Bee Our Candidate!

Here is a great video put out by the faithful faith-based community in Southern Arizona encouraging Tim Bee to stand in the gap for faith, family and freedom.


  1. Gabby has to go says

    Saw this video and I got chills. Great production values and thanks to SA for posting it. Let’s send Gabby to Houston with her fiance…let’s get her out of D.C.
    If Tim runs we can do it.

  2. Thanks for posting our video SA!

    Glad to see someone got the chills from it!

  3. Tim, don’t drink the funny cool-aid man. No one has said how difficult a race this will be for you. You can’t just show your achievements, which are remarkable, but you also have to show just why we need to switch horses midstream. THAT will be a tough tough tough sell (not for hardcore conservatives) but for the many many people who like our incumbent AND like Tim Bee.

    What people aren’t telling you is that by running against Giffords, you are risking your political career. You are trading family life for no life. And you have to convince people to unseat an incumbent, which only happens 5% of the time. To do that you don’t just need love, you need some real hatred for the incumbent. That just doesn’t exist here and I don’t think any of you have ever seen the political machinery that you will be facing if you face Giffords.

    Don’t do it man. Talk to some realists too.

  4. By the way, at the next quarter, I predict Giffords will have about $1 and a quarter million bucks…and her supporters aren’t even energized yet for 2008.

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