Bradley Beauchamp Announces “Funding Fathers” Campaign

Bradley Beauchamp

For Immediate Release: Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bradley Beauchamp for Congress Campaign announced Monday the launch of a grassroots fundraising campaign aimed at getting the citizens of Arizona’s First Congressional District engaged in the political process.

“234 years ago, our nation was born out of good people willing to give up everything for a chance at freedom. Today, our freedoms are in jeopardy, not from foreign tyranny, but from policies and lawmakers overstepping the boundaries of the Constitution,” said Beauchamp, announcing the campaign. “Our campaign is not just about defeating Ann Kirkpatrick in 2010. It is about restoring the rights and freedoms afforded to all citizens in our great nation and earning the trust of the American people. Our Constitution was formed by the Founding Fathers and their great efforts. I will defend freedom, defend the Constitution, and Defend the American Dream; and I will do it with the efforts of the ‘Funding Fathers’ who give what they can for our campaign.”

“Funding Fathers” will be a grassroots fundraising campaign. In these tough times, the citizens of CD-1 are especially hard hit. Therefore, the “Funding Fathers” campaign will acknowledge all who are willing to give whatever they can to the campaign. All contributions, big and small, go a long way in helping Bradley rebuild our country and restore our freedoms.

“Enough is enough,” Beauchamp continued, “Our Founding Fathers knew they had to take a stand and did so. Through “Funding Fathers”, we are acknowledging the thousands of people willing to take a stand with us to defend freedom, defend the Constitution, and defend the American Dream.”

Bradley Beauchamp was born and raised in Arizona. He worked his way up from washing dishes in a café and laboring in a turquoise mine to becoming a schoolteacher, successful attorney and most importantly, a defender of the Constitution.


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