Benedict Arlen, revenge is a dish best served cold

Is that the Gong Show?  … or a 1980 campaign stunt?

A Democrat until joining the Republican Party in 1966.  During his first political run, in 1965, Specter ran on the Republican ticket as a registered Democrat.  He handily beat the incumbent, and immediately changed his registration to Republican.

It may have been a winning strategy then, but we’re not sure about now.

There is an Arizona connection to this tale.

In October 1990, a group of business women with the support of then Senator Lugar launched the first class of what today has grown into over 20 states, the Excellence in Public Service Series.  The first Arizona class was inaugurated in 2007 and is known as the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series.  The woman who launched the Arizona program is no stranger to women in politics, she’s Christine J. Olsen who also founded the program in Pennslyvania … who is also Pennslyvania’s RNC National Committeewoman.

This national program is dedicated to preparing Republican woman for elected and appointed office, and maintains a well coordinated network of, you guessed it, Republican woman in key positions.  Each annual class is very carefully selected and very intensively trained for eight months culminating in a major four-day summit in Washington DC.  Current students from around the nation gather with their alumni mentors and sponsors for an intensive Tour-De-Force of Republican politics inside the Beltway.

Last night Veritas received a phone call from an associate of his in Pennslyvania who is somewhat involved with the program there.  It appears that only moments prior to his defection, Benedict Arlen was to meet with program students from both Arizona and Pennslyvania.  As it was relayed to me, the future women leaders of the Republican Party were physically only a handful of steps from the Senator’s office when a flushed faced staffer came bolting from Specter office towards them.  Meanwhile, the groups coordinator Ms. Comfort was engaged on her cell phone with what turned out to be yet another of Benedict’s staffers anxiously trying to explain what had just happened and why the Senator could not meet with the Republican delegation from his home state.

I have been informed that Brent Hume has since interviewed some of the Excellence in Public Service students from Pennsylvania and Arizona and my source informs me that the “Sense of the group:” is that Mr Specter be forced to repay the Pennsylvania Republican Party donors for his very expensive and hard won victory over the Democrats in his last election.  Phone calls and discussions are being made to seek a legal means of redress for Benedict Arlen’s fraud.  Maybe its time to “Gong” Specter… these women were less than satisfied and, you know what they say.

If you are interested in the Excellence in Public Service Program, this link to the Indiana program contains excellent materials.  In Arizona, the program is called the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series,

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