BREAKING: Environmentalists Holding Secret Meetings with SRP – Deal Imminent

We have learned Salt River Project has reached a backroom deal with radical enviros for a partial early shut down of the Navajo Station Generating Station to address so-called visibility issues at the Grand Canyon. The deal will cost a lot of jobs.

The secret deal was cut by what they call a Technical Working Group that apparently has been meeting for several months with EPA’s blessing. The Sierra Club did not like the discussion and they publicly stomped out of the room, but the even more radical Environmental Defense Fund stayed in. Seems they are hell bent on force-feeding a job killing deal to Arizona even though a Department of Energy study says there won’t be any visibility benefit at the Grand Canyon from more regulations. That’s because Canyon visibility is impacted by smog and car emissions coming from, you guessed it: California.

Just you wait. SRP will try to sell it to Arizona as the only compromise they can get. They will say that the well-funded extremists who are trying to shut them down have forced their hand.

It’s not true.

The truth is we need to stand up and tell Obama and the radical environmentalists to follow the law and make sure that the plant’s future is talked about in the light of day. We can’t ignore that NGS was a very public deal brokered by Congress decades ago to provide power for Central Arizona Project which pumps water across the state. Last we checked water is still essential to the state’s survival. And with this new “deal” water prices could triple, hurting our economy and families.

Most outrageous, is that some think appeasing the liberal activist agenda is more important than taking care of Arizona’s future.

Shame on SRP for caving in to these radicals, Arizona deserves better.

Submitted by an anonymous conservative activist.

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