Blocked License Plates: The Next Revenue Stream

Just when you thought the speeding cameras were going to take a bite out of your driving, the State will now be fining you $130 if the word “Arizona” is blocked on your license plate. That means if you use a license plate frame or a ball hitch and it blocks the state name, you will be pulled over and fined. From what we’ve been told, the change will not be publicized. Consider this your only warning.


  1. Get ready, folks. They are going to tax and fine us to submission. We will be slaves to the state. Wake up People! We should be “in the streets” putting a stop to this nonsense. photo enforcement also has TO GO! Petitions will be coming around. Be sure to sign up! FIGHT THIS!!!

  2. nightcrawler says

    I have modified my license plate frame to fit this new law. I have tools and it took awhile with a steady hand. Looking through my personal collection of frames as a sample, I would say that 90% will not be in compliance come January 1 and that includes all dealer frames.

  3. Did the legislature pass this law? If so, who voted for it?

    I wonder how many other states have saguaros on their license plates, or the words “Grand Canyon State” for that matter….yeah, that’s what I thought.

  4. The screw heads that hold the plates on also cover part of the sage color, I wonder if I can get a ticket for that? I’m actually surprised that the governor didn’t figure out how to get her picture on our license plates, she seems to have gotten it everywhere else.

    Anyway, the law is: 28-2354. License plates; attachment

    ….B. …A person shall maintain each license plate so it is clearly legible and so that the name of this state at the top of the license plate is not obscured…

    Happy Motoring…

  5. What 5 minutes on the net found:

    ARS 28-2354 has a sorrid past.

    48th Legislature
    First Regular Session
    January-June 2007

    Original Bill: HB 2178: underage drinking; driver license suspension

    Then…..the introduction of a strike everything amendment

    NOW: HB 2178: commercial vehicle; license plate attachment(ARS 28-2354).

    Sponsors: Reagan, Barnes, DeSimone, Kavanagh, Miranda B., Nelson, Biggs
    Forty-eighth Legislature
    First Regular Session



    Strike everything after the enacting clause and insert:

    (body of the NEW HB 2178, including the OP subject)

    Section 28-2354, Arizona Revised Statutes, as amended by Laws 2006, chapter 377, section 1 and this act, is effective from and after December 31, 2008.”
    Amend title to conform

    ** and, as so amended, it do pass
    > Chairman




    9:52 AM
    C: mu

  6. T.J. Shope says

    I don’t really have too much of a problem with this law. I mean, there are at least 20 different Arizona plates floating around with some very hard to distinguish that they are Arizona plates. This really isn’t that big of a deal and I fail to understand the whining.

  7. I think the camera protesters should do a ‘civil disobedience’ action and just drive 1 mile below the speed limit in every lane for a few days and block up traffic real good….

    I am already doing it in the right lane 🙂

  8. “strike everything amendment” – Yup, there’s that culprit again – the midnight end run on the citizenry – ought to be banned!

  9. Ron,

    There is a great YouTube video of that very suggestion: 55: Meditation on the Speed Limit.

  10. That bill info above is not accurate. This provision was put in during the 2006 session. I don’t think it was a strike everything amendment, but I agree those should be banned.

  11. Is my interpretation correct.If you have a “Arizona” plate and a frame that covers/obscurs the word “Arizona” you could be ticketed. However, if you are from another State and have a frame that obscurs the name of that State (not Arizona’s) they can’t ticket you ?

  12. T J Shope sees no problem with this law, and thinks that those who do are “whining”. What, exactly, is the purpose of this law? Have criminals escaped the police because the police could not see the word “Arizona”? I personally like my license frame, thank you very much. Under this law, I have no CHOICE but to remove it or pull more money out of my pocket (in the form of fines) to support whatever the state wants. Where does it end? What if the state decided that all houses in the country should be painted in day-glo colors because it will be easier for the fire department to find? This is a law that has no purpose but the extortion of funds from otherwise law-abiding citizens. Why is it that so many feel that if the infringement does not affect them personally, no infringement exists?

  13. I know they make clear/transparent plate frames that can probably avoid that part from being covered up.

  14. 😉

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