Bee campaign raises $50,000 in one night.

     The Tim Bee for Congress campaign raised almost $50,000 dollars during a Wednesday evening event. Reports indicate that most of the funds came from local supporters ready for a change from the do-nothing congress. The callers would have raised more money but the sugar and liquor lobbies and Emily’s List have already chosen their candidate.

     We are waiting for Emily Bitter to issue a press release attacking Bee for raising money during the first quarter moon. Hopefully she will send it out quickly so that Daniel Scarpinato can start writing his Saturday political column.

     The Bee campaign is having an event on March 27th with Senator Kyl and Steve Forbes will headline an event on April 18th. Contact the campaign for more information and to get involved.


  1. Gabby's Gotta Go says

    Josey at SA thanks for giving the news we can’t read about in the Red Star and the Citizen. I have cancelled my subscription after 20 years because they are not reporting news…just a propaganda machine for the Dems. I have been insulted too many times by their force feeding manupulative “news”
    Tomorrow I bet “scarp” will write that Gabby got a haircut…

  2. Good for you. Save the environment! Cancel your newspaper subscription.

    Remember our schedule for covering political news is Now! The newspaper’s schedule is someday, maybe.

  3. Republican Spartan says

    You know the Star will soon be sending out requests for candidate interviews so they can make endorsements.

    What would happen, if in a show of unity and combined party outrage of the obvious bias in the Star, all GOP candidates just told the Star’s editors to “go pack sand!”?

    The paper clearly has an agenda and only endorses liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans.

    I honestly can’t believe that conservative candidates honestly believe they’ll get a fair shake from Ann Brown and the other commies at the Red Star.

    I know the old saying “Don’t pick a fight with someone that buys ink in 55 gallon drums,” but the way the Star is going they’ll soon be buying their ink by the quart.

    Time for our party to stand up to the Star!

    Boycott the rag across the board! No interviews, no subscriptions, no recognition as a legitimate news outlet!

    All hail the alternative media!!!! Let’s get some tea wet!

  4. hahahaha Gabby’s…that was funny.

    On Bee’s $50K, congrats. That gets him to the $300K level that his campaign said he would have for this past FEC report.

    You got a long long way to go…to even make headway into catching up.

  5. As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    One foot in front of the other, folks. We can count on encouragement from Gabby’s bluebird of happiness kral each step of the way.

    Time to call Gabby “Johnson” on her authentic frontier gibberish: “Change Can’t Wait…Ruh-rum”

  6. Tim Bee will certainly enjoy the support of SA bloggers and most SA readers. Events and results like Wednesday are entirely appropriate and expected. I would be surprised if he didn’t have such evenings.

    I would expect some good dinners with certain guests maybe have Kyl come to Tucson. Facing no primaries, it is still pretty early.

    I can promise you that Daniel Scarpinato is not a Giffords fan. The reporter most supportive of Giffords is Billie Stanton at the Tucson Citizen.

    Bee met Rove and that got into the press. I would not have done that. Of course, putting me in the same room with Rove *.

    * Please be careful what you say, ECHELON is listening.

  7. I never said Scarpinato was a Giffords fan but his political coverage is really weak.

  8. SA:

    Hah! Thanks for the concern for my survival, but I would certainly hope the intelligence apparatus can get that a PhD student in higher education of limited means hardly constitutes a credible threat.

    I would NEVER put myself in the same room with such concentrated evil. It would be exceedingly painful to be in his presence.

  9. Bob, I may be backing Giffords for Congress over Bee, but I must laud you for the clever “Blazing Saddles” reference. 🙂

    Unfortunately for you, Bee will be “the horse” to Gabby’s “Mongo” come November!

  10. By the way, wasn’t Scarpinato a well-known Republican at the UA, where he worked for The Daily Wildcat? Moreover, his stories about Gabby during the campaign were often hard-hitting. Is he the next to be tagged with the dreaded RINO epithet?

  11. x4mr,

    Your survival? Uh! We edit comments to protect ourselves from the Empire.


    We are not making fun of Danny boy for having a particular slant. His work is simply less and less relevant.

  12. Haaagh!! Huwaaaagh!!

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