Bouie Picks up two more endorsments

The endorsement battle in LD-6 continues to heat up as Tony Bouie picks up two more endorsments – Senator Jim Waring (LD-7) and the Arizona Realtors PAC.


  1. Janelle,

    You should be ashamed of yourself to have the audacity to play the race card here – and yes that is what you are doing because it’s been well reported that Bouie has never sought or obtained a government contract from any kind of preference. Contrast this with the well-documented fact that Ward Connerly did seek and obtain racial preferences for contracts in CA. But of course those facts don’t fit in efforts to boost up a failed candidate in Seel. I mean come on, how many times has he run and lost? You ever stop to think why Seel can’t close the deal on election day?

  2. Truth Squad says


    If I wanted to read Kraus and other like minded liberals of intolerant hate on this site, I would re-subscribe to the Az Republic. Good by.

  3. Mike,

    When you list your company as a minority owned business and are a member of a national organization that lobbys for preferential treatment for those businesses, you must believe in that discriminatory practice.

    It is the old “duck” rule. Carl and Abe two peas in a pod!

    Crump and Seel are the only House candidates in District Six that will vote Republican. They have my vote.

    And, I think that Truth Squad is right. I will now bid you all a fond adieu for this post. The ground has been well plowed and, thanks to Horse, Kerrie and Mike, well fertilized.

  4. Truth Squad,
    Trouble with you is, that whenever someone does not agree with your bigoted views and you run out of answers you resort to name calling. If you can’t handle the truth, good ridden.

  5. This is funny. You all go running and pouting when someone doesn’t share your love for Seel. It’s called free speech people. Just because some of us happen to prefer Bouie to Seel; you expect SA to sensor us. Last time I checked, this was called Sonoran Alliance, not We Love Seel, Seel Lovers Only, or Seel Lovers Anonymous. Puh-lease. You just want to use the Sonoran Alliance blog to bash your opponent without any opposing views, and now you pout when you don’t get your way. Grow up.

  6. Shame on you Mike, she sure didn’t play “the race card”. Affirmative action and racial discrimination are real issues that need to be discussed, and talking about them isn’t racist in the least.

    The fact is that Bouie supports racial discrimination and opposes the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative. Bouie supports using race to determine who gets business. Bouie supports using race to determine who gets hired/fired. Bouie supports using race to determine who gets into our universities and who does not.

    Hmm, using the color of our skin to determine our success or failure… I think there is a word for people who do that!

    So shame on Bouie! And kudos to Crump and Seel for judging people by the content of their character instead.

  7. Like others, as Horst has so eloquently stated, your arguments ad hominem are the real “sinister” problem.

    In the world of academia and logic… lose the debate. Automatically. Circular, off-topic arguments are looked at and judged as a kind of weak “sucker punch”. A type of illegal, verbal hit & run. It’s wordy noise. If we were having this discussion in a room full of people, I’d hear snickers & giggles by now.

    I’ll make you a deal Janelle……….

    You use the FOIA to show me and the SA and other Blogville residents HARDCOPY proof off all of the times Bouie has actively sought a government procurement preference via a contracted bid for goods or services – solely because of his ethnicity. Post the links to the FOIA stuff that shows proof & I’ll gladly eat my words & apologize.

    Funny, I was just reading the 2004 Republican platform since the Party is actively seeking discussion and ideas to update the platform for 2008.

    One thing that is very clear in the CURRENT Party platform is that the Summary and Call to Action states this:

    “As Republicans, we know who we are and what we believe. As the Party of the open door, while steadfast in our commitment to our ideals, we respect and accept that members of our Party can have deeply held and sometimes differing views. This diversity is a source of strength, not a sign of weakness, and so we welcome into our ranks all who may hold differing positions. We commit to resolve our differences with civility, trust and mutual respect, and to affirm the common goals and beliefs that unite us.” – as reported by the Republican Full Platform Committee on August 26, 2004.

    Whoa Nellie!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this the same Republican Party platform that is used as both sword & shield in countless arguments on SA and other blogs. Looks like we need a reality check.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY……If diversity (defined in the 2004 platform as a one who may hold a deeply held but dissenting view) truly is a SOURCE of strength and not just a sign of strength – then the narrow definitions you’ve repeatedly used to define real Republicans is MOOT.

    Wow! The official Party platform defines our differences as a SOURCE of strength – i.e. an origination from which the lifeforce springs eternal. This affirmation certainly has been “lost in translation”.

    This highly relevant and touching passage from the official platform, alone, is proof that we’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

    As punishment, we should collectively then gather the masses, point the finger at ourselves, make some signs, get our guns, meet for breakfast, have another meeting, grab copies of the Bill of Rights & the Constitution and shamefully SHOUT from the proximal mountaintops that we are all “pro-abortion” since that’s what we’ve done to gut the Party and her members. We have aborted our mission.

  8. Richard Wayne says

    When you start saying that Kraus is eloquent, I am gone. His mean, vitriolic, even, vicious posts are anything but eloquent.

  9. Bob in DV says

    I didn’t say Horst was eloquent Richard. Read my post again.

    I said “he so eloquently STATED……”

    I wish on top of ‘Spell Check’ there was a ‘Fact Check’ button.

  10. Pathetic Bob, you’re trying to distinguish between saying someone is eloquent and saying that someone said something eloquent. Apparently you just argue everything reflexively.

    You also ignore Bouie’s support for racial discrimination, where people get ahead or left behind based on the color of their skin. That is NOT in the GOP platform, but it is in Bouie’s. And yours apparently.

    Stick that in your fact checker.

  11. Richard Wayne says


    So your position is that a person who eloquently states things is not eloquent. We’ve been there before.

    By the way, do you know what is is? And I never had sexual relations with that woman means I did. Is your real name Bill or do you just use Bill as your fact checker?

  12. Bob in DV says

    Alex P. Keaton: (see below)

    Little Richard: Here I go again tonight with a remedial lesson.

    Are you guys eating out of Janelle’s box of Wheaties?

    1. I said Horst said one thing in an eloquent manner. (He used Latin)

    2. I believe that the past tense of a verb is inherently different than the present or future tense of one.

    3. I believe that saying one thing eloquently does not make one an eloquent person.

    4. A woman may look very beautiful for one special occasion but not be a beautiful woman.

    4. One good quality does not make a man good.

    5. I enjoy eating fried flounder but I am not a seafood lover.

    6. Just because you receive bills in the mail does not mean that they get paid.

    7. Aristotle says, “One swallow does not a summer make”

    My fact checker is still busy with yesterday’s news.

  13. Bob, you’re ducking racial discrimination and Bouie’s support for it. For a guy who loves to argue, you seem to be steering very clear of this topic. One might surmise that you aren’t willing to defend Mr. Jackson/Sharpton/Obama/Bouie’s position on this issue.

  14. Alex,

    Other than making it up, where’s the evidence that Bouie has ever supported racial discrimination or used a preference – it’s not there. On the other hand, Ward Connerly did take racial preferences in CA. At the end of the day, all of the dancing around this issue as you and the rest of the pro-Seel goofballs are doing is what it is. Let’s face it, as much as you don’t want to admit it, Seel is a failed candidate who can’t close the deal on election day. Clark came into the race late two years ago and smoked Seel. Seel lost to a Napolitano staffer – in a Republican primary. The list goes on and on. I get the sense there is a bit of desperation going on here and a willingness to just make stuff up. But for the welfare that Seel is taking from Clean Elections, he wouldn’t be able to raise a dime because people don’t want to give him money. Sounds like a real winner.

  15. In his own emails (remember Crump and Chump and Seel the Heel?) Bouie has publicly stated his support for keeping in place preferences based on race for state contracts, university admissions, and employment. He supports a system that discriminates for or against someone based on the color of his/her skin. That is a racist policy. You are comfortable with someone who supports discrimination but who can’t be proven to have benefited from it.

    Not me. I believe that racial discrimination is wrong, period. In the same way that I believe that slavery is wrong, I would be critical of someone who defended slavery, whether or not they can be proven to own slaves themselves. And I believe that abortion is wrong, and would be critical of those who believe it is right, regardless of whether they had had an abortion themselves.

    It is a serious policy disagreement. Mr. Bouie, if elected, will take an oath to support and defend our constitution, while holding views that directly contradict our country’s core values.

  16. Bob and Mike have gone silent. No defense for Bouie’s position in favor of racial discrimination appears forthcoming. That is just. The position cannot be justified by decent people.

  17. Sweet, a two line post gets 66 comments. Those must have two sensational lines!


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