Brad Roach to speak this Tue.

     The County Attorney’s office in Maricopa has gone beyond high profile. In Pima County the office and prosecutor are less high profile but no less important is the role to be played in society.

     It looks like the incumbent Democrat prosecutor, Barbara LaWall, will have a strong challenger for the GOP. Brad Roach has formed an exploratory committee for the position of county attorney. Brad is currently practicing criminal defense as a partner with Leonard and Roach. Early indications are the Brad will be running on a platform of effectiveness and competence. Sources indicate that he does not come from the social conservative or immigration wing of the party so do not expect a Maricopa County style ideological slugfest. He does on the other hand seem to care deeply about taking dangerous criminals off of the streets.

     Brad will be speaking this Tuesday at the lunch meeting of the Pima County Republican Club. The event will be at the Sabbar Shrine Temple, 450 S. Tucson Blvd. Arrive from between 11:30 am to noon, lunch buffet is $9. The event is open to the public so don’t miss it.


  1. Kiva Oraibi says

    He cares about taking dangerous criminals off the streets?

    I thought you said he’s a criminal defense lawyer. Isn’t the job of a criminal defense lawyer to defend people who might be “taken off the streets”?

  2. He served much longer as a prosecutor than as a defense lawyer. Also, not everyone charged with a crime is guilty of the crime charged with. In LaWall’s reign of the County Attorney’s Office, people are too often charged with the wrong crime, or the CA presses the inappropriate charges. The LaWall office cares more about good publicity than about justice.
    Brad Roach cares about justice being served, and criminal defense attorneys are equally as important to justice as prosecutors are. Think about it: without defense attorneys, there would be no fair trial for all. Both sides NEED to be represented for our court system to deliver justice. Proper Criminal Defense is not about getting all criminals off the hook scott-free, but rather about making sure the person you represent does not get more punishment than they deserve.

    LaWall has been at the heart of many scandals.

    LaWall is a shame to the County Attorney’s office.

    Brad Roach will be a superb County Attorney.

    Pima County and the citizens here deserve justice. We deserve a just system. We deserve Brad Roach as the Pima County Attorney!

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