Bob Worsley political donations

Screenshots of political campaign donations made by Russell Pearce foe, Bob Worsley courtesy of Open Secrets and the Arizona Secretary of State website. Nothing like a little disclosure.


  1. RussellPearceWatch says

    So? A donation in 2004 for Harry Reid may mean that you thought he might be a reasonable Democrat. There haven’t been any donations since to Harry Reid. As for the others? Good, solid Republicans. Not Tea Partiers. Republicans. The Tea Party folks need to stop calling themselves Republicans. They aren’t Republicans. Go vote for Ron Paul…

  2. RussellPearceWatch says

    While you are at it…publish Matt Salmon’s donations. Now THAT would tell the story of the real Matt Salmon.,.an opportunistic lobbyist, a Washington “insider” endorsed by beltway “insiders.”

  3. Worsley may try buying Harry Reid’s vote, but he can’t buy mine. Just another RINO, stick a fork in him, he is done!

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

      Worsley outclasses Russell Pearce by huge margins. They aren’t even on the same chart. 12-point loser Russell Pearce is toxic for the party.

  4. That modest $500 contribution to Harry Reid in 2004 certainly caught my attention, but then I realized that Harry Reid is also a Mormon, not a well known fact to many, and that could have something to do with that. The lion’s share of his contributions were to Republicans. Altogether I’d say there’s no significant issue here.

  5. azcowpoke says

    I don’t see him giving money to Senator Reid. It looks like his spouse did..

    • azcowpoke says

      What I meant to say was…I don’t see him giving money in subsequent elections to Senator Reid by he or his spouse.

  6. Jared Ray says

    If you don’t think the way I do, vote exactly the way I do nor wear an American Flag shirt … YOU’RE A RINO! haha!

    If I were Worsley’s campaign manager I think I would have hosted a contest: “The first person to notify me of an instance in which the Sonoran Alliance crowd calls Bob a RINO wins!”

    If I were a drinking man, I’d make a drinking game out of it. I’d gather a bunch of buddies together and spend an hour or two scanning these comment threads. We’d be plastered half-way through. Maybe it would work with Root Beer if a sugar high was the goal. Anytime I want to see some aimless name-calling, I come to Sonoran Alliance (or maybe YouTube).

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