Board of Supervisors Under Investigation by Dept. of Justice for past 5 months


  1. kralmajales says

    Gosh…that Obama administration…I can’t believe that they don’t investigate these people!!!

    OH….they ARE!

  2. Capitol Observer says

    I can’t believe that these people sat on this for the past five months.

    And, Mr. K, don’t even pretend that the investigation is due to the Obama administration. Things like this take months to get started, which means that your hated enemy, George W. Bush, used his administration to get this thing rolling.

    I wonder how the Board of Supervisors can even consider their path to government of the people of Maricopa County to be correct.

  3. This must be another attempt by the Sheriff to defame these fine members of society. Joe used his influence to force the feds into the investigating when they messed with his budget. I know this because everything is the Sheriff’s fault. I even think he is responsible for global warming although I’ll bet most of those greenhouse gasses are coming from the BOS.

    If the County Attorney and Sheriff keep this up, the BOS will be gone and we will need someone else to kick around. Where is walter to explain to us why everyone is wrong except the Board?

    Walter – they going to jail, time to clean up you resume.

  4. kralmajales says


    Five months…that sounds like…uh…the Obama admin to me. And that fact that it is moving forward now, and not then, is proof positive.

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