Board of Supervisors betrays Republicans by choosing Goddard staffer Rick Romley to be County Attorney

One day after resigning as Terry Goddard’s lobbyist and special adviser, Rick Romley finds himself appointed county attorney by the allegedly Republican Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  This is a shameful act of betrayal by the Board of Supervisors, which was required by law to appoint a Republican to replace Andrew Thomas, who is running for Attorney General.  A look at Rick Romley’s actions over the last few years reveal that there is little if anything Republican about Romley other than his party registration.

In 2002 Romley endorsed ultraliberal Chris Cummiskey over Jan Brewer in the Secretary of State race.  Chris Cummiskey had a far left-wing record as a state senator, including votes in favor of partial-birth abortion and against a bill requiring people to show proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.  But there was Romley pushing to put that man a heartbeat away from the Governor’s office.  Perhaps Romley found kinship with Cummiskey because Romley is also pro-choice.

Romley had no record of doing anything on illegal immigration during his 16 years in office.  While Rick Romley sat idle Arizona became the illegal immigration capital of the United States.  Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio showed that by working hard, persevering, and ignoring apologists for illegal immigration, much could be accomplished at the local level in the battle against illegal immigration.  Yet do-nothing Romley denounced these groundbreaking efforts as “McCarthyism.”

One time Romley did get up in arms about illegal immigration.  That was in 2005 when an Army reservist named Patrick Haab bravely detained seven illegal immigrants and a coyote at a rest stop on Interstate 8.  Various liberals demanded that the county attorney put Haab in prison and throw away the key, but as even liberal columnist E.J. Montini noted, the public sided heavily with Haab.  Andrew Thomas brushed off calls for Haab’s head and refused to prosecute, and was attacked for that by Romley.  Mr. Haab could now face prosecution at the hands of Romley.

Romley continued his record of backing liberal democrats with endorsements of Dan Saban over Sheriff Arpaio and Janet Napolitano’s former legal henchman Tim Nelson over Andrew Thomas.  Nelson is now Terry Goddard’s second in command.  And speaking of Goddard, as noted above Rick Romley just resigned as Goddard’s lobbyist, and has previously called Terry Goddard a man of “unquestioned character.”  Whether Romley campaigns for Goddard this fall or not, as some are speculating, clearly Romley will be of no use to whoever is the Republican gubernatorial nominee, and Goddard may even be able to use Romley as a shield to fend off attacks.

There were other lows in Romley’s county attorney reign of error, like the time a federal jury found him guilty of retaliating against a female employee for complaining about sexual harassment, or Romley’s self-congratulatory “report” that he created and mailed out at great expense as he was leaving office.  But you probably get the idea about Romley’s record.  And now he is indicating that he will review (read: gut) Andrew Thomas’ tough on crime and illegal immigration policies.

Perhaps what is most shameful about the Board’s choice of RINO Rick is that they passed on two highly-qualified, pro-life conservatives, Andrew Pacheco and Bill Montgomery.  Bill Montgomery has said he will run against Romley, but it is not clear what Pacheco’s intentions are.

One thing is clear.  In the August primary we must send Romley back to his job as Terry Goddard’s lobbyist and special adviser.  Legislators, other elected officials, candidates for office, right-to-life must all rally around the conservative candidate, and Bill Montgomery may have a clear shot at Romley.  And we must rally quickly, establish momentum, and stifle Romley’s establishment fundraising machine.

Candidates for office should be asked to demonstrate their conservative credentials by endorsing Bill Montgomery and denouncing Romley, and the Board of Supervisors for choosing him.  The Republican party will always have a big tent, but there is no room for those like Romley who possess not a shred of Republicanism, and we have been successful in driving many of these phonies away.  We must continue that trend by sending Romley back to his buddy Terry Goddard.


  1. Why are you trying to detract from this or the AG race with the “pro-life” rhetoric? It has nothing to do with the county attorney job. Many Republicans and moderate Democrats as well as Independents are pro-choice yet they want a tough prosecutor in the job. All you are doing with throwing in this “pro-life” language is driving some people away from these tough on crime candidates. Focus on what the majority of people want- a tough prosecutor and Montgomery and Thomas will get elected.

  2. Appointing Romley is an admission of guilt by the stupidvisors. Their lap dog will do their bidding until the election. There was no way they would appoint someone with integrity. The stupidvisors are for open boarders and Chicago style politics.

    Romley will get creamed in the election and the stupidvisors will all be tossed out in their elections.

  3. EastValleyPC says

    I think Montgomery is actually better off without the appointment. He can now run as without any taint from the Supervisors. Not that he would have had a problem as the appointment pick – the guy is as honest as the day is long. Maybe that is why the Supervisors would not appoint him? I will be volunteering for his campaign. I found the easy way to do that at his website:

  4. Romley is bad news, hates Arpaio, hates Andrew Thomas. If he goes after either men his actions will be obvious the product of his hatred toward them. Its ironic they think they got someone to stick it to Apraio but really the stupidvisors did themselves no favors with this one

  5. I will do whatever it takes to help Bill Montgomery win in August. This Republican imposter must be vanquished…

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    According to the McCain sponsored candidate for Attorney General Tom Horne, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are clean of any and all shameful allegations that Andrew Thomas has made against them.

    As Attorney General, it is believed that Horne would not be supportive of Sheriff Arpiao. Is that understated enough?

  7. The best thing you can do to help elect Bill Montgomery is to not be hateful and irrational.

    Using words like “vanquish” and dragging your hate of McCain into everything is not helpful to anyone including Montgomery.

  8. It appears that “politics as usual” continues to be the order of the day for the County Board of Supervisors. With their selection of Rick Romley as interim County Attorney, after having not seriously considered Bill Montgomery for that position, the Supervisors have once again demonstrated a disregard for acting in the best interests of the citizens of Maricopa County.

    With this appointment, The Board is effectively guaranteeing there will be even more discord between the offices of the County Attorney and Sheriff. There is no doubt Sheriff Arpaio’s trail of lawsuits will only grow longer now that Rick Romley is back in his old job. More politically-motivated and frivolous lawsuits will diminish the county budget even further, adding to increasing voter frustration with County government gridlock.

    Bill Montgomery has an impeccable track record of public service and an impressive personal and professional background. He is a West Point graduate and Gulf War veteran who has served honorably in the County Attorney’s office, as the attorney of record in more than 500 felony cases and in thousands more on behalf of the people of Arizona and victims of crime.

    I am disappointed by the Board’s short-sighted decision; as a resident of Maricopa County, I am outraged our Board of Supervisors continues to pursue a pattern of petty politics to the detriment of the residents they were elected to serve.

  9. Dido Jim Dido. Bill is the only candidate that we have that is an actual Republican running for this office. Romley is nothing but a democrat in a republican suit.

  10. Glad to see both Commiskey and Brewer gone. Their replacements are a big improvement.


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