Bill Konopnicki to Challenge Sylvia Allen?

For months, an undesignated campaign committee has been sitting in political limbo under the name of Konopnicki 2010. Politicos have been speculating that Bill Konopnicki would run for the CD-1 position or take on conservative hero, Senator Sylvia Allen.

The latest campaign finance reporting shows that Konopnicki has $54,500 sitting in his campaign coffers.

The Arizona Capitol Times just tweeted that Konopnicki may have just made his mind up where to spend all that cash. Konopnicki’s Twitter account (which appears to be by invitation only) supposedly is announcing he will challenge Allen for her Senate seat.

Here we go on another campaign in which a moderate-RINO Republican will be squaring off against a conservative Republican in a battle for the heart and soul of the party. Note to all conservatives, send your donations to Sylvia Allen!


  1. Amnesty Annie says

    In reviewing Konopnicki’s campaign finance reports just filed, it has been determined that special interests, corporate dollars and donors outside his district have been the major donors to his ridiculous Republican on Republican Primary fight.

    About $10 grand from PACs and other special interests combined with about $10 grand from lobbyists comprise the bulk of his campaign funds … that and a hefty $33 grand of his own money. Stripping away his self-funding, the man who can’t accept political irrelevance shows an uncanny inability to raise funds from within his own district.

    Is there a McCain connection? Invitations circulating for the Republican Party in his hometown of Safford are touting a Lincoln Day luncheon appearance of none other than Senator John McCain, and there are rumors that Governor Jan Brewer will join the festivities in that remote corner of Arizona.

    Maybe the Senator chose the Eastern Arizona College venue to avoid potential protesters and media attention … or maybe it was the only friendly venue open to the embattled Senator.

    For those interested we understand it will be on Monday February 15 at 12:30PM

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