Boiling Over?

OK, so I acknowledge that the title of this post is certainly provocative and I’m sure that some of our readers and commenters will accuse me of “feeding the mass hysteria” but let’s take a moment and observe some incidents and discuss whether we see any particular trend taking place.

Today we watched as some evil wack-job white supremacist walked into the Holocaust Museum and shot two guards killing one. Last week, an Islamic extremist in Tennessee shot two Army recruiters killing one. Over a week ago, another homicidal pro-death nut job murdered abortionist, George Tiller. Yes, these are extreme fringe individuals who do NOT represent the majority of politically involved people whether liberal or conservative.

And let’s not confuse these wackos with the tens of thousands of individuals who having never participated in a political event or rally, gathered across the country on tax day to express their views on taxes, bailouts, spending and federal power.

You’d have to be oblivious to the observation that there is a lot of anger in this country. Some of it has been controlled, organized and kept in check. Unfortunately, there are those extreme and isolated incidents where it boils over, explodes and some raving lunatic goes off the deep end. In NO WAY do I condone those individuals nor their actions.

My observation is that in all my politically aware years (30+), I have never seen this much frustration and anger. I will argue that the vast majority of the unrest is driven by the economy and exacerbated by the direction that the country is heading by the new administration and Congress.

My question to our readers is, are we really trending toward a political revolution in this country? Are many of you getting a sense, like me, that we are going to see more incidents boil over as those in political power push the country further toward socialism?

Now those of you who have a knee jerk reaction to this post and want to accuse me of being an aggravator or bomb thrower, you’ve misunderstood this post. Read no further. Go back to the beginning and read again.

Let me be clear. In NO way do I advocate bloodshed or violence. Excuse the colloquialism but this has to be about ballots NOT bullets.

Do I think the country is heading toward a revolt, coup, overthrow, rebellion? I sure hope and pray not (after all one of the most unique characteristics of our country is the peaceful transition of power). But given the amount of frustration I’m sensing, I would not be surprised.

UPDATE: I just turned on FoxNews to catch the late night rerun of Glenn Beck and here was his opening segment. (I missed the 2 PM airing earlier this afternoon due to a meeting.) This kinda freaked me out.




  1. I don’t offer any calculations but one Muslim double slaying is one blip on the anomoly scale and one Holocaust revisionist shooting people in a a museum is one more blip. I can’t imagine Mr. Von Brunn being preventable. The Arkansas slaying could have been prevented in a world where the US let Israel and the rest of the middle east work out their own problems sans the US Government but that is all in the past now.

    Government being generally incompetent at most tasks I don’t imagine much more than a minuscule fraction of military recruiters will be armed come 6 weeks from now which even though I would generally lobby against anybody joining I would still rather recruiters (military or not) be actively encouraged to carry firearms for their self-defense.

  2. nightcrawler says

    The short answer is no. The examples you cite are religious in nature. Those differences have existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist for thousands more. Who are we kidding ?

    The “boiling over” is really comprised of individual nut jobs looking for a few minutes of fame and in their own twisted minds the hope of being the catalyst of a big event, that ultimately never happens.

    My worry as a moderate Republican is that our party is being identified with such non-sense primarily due to dogmatic anti-immigration stances which run parallel to and are often exploited by hate groups.

    The tension and frustration you sense is the infiltration of our party by radicals, not a larger phenomenon of society.

  3. Oberserve says

    In the former Soviet Union, eruptions of “impotent rage” were common among normal people who would do occasional quite abnormal things. It’s what happens when you tighten the clamp on human beings.

  4. JR Snyder Jr says

    For months I’ve been watching and talking with people from all walks of life, ranging from people I know well personally to small business people I’ve done business with for years to a store clerk…in other words generally pretty normal, rational people…and my observation is that the emotion that inevitably rises to the top and the strongest is anger. The anger may be seemingly unrelated and may be nothing personal, but it is simmering under the surface of a lot of people I may not have suspected could get quite this frustrated. I believe our society is undergoing a significant revaluation of everything, from housing to clothing to personal values. This is not going to be an easy process for a lot of people but doesn’t need to be a cataclysmic event for our government.

    Something is wrong and my sense of it is that it could manifest itself in a variety of ways. Anything could happen when you least expect it, and it usually does, that changes the entire picture. It may not be pretty and what we’re feeling could be the discomfort of all this uncertainty and change. What concerns me the most is that on a local, state and national level there are not strong, likable leaders who can lead people out of anger into something productive.

    Study 1968…the assassinations, race riots, Chicago Democratic Convention riots, Vietnam War. If you were a WWII vet, you were certain the world had come to an end as you knew it. At the time I knew well educated adults who were convinced that if schools were completely desegregated, the US would never survive it. It did.

    That’s not to minimize that what is happening now is big.

  5. You are seeing nothing more than the residual effects of the failed Bush administration that gave license to shoot first and ask questions later. Since that style of governing (and I use the term lightly) has ended for a more diplomatic focus the folks that went through life with reckless abandon, wrecking havoc all over our country are frustrated they have had to curb their rage.

  6. DSW- I was ruminating on it and you put it better than I could–I saw the Beck show and was impressed with his unending ability to tap a vibe. But then we’re all the same age too–he speaks to us I guess –we’re in the range of ppl at the end of baby boomer and tipping into the genX We are a bridge group. But as I read it, I ‘m also aware of how we’re all a bit on edge in what we write. It’s a scary time, but then maybe we are at a tipping point for great change. Great post either way!

  7. Nightcrawler said:

    “My worry as a moderate Republican is that our party is being identified with such non-sense primarily due to dogmatic anti-immigration stances which run parallel to and are often exploited by hate groups.”

    A perception which is fed by mainstream media talking heads. Tom Tancredo goes on TV and says he “doesn’t know” if the Obama Administration hates white people. Rush Limbaugh (during the 2004 campaign) berates Sen. Kerry for talking up rap and not defending “white music” and says the only way to get ahead in the Obama Administration is “by hating white people”. Over and over there are comments about Obama not being American (including here), being a stealth Muslim, etc. etc. etc.

    What the hell do you people think is going to happen to a crazy who is barely keeping it together as it is? Remember, Jim Adkisson, the man who shot up the Unitarian Church?

    Everyone always talks about how bad TV and Movies are because they promote godlessness, they promote sex, they promote drugs. If you believe that, are you really going to sit there and say that all of vitriol being blasted out is not going to have an effect? I’m not suggesting it’s going to push a rational person to violence. I’m saying it’s going to push a crazy person to do something dangerous.

  8. Auntiefed says

    Holy cow, I agree with Klute. A lot of us were concerned about the effect video games, movies and certain music were having on our children. How then can we discount the effect of a barrage of over-the-top rhetoric by political commentators on the mentally unbalanced who take what these self-professed entertainers (Beck’s word) who appear on “news” networks seriously? Beck was the one crying on air saying he’s afraid for his country and saying that a revolution is coming. The NRA was running overly alarmist ads that Obama is coming to take your guns and ammo away from you. You think that isn’t going to have an effect on the already unbalanced?

    We should never become complacent about our opposition status or dial back legitimate criticism of this administration. But we shouldn’t be engaging or encouraging these political “entertainers” who legitimize the fringe by adopting their alarmist and downright crazy rhetoric.

    This isn’t the Soviet Union and we are a long, long way from that. No one is “clamping down on human beings.” They are simply adopting – through legitimate democratic means – a series of well-meaning but ultimately wrong-headed policies to which we must respond with rational and logical counter-policy positions. If you can’t do that, please leave that to the adults who can – for everyone’s sake.

  9. I’m amazed by that Glenn Beck clip. He spent more time talking about Al Quida than he did about the actual white supremacist movement that spawned Von Bruun. Pathetic.

  10. For you 2nd amendment types, can any one of you tell me where this right-wing nut-job felon got his gun?

    I hope you agree this Neo-Nazi should not have had any access to firearms concsidering his record.

  11. Oberserve says

    Hi Amerivet,

    The problem was not that this crazy neo-nazi was armed. The problem was that the rest of the people at the museam were deprived of the opportunity of self-defense as the museam is located in DC.

    If I could go back in time, I’d deliver AK47s to all of the Jews in Germany such that there would have never been a Holocaust museam in the first place.

    Since I can’t do that, then I’ll work to restore the right of self-determination and self-defense for all in this great nation so the likelihood of this kind of thing happening again is significantly reduced.

    Sure it’s not without risks. But I’d prefer to live with risk and be free than live under the type of nation I think you prefer.

  12. @ Amerivet,

    Exactly how would you keep a nut-job from obtaining a gun, if they wanted one?

    We can place people in prison cages under lock and key, with video and physical surveillance, and still not prevent them from creating or smuggling in guns.

  13. Amerivet says

    But how did he get his gun. Anyone know?

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