Bob Robson’s Son Robbed Putting Up Signs

I’ve done my fair share of sign duty on campaigns so this news item certainly perks my fear factor.

Last week while putting up signs for his father, Daniel Robson and a friend, Scott Tarkett, were confronted by two men who pulled a shotgun, demanded Robson and Tarkett hit the ground and then took their wallets. The event occurred at 12:30 AM near Stapley and Main in Mesa. The two robbers then drove off but were apprehended by police responding to another hold-up occurring on Southern Avenue.

The two were identified as Ernesto Banuelos-Beltran, 21 and Heidenger Castrillion, 18. The East Valley Tribune did not identify whether they were citizens or immigrants.

Both Robson and Tarkett identified the two as the assailants who robbed them.

Daniel’s father, Bob Robson, currently serves in the State House of Representative as Speaker Pro Tempore but is now a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Word of wisdom to all the campaign workers out there. Be watchful when you’re out pounding signs in the middle of the night!



  1. Howard H. Porter says

    … and carry a gun.

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