Ben Quayle roasts fellow politicians

Congressman Ben Quayle recently spoke to the Washington establishment roasting virtually any fellow politician in his path.

He had a few choice lines which stung his colleagues but he also paid tribute and honored the late David Broder.



  1. I still can’t believe “Brock Landers” is a United States Congressman. We need to do a better job nominating quality candidates. I’m a conservative that’s embarrassed to have this frat boy be my representative.

  2. Finger Wags says

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  3. Lou Cinnation says

    I thought it was fine. But you need to understand the context of his remarks. They were to the media, and to his colleagues. So like locker room talk, few outsiders would understand it, and the rest would just decide they were offended, even if they were not sure why. Sure, he’s young. Worse, he’s young-looking. But with his background, experience, and knowledge of the reality of American politics he’s got everything it takes to be a great representative.

  4. This went over like a lead balloon, even in a “roast” setting, this bombed.

    Quayle is an embarrassment to Arizona and CD-3. Not only does he look like a child, he acts like one. Why on Earth did we nominate some trust-funder who just parachuted in from out of state?

    • Andy Bernard says

      Because our state party doesn’t have the leadership to make sure ten people don’t run in a primary.

  5. Andy Bernard says

    I can’t believe I’m defending Quayle, but I thought it was funny. It’s wasn’t super funny, but unless you are Steven Colbert, you can’t really get away with roast style humor with this crowd.

    That being said, this carpetbagger is an insult to my district and any of the nine other candidates who ran (even the horrifically flawed ones) would have been better than this kid. He is barely a resident.

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Ben Quayle is an embarrassment to Arizona. We had real candidates, not just the dandy son of a political elitist family who won with money and his daddy’s name.

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