Being Cagey

      Espresso Pundit covered the false notion that the Democrats have fielded a bunch of moderate candidates for the legislature. He used LD 26 Senate candidate Cheryl Cage’s position supporting abortion in all circumstances as an example that the current crop of Democrats are a bunch of more of the same liberals.

      Cage also goes pretty far left of the right to keep and bear arms. In an September 26th Arizona Capital Times article, she said she wants to keep people from owning AK-47s. If she is talking about select fire weapons capable of firing in full auto mode then she comes off as ill informed. Those types of weapons are already highly regulated by federal law and manufacturing or importing new ones is prohibited. If she is talking about banning semi-automatic rifles then she is taking a very extreme position as many hunting and target rifles are semi-auto. Later on the radio show of very pro-gun Emil Franzi she totally backs down from banning certain guns. What she lacks in understanding on issues she certainly makes up for on pandering to different audiences.

      She goes into more detail on her Project Vote Smart answers. One the Gun Issue protion she calls for “stricter licensing requirements for gun owners.” There are currently few if any state licensing requirement to own a firearms in Arizona. Firearms purchasers must comply with federal laws but after that Arizona does not require licensing. Is Cage proposing a whole new regimine of gun owner licensing in Arizona? If so she has a fundimental misunderstanding of the poltical makeup of Arizona, a state where multiple Democrats have an A rating from the NRA.

      Speaking of the NRA, the NRA-ILA sent out a mailer endorsing the Republican nominee, Al Melvin. The bright orange post card also endorsed LD 26 House candidate Marilyn Zerull. The NRA mailing even noted Cage’s anti-gun statements.


  1. Ken Jacobs says

    Any ideas why Albert Melvin won’t participate in the “Political Courage Test” at Project Vote Smart?

  2. Good question Ken. This simple answer is that he does not need to. His middle name is Clarity and his nickname is Consistency. Al Melvin has always been a mainstream conservative who is not afraid to stand by his statements and does not have to change what he says to suit each audience.

  3. GlendaleGOP says

    She’s a total leftie nutjob!

  4. Ache Clergy says

    Talk about extreme! Cheryl Cage supports sticking a pair of surgical scissors into the base of the skull of a baby that is partially born and then sucking the baby’s brains out using a catheter!

    Cheryl Cage supports partial birth abortion!

    There is NOTHING more extreme than infanticide and this woman is not qualified to serve in the legislature.

    Tell all the pastors in Northwest Tucson who she is and what she supports. Stand up for the most vulnerable people in our society and vote these barbaric liberals down!

  5. kralmajales says

    Captain Al Melvin is far too extreme for this district.

    Folks, the GOP has had 20 years of dominance in the state legislature. Look what we have for it. The worst deficit in our history, poor schools, the 2nd lowest spending on student aid in the country, and the list can go on.

    It is time…very much time…to give this to the Democrats and let our state be reborn.

  6. kralmajales says

    By the way, look at her answers again. Keeping the same laws, allowing conceal and carry. She is a moderate on guns. She is not asking to ban them.

    Get a grip.

    Just because Zerull and Melvin seem to favor legalized assault rifles…at a time of concern about terrorism in this country…does not make everyone liberal in comparison.

    It makes them extreme.

  7. Melvin would like to build a nuke plant right here in Southern Arizona. He has said so publicly many times. However, he has not said how he would propose to deal with the waste generated by such a plant, nor does he explain where the massive amounts of water needed to run a nuke plant would come from.

    Melvin wastes his time and ours by talking incessantly about the border, which is primarily a federal responsibility. He says he backs a guest worker program, which is fine, but says that these workers should be brought to the USA in “air conditioned buses” without saying how he would pay for such a program. However, he also backs the nonsensical border fence which is of dubious value, except in urban areas.

    Melvin is an advocate of private school vouchers, saying that “competition” will magically fix everything that ails education. He neglects to mention that private schools can reject students they don’t want to enroll, including those in special education. Voucher proposals rarely pay for the full cost of tuition, nor do they cover transportation costs. Voucher programs in other states have not proved to have a positive effect on student achievement. Instead, they take our tax dollars out of the public schools and can sometimes go to families who already have the means to send their kids to private school.

    Melvin shows precious little knowledge of the budget or other legislative processes. If you look at his website, it is mostly blather about social issues that take up very little actual time in Phoenix. When he gets questions about the REAL work expected day to day from a state senator, he either looks buffaloed, or responds with one of his well-worn ideological talking points.

    Melvin is a cordial and decent man, but he is strikingly out of touch with the needs of this district and state. Cage, in stark contrast, is an accomplished business owner and consultant who has taken the time to learn the business of a legislator and to listen to the concerns expressed by voters. The voters in LD26 rejected Melvin last time and they will do so again because they have a sound and sensible alternative in Cheryl Cage.

  8. By the way, can one of you party loyalists at SA explain why the GOP is split in LD26? Melvin and Zerull campaign and advertise together (see last week’s Northwest Explorer), but they seem determined to ignore their fellow Republican, Vic Williams. For his part, Williams is returning the favor and tries whenever he can to distinguish himself from Melvin and Zerull.

    The Democrats in LD26 are running as a team. The Republicans seem unable to get over the wounds inflicted during their primary. What’s the deal, SA?

  9. Kral the deficit came from the Governor’s budget that all the Democrats and 8 Republicans voted yes. We wrote about the votes June 26th.

    My child goes to a public school in Arizona and it is a great school. When discussing assault rifles you should specify if you are talking about full auto or semi auto where you don’t like the way they look. Full autos are heavily regulated by federal law but I guess you miss that point. Hey, you aren’t using the assault rifle think as a "wedge issue" are you?

    Melvin had worked legally in foreign countries and is for a guest worker program. What is extreme about that?

    Rex how is it that we can use tons of water on golf courses, pecan groves, and cotton fields but somehow nuclear plants are bad because they use water? The waste issue can be mitigated by reprocessing the fuel. What about solar? Are you aware of how much habitat is destroyed when they install a solar field?

    Melvin talks too much about the border? Have you seen a Giffords ad lately? She is all over the issue, as she was in 2006. Maybe the air conditioned busses would be paid for by the employers of the guest workers. A ticket from the border to Tucson or Phoenix should be less than $75/person. A lot less than the cost of the deaths along the border.

    Good question about the 3 Republicans in 26 and ads. Our information indicates that all Republicans were asked to join in running ads together.

  10. The Committee says


    Certain GOP leaders continue to undermine the party’s own candidates at the whim of certain contributors. They fielded a candidate who tried to manipulate other candidates into dropping out and passed the rumor about Joe Higgins and Al Melvin to Michael Bryan. This candidate also spread false rumors to undermine Trent Humphries and Marilyn Zerull. That candidate began his campaign aligned with Pete Hershberger, then became a conservative to win the primary. Now his positions change yet again.

    Is the GOP in LD26 split? Not really. But one person is clearly aligned with those who will sacrifice the GOP for their own personal agendas. He prefers to run alone which is easy since he has no campaign staff from LD26 anyway.

  11. GlendaleGOP says

    The LD26 Dems are NOT running as a team and the bad feelings between Young Wright and Jorgensen are palpable.

  12. As someone who lives in LD26 (not in Glendale) and who knows all three candidates, I can tell you that Post #11 is dead wrong.

    By the way, you never hear anything in Democratic circles like what is posted above by The Committee. It’s clear that Vic Williams is persona non grata with many in his party!

  13. Saddlebackr says

    Sorry to disappoint you Rex, and I know you’re disappointed, but Williams, Zerull and Melvin are doing a lot of GOTV stuff together. They’re even working with some county candidates and Tim Bee’s campaign. Kudos to Linda White and the GOP gang down here for getting them organized.

  14. Don’t talk to me, Saddlebackr. I think you need to direct your ire at your brethren who posted a few hours ago. I’m not the one who said there was turmoil in your ranks. Scroll back a few posts and answer those folks.

  15. I think the commenter (Committee) pointed out some observations but clearly did say “not really” about a split in the ranks. Saddlebackr also said that the three candidates are working together. Doesn’t sound like turmoil to me. But you can hope, Rexy. The dems would appear to have gotten a little greedy to field two in a GOP district and this increases the odds that both will lose, we’ll find out on election day.

  16. #11 post is dead right. LD26 Dems are not united like Rex pretends. Anybody following the race knows that.

  17. Saddlebackr says

    I’ll talk to who I like Rex, that’s the thing about blogs and the 1st Amendment. You might not like what I have to say, but we read your posts, so you can read mine. Plus, I’m responding to your post, no one elses, so I have to write at you to do that.

    I saw Melvin and Williams today and they were working together at a phone bank. And they said they were both with Marilyn at some event in the morning. Maybe they love each other, maybe they’re just joined by a common knowledge that their opponents are scary scary lefties who will ruin our wonderful state.

    Whatever the reason, they’re working together and that’s more than the Dems in 26 can say.

  18. All of you are blithely ignoring the comments made by The Committee and focusing on me. I could care less because it’s not my fight…for which I am eternally grateful. Some of the allegations The Committee raised I had NEVER heard before they were posted! Deal with that mess in your own house, or blow it off. Your call.

    However, you can’t deny the fact that Melvin and Zerull are advertising in The Explorer together…without Williams. The ad was in last week’s edition. Look it up.

    What I DO know is that the Dems in LD26 are advertising together, walking door to door together and sharing information and resources. Monday night, they all arrived at the Democrats of Oro Valley meeting together after an afternoon of joint campaigning. They complimented each other and referred to each other’s talking points, as they did at forums with the Republicans held at Flowing Wells HS and Catalina Foothills HS in September. There is no division in our ranks.

    Instead of making blanket chracterizations that have no basis in fact about legislative candidates in a party to which you don’t belong, deal with the allegations made by one of YOUR loyalists in Post #10…if you have the cojones to do so. Otherwise, present the readers of this blog with FACTS about the schism among the LD26 Dems. Other than the old news that Young Wright and Jorgensen competed for the appointment when Saradnik resigned, you don’t have any to offer, which is why you lamely resort to attacks and baseless conjecture.

  19. “His middle name is Clarity and his nickname is Consistency.” ????

    Josey, that’s funny, even for you! We will note that until he fills out the questionnaire from Project Vote Smart, Al Melvin’s middle name will never be “Courage.”

    And as long as SA uses the Courage Test answers against Cheryl Cage but not ask for Captain Coward’s response, we will never accuse SA of being “classy.”

  20. Guten Abend. Habe den beitrag nur berflogen aber musste schon schmunzeln. Bin gespannt auf eine Vorsetzung.

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