Bittner, DeRose Wed

Congratulations to Emily Bittner and Chris DeRose on their recent marriage! (EVT article)

Sonoran Alliance first noted Arizona’s politically “odd-couple” some time ago during our debut of a featured called Pol-parazzi.

DeRose, an GOP activist and former house candidate (LD17) and Bittner, the Arizona Democratic spokeswoman, met at Nixon’s at the Camelback Esplanade during one of its fine political get-togethers.

While the couple will continue their respective activist roles on each side of the political fence, we expect the Bittner-DeRose team to reach across the aisle and provide bi-partisan insight to Arizona politics.

Congratulations Emily and Chris! We wish you the best! 


  1. Congrats to them both… Hope they go the distance!

  2. FreeAdvice says

    I had a good one all ready to go. But comments were closed and now I’ve forgotten it.

  3. GOP Spartan says

    Way to take one for the team Chris, at least you’ll canel out her vote!

    Now just make sure your kids grow up conservative!

    There’s still the possibility he can convert her. Many women are liberal while young but tend to shift to the right after they get married and have kids.

    You can do it Chris!!!

  4. I too hope they stay married until death and I wish them fantastic happiness and many children….but I don’t see how even Carville & Matlin do it. How do they not share inside political info with each other? If I were married to a Dem, I’d strangle her to death. I broke off MANY relationships because of political differences. Now I’ve got a wife who is sometimes more conservative than I am and I’m happy!

    Again, best of luck to them both!

  5. GOP Boomer Gal says

    A very attractive, couple. Obviously very much in love. And yes, love conquers all.

    Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

  6. Arizona Politico says

    Maybe we should all chip in *.

    Sorry but we have a policy of being nice regarding weddings.

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