Bennett A Placeholder?

Seeing Red AZ speculates on the future of soon-to-be-appointed Secretary of State, Ken Bennett. Although Bennett would consitutionally prohibited from replacing Governor Brewer should the Governor’s Office become vacant before 2010, should Bennett seek election in 2010 and be successful, that prohibition would no longer apply. This begs the question whether Bennett will seek the post in 2010 or will he merely be a placeholder? Instead, watch for Bennett to begin eyeing Congressional District 1.


  1. I think jan Brewer runs for SOS again if she decides to stay in politics

  2. Are you on medication?

  3. Ron –

    Two points:

    1. Brewer is term-limited as SOS; she can’t run for it in 2010.

    2. Brewer wants to be Gov as much as normal people want to breathe; she will want to keep the job. The only exception to that *might* be if she can somehow wrangle her way into the Senate seat currently held by John McCain, and I haven’t heard that she’s interested in that one at all.

  4. Thank you, Craig

  5. Click on link below. Bennett has already stated that he intends to run to be SOS in his own right in 2010:

  6. Richard Wayne says


    You can only serve two consecutive uninterrupted terms. Her two years as governor would constitute an interruption.

    Regardless, I think that is moot. I know of no one who voluntarily gives up the type of power that comes with being governor in order to run for a lower, less powerful office.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Everyone is eyeing the new Congressional District(s) and CD-1 (as well as CD5 and CD8)

    In politics, no one wants to be a placeholder –

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