Breaking! Eric Frederick makes runoff against Thelda Williams!

Great news for conservatives keeping an anxious eye on the Phoenix District 1 race between Eric Frederick and Thelda Williams.

The City of Phoenix Election Departing is reporting tonight that incumbent Thelda Williams has not reached the 50% plus 1 votes needed to avoid a runoff election. This news comes to Frederick supporters who have held their collective breath for three days waiting for final ballots to be tallied. Because Williams failed to make the 50%+1 threshhold, she will now face Frederick in a November runoff election.

Initial Election Results on Tuesday

Election Results - Friday


Conservatives now have a reason to rally behind a conservative candidate who stands in complete contrast to the incumbent Williams who has managed to get re-elected in one of the most conservative Phoenix council districts. While on the council, Williams has cast several significant votes that have raised taxes on food, water, increased salaries for city unions and subsidized CityNorth.

Should Frederick win this critical race and Wes Gullett succeed in beating Greg Stanton for the mayor’s seat, Councilmen Sal DiCiccio, Jim Waring and Bill Gates will have additional strength and support to pass and implement meaningful city reform.

This race is critical and I would encourage conservatives in Phoenix to get involved in this race by volunteering and contributing to Team Frederick. I would also encourage some high profile endorsements from Congressmen Trent Franks and Ben Quayle for the one candidate who will work for true government reform.

Eric Frederick’s website is at You can also contribute to his campaign at this link.

[Election Results]


  1. PolicyPundit says

    You gotta be joking. Frederick has few abilities to be on a city council. Thelda worked for Sheriff Joe and is a life long Republican. Is this what we do, thrown dedicated Republicans under the bus for some guy who got a “tea party” label maker?

  2. Conservative American says

    This sounds like an establishment “Republican” post. Are you REALLY trying to get us to rally around Wes Gullet in the name of reform? Wes Gullet needs to reform himself first and foremost!

  3. 4 the Taxpayer says

    Thelda is no conservative. She voted for the food tax and under her tenure water rates have increased over 100%. The food tax of $29 million went straight to union pay raises as did the $28 million water rate increase in 2011. She tore up the Deems Hills mountain preserve by putting in an $800,000 hiking trail, which few people wanted, and was built by an out of state contractor. Thelda voted for the City’s use of eminent domain to take Pioneer Village from a private developer and give it to her buddy, Dave Seibert. Seibert is an ex city councilman and ex firefighter. Williams has taken tens of thousands of dollars from Arizona’s biggest zoning attorney, Paul Gilbert. Thelda Williams is 100% controlled by the government unions and zoning attorneys. The average Phoenix taxpayer is sick and tired of bleeding money to the special interest groups. This is our City too, and we are going to take the District 1 seat for Eric Frederick, who will represent us and not Thelda’s special interest buddies.

  4. I realize that some believe raising taxes on us and water rates makes you a Republican however most believe that makes you a RINO/Replicrat. I know it’s hard to take when someone you support does this and many have now turned into cheerleaders for this type of office holder big mistake that’s how the Country, State and City got here time to move on to others as the official already has. I’m hoping that all will call for interviews as would love to talk with you. God Bless You All; van the radio man

  5. Now as for Wes Gullet many may not like some of his stands I suggest you go talk to him and see if he’d be open to discussing them. I had some of the candidates on the show and found for the most part that they’d at least listen where as the other choice Stanton, Maddox and Neely wouldn’t even call back so what’s that tell you about the other candidate for mayor. God Bless You All; van the radio man

    • Conservative American says

      Discuss? Discuss doesn’t make a tiger change it’s stripes. It doesn’t eliminate history.

      See if he’d be open to discussing them? I don’t care if he is open to it or not.

      The others wouldn’t even call back. So we should take the “least worst” in that regard?

      We are not beggars. We are not the chattel of politicians. We are the American people and this country belongs to us. We don’t need to be granted anything by politicians. We will determine what the politicians are granted.


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