Brett Mecum: Thoughts & Fallout

As you can see from an earlier post, one of our writers posted the story that ran in the Arizona Republic today regarding the arrest of Arizona Republican Party Executive Director, Brett Mecum. The earlier post featured a mugshot of Brett taken by MCSO and featured on the AZCentral website. I received a number of angry emails and phone calls asking why our writer put up the mugshot. Having known Brett to be a conservative Republican (although he was have to admit he was driving pretty “liberal” when photo radar snapped his photo), I made the decision, out of respect of Brett, to replace the photo with a more respectful one. Now I don’t want to receive another angry bunch of emails/phone calls from the other side on this which then becomes another story. Enough said on that!

Several of us bloggers are asking some interesting questions: For starters, why did DPS take 30 days before it arrested Brett Mecum? (I’m not buying the “I was confronted by…” line. If they handcuff you and take you downtown for a mugshot, that qualifies as an “arrest.” Or, did I miss something?)

Back to the delay in the arrest. Is DPS that far backlogged in warrants? Was Redflex running the operation on Brett’s speeding photo and if so, why did it take sooooo long to get that photo of a driver at 100+ mph over to DPS? Is that standard operating procedure? Did the entity who took the photo stall on the release of the photo to DPS? Are these types of prosecutions delayed as a result of lack of funding? Or is there something political going on? Why not arrest Brett at his address of record? Did Brett piss off someone at DPS?

There will be fallout over this. According to the liberal media, there’s never a bad time for a good Republican scandal. Doug Quelland is in the middle of one with the Clean Elections Commission. Like they say, when it rains, it pours.

I would expect the party to put pressure on Brett to resign. His arrest will likely be a distraction but more important, the expectation on Republicans to be good role models is much higher than it is on Democrats. Democrats expect to “get a free pass” because people expect them to be the way they are – no moral absolutes. So Brett will likely have to go regardless of what any judge or jury decides.

The party will get over it and so will leadership.

I suppose the important lesson in all this is that the party takes a hit because someone in leadership does something stupid. But you get back up on your feet and you fight another day. Once upon a time, I would have thrown Brett under the nearest bus. Now that I’m a little older, I recognize and accept the fact that people make mistakes. Do I think that Brett should remain in leadership? My answer is no. But I don’t think this is an open and shut case and hopefully, we’ll have some questions answered.

Meanwhile, Brett will pay a price and hopefully learn a lesson. Thank God no one got killed.


  1. 109 & feelin' fine says

    Mr. Martha:

    Everyone said the same thing about most of those molesting type of priests.

    I’m a good Catholic too…..I love Father So and So. I see him at the parish dinners and he is such a nice guy. He’s done so much for the church. He deserves the 5th promotion he’s gotten in less than 5 years. Get out of here kid and stop acting like your butt hurts. Your gossip and making up lies about those leaders God has appointed over you is what’s bringing down the church. Not Father So and So. So, if you care about the future of the Catholic Church and your children, you would Shut The F%#K Up and focus on what YOU can do to make the church a better place.

    Martha – here’s me giving you the finger for making such a stupid argument. Are you kidding me.

    We are worse than the corrupt pervs or corrupt pols if we let them stay in the game. I was in Arizona long before you were born.

    The days are numbered for Brett, Jeff and Ryan.

  2. The bottom line is that nobody is going to go to so called “Republican Professionals” events for long if they are run by Dial, Ducharme, Mecum, and company. Those guys are creepy jerks and won’t be able to keep things going on the name “Republican Professionals” alone. They can play games all they want but people will go to Jensen’s “Politics on the Rocks” events instead of theirs because the atmosphere will be better for real networking. Who wants to network with some boorish knuckleheads?

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