Bowers Camp Tries to Intimidate Jaraczewski’s Daughter

Joe Jaraczewski

For Immediate Release: Friday, March 12, 2010

Bowers Camp Tries to Intimidate Jaraczewski’s Daughter

Friday, March 12, 2010

This past weekend the campaign was in high spirits at the annual Cattleman’s Weekend in Chino Valley. Candidate Joe said, “This is one of the big reasons why I love Arizona; the tradition of ranching represents the heart and soul of our district. Unfortunately, this way of life is being destroyed by radical environmental policies from Washington. In the next congress these ranchers will need an ally to fight for their way of life.”

It came as a shock when Joe learned, Nelson Pierce, campaign manager for Rusty Bowers, chose not to approach Joe, but rather his 16 year old daughter, Mikayla, a junior at Mingus Union High School, who was passing out “Vote Joe” flyers. He only approached his daughter after a campaign staffer left her alone.

Candidate Jaraczewski stated, “I am outraged that a leading member of the Bowers campaign would be as cowardly as to approach my teenage daughter and tell her he is ‘looking forward to a fight…’ Joe added, “This is especially disturbing from a campaign who only fights to convince people that the ‘State of Maricopa’ is within Congressional District-1. Mr. Bowers needs to take his big city intimidation brand of politics back home to Mesa.” The Candidate added, “I demand a public apology from the Bowers campaign for their actions in harassing my teenage daughter. If the Bowers campaign wants to pick a fight, they should start with me!”

Joe is running a homegrown campaign and is only concerned with seeking the endorsement of the free citizens of Congressional District One.

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  1. Come on Joe, I doubt this even happened the way you put it.

    Why don’t you stop horsing around and just get to work and prove your MAN.

  2. Crazy for Joe says

    Figures the guy defending Bowers on this blog is a person from Mesa.

  3. Nutjobs for Joe says

    This guy lost all credibility long ago.

  4. nightcrawler says

    I am afraid we are going to have to ask the campaign manager to turn in his man card.

    That is wrong on so many levels.

    Equally wrong is actually naming the minor daughter involved and where she goes to school on a public blog for crying out loud, for political gain.

    So this whole post cancelled itself out. Pathetic all the way around.

  5. I was up north visiting family and went to a Republican event. Joe’s daughters were passing around petitions (quasi illegal since they aren’t registered voters). Joe was in the room so I’m sure he’ll be the one who signed them.
    That is the problem taking your family on the campaign trail. If they are going to pass petitions, you open them up to the realities of politics.
    Lesson-don’t have your teenage daughters actively campaign for you.

  6. Cola drinker says

    They don’t have to be registered voters, just eligible to register to vote.

    If your skin is that thin, you’ll never make it in Washington let alone through a primary campaign.

  7. Basically this guy admitted to election law violations, i sure hope Sheila Polk will go after him with the same ruthlessness she showed against Andy Thomas

  8. It’s called “graciousness” and “class” and we haven’t seen much of it these past two years, nationally or locally.

    Why a can’t a girl who loves her father hand out flyers without being called, “fair game?” She give stump speeches or deliver her own policy position papers?

    The correct response should have been either say nothing if one can’t say anything nice or make a comment to her that it’s wonderful she’s motivated to show her pride in her father’s efforts.

    End of it. No endorsement of anything, just her enthusiasm.

    And today’s adults can’t understand why so many youth don’t respect them.

  9. And they say that Republican’s aren’t eating their own….

  10. Not much to eat here, it’s so petty. It’s also the primaries, which are expressly meant to weed out who has the ability to endures and who doesn’t.

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