Boycott Grijalva, Not Arizona! Vote Ruth McClung in CD-7

Here is the latest video from Ruth McClung’s campaign.

A Congressman who wants to boycott his own state? Raul Grijalva has called for a boycott of Arizona which would hurt the very people he is supposed to represent. Boycott Grijalva, not Arizona. Vote for Ruth McClung for Congress!

(Great job Mike on the video! Now let’s make Ruth’s video go viral!)


  1. Mind or body, Grijalva just doesn’t appear to be healthy. I support Ruth McClung. Go Ruth!

    Newsflash: Florida’s Marco Rubio came out against AZ SB1070. State Senator Robert Burns is holding up AZ Eligibility legislation saying he didn’t want to take on anymore controversy.

  2. Delusional Bill says

    I was glad to see that California’s top lawmaker is jumping on the bandwagon too.

    I will GLADLY accept his challenge to cancel all contracts with Arizona. I’m curious if that will also extend to the use of water from the Colorado River as well?

  3. Tucson Conservative says

    I don’t know what Rep. Grijalva was thinking about boycotting Arizona?! He wasn’t! If I was in congressional district 7 I would vote for Ruth McClung. I am going to send her money to help boycott the un-representative!

  4. flushdemoturds says

    this Raul scum looks like the fat Mexican idiot on whose belly Zorro always slashed his “Z”. Send him into the sewer where stinking turds belong.

  5. Frankly we should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws!

    Wonder what Grijalva and his bi-partisan fan club would say to that?

  6. Franklin Brown says

    Bill –

    Perhaps the canceled contracts will also include the electricity from Palo Verde. Californians can enjoy the drought and blackouts all summer long!

    Boycott Grijalva, not Arizona!

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