Bowers Responds to Sec. Vilsack Visit

Rusty Bowers


Congressional Candidate Rusty Bowers Reacts to Secretary’s Resolution Copper Visit

It was a great honor to have Secretary Vilsack come to Superior, and visit rural Arizona. It is important that he see first hand how badly we need the jobs created by this mine, and the true economic stimulus this will bring to all of Arizona. We the people support this mine, and it was vital the secretary see that.

As for Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, it is too little too late. She has been unenthusiastic at best about this land exchange, and it is demonstrated by her ineffectiveness at getting her land swap bill passed in the House of Representatives. Senators Kyl and McCain who are not even members of the majority party in the Senate have already succeeded in passing a land swap bill in the U.S. Senate.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is an issue of values. You’ll fight for the values you treasure. Hard work, jobs, and the families that need them. This mine represents the difference between the values that hold human life and prosperity first, instead of politics and radical environmentalism.

I treasure the values of life and earning an honest living. This land swap represents that; that is what I’ll fight for!

Rusty Bowers is a Republican candidate for Congress in district 1. Visit to learn more about his campaign, and the rural values it stands for.


  1. Well at least one of the CD1 candidates gets it. It’s all about jobs.

  2. Bowers gets it? He’s a lobbyist for the mining industry. If rusty were in congress, he would be doing more to pad the pockets of his current employers than work to create jobs for the citizens of cd-1. We don’t need that. We need a patriot. A man of the people. A Constitutionalist. Only one in the race that fits that description is Bradley Beauchamp.

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