by Gayle Plato

From blog 2009
From blog 2009

The Tea Party movement goes beyond the rally and we as citizens have a right to be angry about how we are portrayed and dismissed. As my brother, Paul, and I were discussing how the media covered the rallies, it became clear. Organizations like CNN, NBC, its sister network MSNBC, and almost all Main Stream Media are beyond slanted.  Yesterday we each saw news media doing appalling things:

Anderson Cooper kidded about the Tea Parties by making an extremely lewd comment, CNN encouraged reporters to literally accost and then scream down protesters.  Almost all main stream media coverage used similar derisive language right out of the liberal muckraking playbook.

But then, we noticed something more insidious.  Think of the coverage mentioned: sexual innuendo during a newscast families watch, attacks of a family man with his toddler, language linked directly to the Administration’s  recent Homeland Security bulletin about right wing extremism, and finally degrading wallpapering (background images while the story is a voice over track)  of veterans and other citizens while rude and biased jokes were made.

Paul noted how offended he was that as a family man, just trying to voice his opinion, he was chastised and degraded.  The entire movement becomes a pornographic joke backdrop, and this biased coverage seems organized as a smear campaign. 

We have had it. We refuse to allow one more minute of vile, hate-filled, anti-family, abusive left-wing extremism masquerading as news. 

In the spirit of the rallies, we are organizing a new layer of citizen protest and we ask you to join us. Paul and I are officially boycotting all of the bias.  We will not watch CNN, and NBC shows or stations, nor are we going to patronize any advertiser on these channels. 

I am going to include e-mail addresses, and lists of advertisers worth contacting. Please feel free to e-mail me any more links or ideas relating to this. 

I am also challenging any politician or state and federal officials that agree with us to BOYCOTT THE BIAS. Do not agree to appear on these stations nor affiliates. The stations need you more than you do them, their ratings are so limited, that this boycott may just push network bias To END as we are not going to allow this one more day.

How do you feel about this?   Let me know and show us your support. I can be reached at, or on Twitter @rightwoman.


From blog 2009


CONTACT THESE STATIONS- e-mails tend to be shut down so I recommend snail mail.
1 Chase Manhattan Plaza
New York
NY 10005
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112
Start e-mailing me the list of advertisers you see on these channels and I will add:


  1. it took the tea parties for people to realize these sites are ridiculous biased?!?!?!

  2. To graphically reinforce Gayle’s assertion that the refuse-to-admit-liberal-medial is out of touch with where the people vote their viewing time, here are two pie graphs of viewership on April 15, 2009 of the Taxpayer Tea Party Protests:
    Cable News Ratings - April 15, 2009

    Cable News Ratings - April 15, 2009

  3. And here’s another byline straight from the Tucson Citizen:

    Denogean: Tea party goers steeped in bitter loss of election

  4. Gayle,

    “Organizations like CNN, NBC, its sister network MSNBC, and almost all Main Stream Media are beyond slanted.”

    Can you be honest for a moment? Your only concern about slant was slant AGAINST the Tea Parties. You are perfectly fine with bias for the Tea Parties. You’re upset CNN, MSNBC, etc. didn’t give you the free coverage you got from Fox.


  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Whoa cowpokes! Ya can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

    Lou Dobbs?
    Genn Beck?

    Maybe a bit extreme for some, but hey, they present the other side and I believe both of these guys are *trying* to walk the line.

  6. MSNBC and CNN are headed the way of the LA Times and Chicago Sun Times.

    Citizens still want journalists who will investigate facts and not take the press releases from every left-wing org and run it as news. They won’t even read the ones from right wing orgs.

    Obama will lose his mouthpieces shortly. Then what?

  7. DSW,
    Since Fox news helped organize these things it isn’t surprising they focused a larger amount of time on them.

    I remember before the Invasion of Iraq there were many protests, often of tens of thousands of people in one location, and they would barely be registered on any of the cable news channels. When compared against things like that, these teabagging events have received way more press.

  8. I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta Tea Party, my observation was very concerned intelligent citizens, people who pay their fair share of taxes, work hard for their possessions and families, people that respect freedom and the American way.
    I was disappointed to see the coverage the mainstream media gave the concerned citizens.

    I think that the next movement should be to boycott the mainstream media, boycott their advertzers, tv programs, and sporting events. I think concerned citizens, this group pays more than their fair share in taxes, and are consumers who can have their voice be heard. The current adninistration has been given a free ticket since the administration began, with the census coming up, their biased groups in control, Acorn, we will be a one party country, I think they will manipulate numbers, to the two party systems demise.
    I would bet the amount of tax dollars paid by the people that voted for the republicans far excedes the dollars paid by the people that voted for the democratics.
    It’s time to take this clout and boycott the mainstream media, the other side may have head count, but this side had the dollars that make America, America.

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