Border Fence???

hole-in-fence.gifAre we securing our borders -NOT!  Only a small number of patriots are guarding and attempting to secure our borders.  Think about this – we have hundreds, even thousands of our American troops over in other nations (securing their borders), while we can’t get our own borders secure. Many people argue about whether or not a Border Fence will help.  If you speak to those who live on or near the border (ranchers who watch in horror as illegals cross over and through their private property) as they enter illegally, you will learn their views.  While many of us live in communities that are walled or gated, some do not.  A criminal can enter your home much easier if you leave your front, side or backdoor open.  They can walk right onto your private property without a block wall or fence.  Do you agree that a fence or wall around your private home helps in your security?  Well, then think about the ranchers and home owners who live in border towns, think also about those who have property that is right up against the border.  Minuteman Civil Defence Corp has begun to build a border fence on private property.  If you visit their site, you can see the designs. If you want to be a part of an organization, or financially contribute towards a Border Fence, that is working toward securing our borders please visit the following websites:,,


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