard Bark, Gallagher and Kennedy, fmr. chief of staff to House Speaker
  • Linda Blessing, fmr. executive director of AZ Board of Regents, fmr. AZ Dept. of Economic Security director
  • Drew Brown, DMB Associates, Greater Phoenix Leadership board member
  • Ernie Calderon, Calderon Law Offices
  • Douglas Cole, HighGround, Inc., fmr. gubernatorial deputy chief of staff
  • J. Charles Coughlin, HighGround, Inc., fmr. gubernatorial deputy chief of staff
  • Lori Daniels, small businesswoman , fmr. House Majority Leader and Senator
  • Lisa Hauser, Gammage and Burnham, fmr. gubernatorial general counsel
  • Jay Heiler, educator and consultant, fmr. gubernatorial chief of staff
  • Eileen Klein, United Healthcare VP, fmr. chief of staff to House Speaker
  • Andy Kunasek, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman
  • Dan Lewis, Senior VP, Bank of America, fmr. US senatorial staff member
  • Cheryl Lombard, Nature Conservancy, fmr. congressional staff member
  • Alan Maguire, Economist, Maguire Company, fmr. Sr staff to 4 Senate Presidents and 4 Speakers of the House
  • Tom Manos, Maricopa County Chief Financial Officer
  • Brian McNeil, AZ Corp. Comm. executive director, fmr. gubernatorial policy advisor
  • Jim Pignatelli, UniSource Energy Corp. President & CEO
  • Bill Post, Pinnacle West CEO
  • Richard Silverman, SRP General Manager
  • Kevin Tyne, Deputy Secretary of State and incoming Chief of Staff
  • Paulina Vazquez-Morris, fmr. Maricopa County Special Healthcare District Board Member, fmr. general counsel to AZ Board of Regents
  • Bob Walkup, City of Tucson Mayor
  • Connie Wilhelm, Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona
  • Ted Williams, AZ Behavioral Health Corp. President, fmr. AZ Dept. of Health Services director
  • Steve Zabilski, St. Vincent de Paul Executive Director

The Transition Team will be divided into six issue areas headed by Assistant Transition Directors:

  • Criminal Justice & Public Safety, Richard Bark;
  • Natural Resources, Environment & Infrastructure, Lisa Atkins;
  • Education, Paulina Vazquez-Morris;
  • Health & Human Services, Brian McNeil;
  • Economic Development, Fiscal Policy & Budget, Lori Daniels; and
  • General Government, Andy Kunasek.

Lisa T. Hauser will serve as Legal Counsel to the Transition Team.

The Transition Office will be located in the Executive Tower of the State Capitol on the Third Floor.  The office begins operations on Monday, December 8th and may be reached at (602) 542-3438.

“I thank the transition team members in advance for volunteering their time and efforts,” said  Brewer. “I am truly grateful for their assistance in these economically challenged times.”



  1. pork buster says

    It should be called “The Brewer Full Employment Plan for Lobbyists”

  2. better than Janet says

    Looks like there are a few more qualified people there than ever helped Janet out.

  3. Hugh, you wrote, “The Director of Transition will be J. Charles Coughlin, a former gubernatorial deputy chief of staff. Jay Heiler, a former gubernatorial chief of staff, will serve as Deputy Director of Transition for Personnel. Douglas Cole, also a former gubernatorial deputy chief of staff, will be Deputy Director of Transition for Operations and Communications.”

    Some AZ GOPers have complained that Obama’s transition team looked too Clintonesque – you know, no fresh blood.

    Looks like Brewer has her own ‘old blood’ team here….

    Ulitimately, you want people who know something about how the universe works when it comes to making a transition.. so Ms. Brewer was wise in choosing such people (as Obama was in choosing such people)

  4. Ron,

    What you are reading above is the exact wording of the press release issued by the Brewer Transition Team.

  5. pork buster says

    It appears that Ms. Brewer stated this a
    fternoon that “Tax increases are on the table”. This is not how I would kick off.

  6. Boy, if you’re south of the Gila, you have to wonder if Brewer thinks the state ends at Pecos Road and Black Canyon City! Only two names from outside Maricopa County, near as I can tell. And those two are a RINO mayor and a utility president. Not the best way to acknowledge the statewide grassroots.

  7. ron – how long after she takes office to you expect folks around here to be calling her a RINO ?

  8. todd,

    On the day after she demonstrated all the qualities of one.

    “looks like, waddles like, quacks like, is” No one will accuse her of being a RINO unless she takes on the mantle of one.

    Taking previous posts in context, there is definitely an advantage to selecting qualified, experienced personnel. The amazing thing is there is not one clearly identified strong conservative in that group. It seems she could have selected a team with more balance.

    It is unfortunate that nearly all of her new transition team have been identified as RINOs for years. One must be careful of the company one keeps.

  9. Corey,
    Are you serious? Have you read any of the comments on this blog lately.

  10. Jay heiler?!?!?! of Redflex

    a redflex employee on the transition team?

    what a scam

  11. Pardon me, an 85 year old woman, a lifelong resident of Arizona,
    registered voter and taxpayer, from speaking my mind on the choices
    you have made for your transition team, as you move into the Governor’s
    office, but YOU HAVE TO BE OUT OF YOUR MIND to employ Jay Heiler
    in any capacity. Unless, of course, you want your administration to be
    a laughing stock, filled with built in conflict, confrontation, and controversy.
    This is what Jay Heiler is KNOWN for, and disliked for, aside from the fact
    that he was Fife Symington’s chief of staff, when Symington went to JAIL,
    and appeared in a televised Symington press conference as an illegal SPACE alien,
    thereby helping Fife Symington to appear more a baffoon than he already did.
    It is my opinion that Jay Heiler is a liability that you, and the State of Arizona,
    can ill afford, if your aim is to restore a sense of dignity to the office of Governor.

  12. Wooden Teeth says

    Uh, Maxine…Fife never went to jail. And the more Brewer is like Symington (tax cuts) the better off we’ll all be. I can’t defend the alien thing, because it made me fall off my chair laughing and I got seriously hurt. But I didn’t take it personally. Nor should you.

  13. wooden teeth

    the only reason he didnt go to jail is Clinton pardoned him LOL

  14. Wooden Teeth says

    RPR, read your own link. No, he didn’t go to prison because his conviction was overturned. Then Clinton pardoned him, which was sort of unnecessary because he wasn’t under indictment or convicted of anything.

  15. You’re all missing the point. Whether or not Symington was convicted or not is history, and a distraction to the real problem!

    Jay Heiler *WORKS* for Redflex! He has every motivation to entrench these illegal money generation machines called “photo enforcement” and that’s a MAJOR conflict of interest! The citizens of Arizona should be screaming bloody murder!

    I sometimes wonder if these people try to push the envelope like this just to see what they can get away with and to see just how much the public will take. Really… just to see if we are even paying attention.

    I bet there is actually someone giving odds on this kind of thing, or some sick pool somewhere. (I’ll take two squares…)

  16. Wooden Teeth says

    Can you name one member of the transition team that does not work for someone other than taxpayers right now? They are all lobbyists, consultants, semi-retired bureaucrats, politcal hacks, you name it. They are also supposed to be experts in government, communications, transitions, and campaigns. Go to the SOS website and hit the lobbyist link. Then put in each individual’s name from the transition team and you’ll probably see hundreds of companies and more than half the industries in Arizona represented by members of the transition team, when they’re.

    And be thankful for that, because if there were only two or three industries represented that would represent a true tyranny and we’d all be in trouble.

  17. Wooden teeth
    I took your advice and looked at my link again

    He was subsequently pardoned by President Clinton near the end of his presidency in January 2001. The pardon terminated the federal government’s seven year battle with the former governor.

  18. Superb posting, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular world truly does not picture for a moment like me and also the blog site creator 😀


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