Bee puts away the honey and serves red meat

The Tim Bee campaign had been running ads clearly aimed at moderate Independents. A few weeks ago they did start running an ad about taxes. It seemed a little off the mark, since Republicans have a spending problem themselves how can they discuss taxes with credibility.

Finally the Bee campaign put out an ad going after Gabrielle Giffords on the immigration issue. The ad seems pretty effective and even does well in the Arizona Daily Star fact check test. The Star is certainly no shill for Bee so when they cannot find any major fault with the ad it must be correct. See for yourself.


Before anyone comments about how Bee is desperate or trying to make the race all about immigration please view these two Giffords’ ads from 2006 and 2008. No mention in either ad about what Giffords is doing to restore federal reimbursement for hospitals hit by the high cost of illegal immigrants. How does the saying go? Change can’t wait.


  1. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    Poor Tim Bee– stop picking on him, he just wants to get along….

    The voters of Arizona CD 8 are seeing*

    *Thank you for the comment Robert. The link is sufficient and it is unnecessary to reprint the whole story word for word. Since it is someone else’s work it is not appropriate for you to republished it all on this blog.

  2. From the Star article Josey cites:

    “Giffords supports requirements for illegal immigrants to become citizens that were also supported by Republican Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain — and they say those do not amount to amnesty because immigrants would need to pay back taxes and fines.

    Bee, however, wants a more strict approach, where immigrants return to their home country and get in the back of the line.”

    Back when the immigration bill that was supported by Bush, McCain, Kyl and Giffords went down, the opponents of that bill could never answer how they would return all the illegal immigrants to their home countries. Bee can’t answer that question either. The logistics and cost of such an endeavor would be mind-boggling and it could never be even partly successful. Thus, Bee is willing to sacrifice his political integrity in a cheap ploy to garner support from the anti-immigration crowd.

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but even Al Melvin has a more consistent and realistic position on immigration than Tim Bee does!

  3. kralmajales says

    Well said Rex. As usual, I might ad.

    The fact that Bee is turning to immigration…now…after months and months of the campaign is proof positive that he is desperate and losing this election massively.

    As I have said over and over, the GOP knows that it must…MUST…get Hispanic voters and that this issue turns off moderates. You don’t have enough base voters this time to win it. And Gabrielle wins lots of moderate votes from GOPers.

    This attack ad is clearly desperation. Now he will pick up all those anti-immigrant voters that should have been voting for him in the first place, that would have never voted for Giffords anyway, and that he had driven away with his record as a RINO.

  4. kralmajales says

    Oh…and please please please bring out the anti-immigration hawks. Get them rabid…get them hot.

    This is exactly what the McCain campaign and the GOP National Committee does NOT want.

    Look, again, at the convention. Not a word about immigration…and there is a good good reason.

    Bring it on…get mad!

  5. Help me out here Kral. Giffords runs on a “get tough” platform for the border in both 06 and 08 and when Bee mentions the subject he is desperate? My guess is that the Bee team planned it this way all along. Run as a warm and fuzzy guy for months before the election and right as early voting gets going hit Giffords on a hit button issue. Watch the ad closely and you will see Bee does not mention how bad illegal immigration is but rather focuses on what a scam artist Giffords is.

  6. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    That’s because Bee has no platform.

  7. kralmajales says

    Come on, Josey. You can’t believe that. You know as well as I do that the GOP put the breaks on all the immigrant talk because they see what it has done to their party.

    Giffords has a reasonable plan on immigration. Recognizes it as a problem, does not favor illegal crossing, has supported efforts to stem the tide…but is moderate and believes in guest worker and a path to citizenship.

    She is moderate. Bee attacks her as he claims to be the same.

    Last, his “shift” to border hawk is exactly as I described it and I beg you all to unleash the anti-immigrant hatred.

    I start to wonder if even this blog is listening to the GOP call to silence the talk on immigrants.

  8. Kral the GOP is deeply split on the issue of immigration. You talk about the convention. Since that was run by McCain it is no surprise that there was no talk about immigration. This blog is not really aligned with the McCain wing on the party.

    Giffords may have a reasonable plan but where are the results? I have family living in Santa Cruz County and from what I hear things are not much better, if at all. Bee is actually a moderate on the border as well, he is just calling out Giffords for having produced no results while also pushing some liberal points of view.

    We cannot unleash the anti-immigration hatred because we do not have any. We strongly support a candidate who actively supports a guest worker program, Al Melvin. I personally support expanding legal immigration, from ALL corners of the globe, to fill any labor needs.

    This is a conservative blog, not a GOP blog so we don’t care what the GOP calls for on the immigration issue. I still don’t understand if it is such a losing issue why Giffords always runs ads about a tough border position. She has a Sheriff packin heat do the ad for her, not some volunteer with Humane Borders. She is clearly trying to look tough on the issue.

    BTW – McCain has gone limp on the border and look where is has got him!

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