BIAS! PolitickerAZ removes embarrassingly wrong comments by Nelson’s campaign manager

If you suspected the online news source, owned by the New York Observer, is left wing, here is concrete proof. In a September 10 article, PolitickerAZ reported Tim Nelson’s campaign manager Josh Kilroy claiming that Nelson contributor Colin Campbell was not a criminal defense attorney. Kilroy’s remark has since been removed from the original article. A follow-up article on September 11 discusses the Thomas campaign’s response to Kilroy’s false assertion, and references Kilroy’s original false remark:

Thomas’s campaign hurled its own retort. Kilroy had told that the Thomas campaign’s inclusion of former Arizona Superior Court judge among the list of defense lawyers they cited was “ludicrous.”

“Campbell currently works at the law firm of Osborn Maledon along with Nelson,” wrote P.R. pro Jason Rose for the Thomas campaign. “On Campbell’s own bio page there – focusing on areas of practice – ‘Criminal Defense’ is listed.” Rose called for an apology from Nelson, saying, “his comments now look a little goofy.”

In addition, Campbell’s website says that he has 12 years of practicing criminal and civil trial law.

This is truly shoddy journalism. Editing articles after the fact to hide false statements made by Democrats doesn’t hold up to journalistic standards. Reminiscent of 1984’s revision of books and newspapers to pretend that people and things never existed.


    I live in Tucson, having moved here from DC two years ago, and can no longer stomach the “Arizona Star”. Specifically, the paper has essentially stopped printing any “Letters to the Editor” which represent a conservative–or even centrist!–point of view.

    Here are the facts:

    This past Monday (Sept.8th), five letters were political in some aspect, mostly pro-Obama. The tally: Liberal 5, CC (Conservative/Centrist), 0

    Friday: Same score.

    Saturday(today, Sept.13) Liberal 8, CC 0.

    This amounts to an “opinion blackout”, and is outrageous. Even the major left-of-center papers (e.g., New York Times) manage to print letters representing the full political spectrum.

    Beyond that, I’ve heard that the “Star” is especially protective of Gabrielle Giffords; apparently, her family has a tire business which does substantial advertising in the Star? (got to keep those tires inflated properly…)

    I’ve sent letters to the Star over the past three weeks, criticizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and calling out Giffords on “drill/drill/drill”; needless to say, they’ve gone unpublished. I think this woman is vulnerable, but we need to get the word out. And with only one newspaper in town, it’s blatantly unfair to prevent alternative viewpoints from being heard.

    We own the energy issue, especially with Palin now on the ticket; many of my associates back in DC are now discussing realistically the possibility of the GOP taking back the House. But taking out vulnerable freshmen like Giffords is the only way to make that happen.

    Any ideas out there, on how we can shine the light on the “Star”, their Opinion Blackout, and their growing liberal bias? HELP!!! Or at a minimum, are there alternative vehicles where non-liberal viewpoints have a chance of being published?

  2. Jon, Did Jon Kyl change his mind about the GOP getting back control of the Congress? Last comment I read from him said that he didn’t think the GOP would win – in fact, he pretty well given up any such thought.

    As you are aware lots of things can happen in the next few weeks. I think it is still up for grabs.

  3. Ron,
    I don’t think Kyl is saying much, at least not that I’ve heard. But my brother works on “the other side” on Capitol Hill (I’m working on him.) Their internal polling…i.e., the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has them in a panic. My brother wouldn’t give me actual numbers, but they feel that the House is in play. They’ve pared their expectations in the Senate to a gain of +3.

    That’s one reason I want to tear into Giffords so badly. I believe this woman is vulnerable; to call her an empty suit would do a disservice to clothes hangers….if Obama begins to implode–as I fully expect–it should be enough to take her out.

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