Beauchamp Responds to Sophomoric Attack

Bradley Beauchamp

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2010

In response to a recent attack from a new and unknown opponent, the Bradley Beauchamp for Congress campaign released the following:

Bradley Beauchamp has been civil in his interaction and discourse with other Republican candidates throughout the months he has been campaigning. He has presented his case, over the better part of a year, to the citizens of CD-1 while being respectful of others’ positions. Now, at the 11th hour of the cycle, an absolute unknown has entered the race and decided to attack Mr. Beauchamp instead of focusing his efforts on the defeat of Ann Kirkpatrick. The Beauchamp for Congress campaign finds this both irresponsible and unacceptable, and has thereby chosen to respond.

Bradley Beauchamp has already shown the political courage to lead while campaigning throughout the district. Instead of name-calling and complaining through press release, Mr. Beauchamp has driven over 30,000 miles across the district, met with thousands of people and proven to the voters of Arizona that he is the one candidate with will to lead and the knowledge necessary to take back Arizona’s First Congressional District.

“Bradley is the candidate to beat in CD-1, so I understand he’ll get attacked,” said campaign manager Erik Stauber. “What I find both funny and sad is the manner in which he was attacked, by a man who should be a friend to conservative Republicans like Bradley. Bradley Beauchamp shows political courage in everything he does while campaigning. He tackles the issues head on. He has left a thriving business to risk everything for the good of the nation and the Constitution. He is the only candidate who has his Juris Doctorate, a degree obtained to better understand the rights and freedoms of our nation. Indeed, Bradley Beauchamp has had the courage to obtain more endorsements than anyone in the field, and he has the courage to defeat Ann Kirkpatrick in 2010.”

Bradley Beauchamp is running for Congress because the Constitution is being undermined, our individual freedom is under attack, and our fundamental liberties hang in the balance. He knows it is time for a reality check in Washington, D.C. to remind Congress that America’s greatness comes from hard working families and free enterprise, not billion dollar bailouts or government takeovers. He is the one candidate who will defend freedom, defend the Constitution, and defend the American Dream.



  1. Joe the Plumber says

    Clearly the guy from yesterday was missing a few marbles. But Brad is off a bit too. Having your Juris Doctorate isn’t that impressive I mean really if you are an ambulance chaser that doesn’t really qualify you for much. by that standard the “Eagle” should be running, you know those guys on the back of the yellow pages.

    I know this guy means well, but he has virtually no chance.

  2. I agree that someone who has just announced his campaign to the public has no place in asking other candidates to leave the race.

    As for who has a chance to be elected, that belongs to anybody who puts in the effort to qualify as a candidate for the election not nay sayers from the audience.!

    Beauchamp at 8630 vs Jaraczewski at 21 – looks like someone has a considerable advantage in the upcoming election.

  3. Beauchamp is running to unseat Kirkpatrick. She’s busy crafting more Second Amendment restriction legislation with Democrats, while waiting to vote again for socialized medicine.

    It’s probably a slog for Beauchamp to have to explain the Constitution at every venue, while Kirkpatrick helps unravel it, but have never seen more people quoting it and quoting our Founding Fathers in my lifetime, so who knows? The Democrats are wrecking America so fast, people have finally been shocked awake.

    If Beauchamp is on the ballot against Kirkpatrick, he’s got my vote. Throw ’em out. ALL of them. Simple as that. Every single Democrat Senator voted yea to raise the debt ceiling. The House Democrats vote lockstep for every take-over of this nation’s productivity. Better a good campaign implemented than a perfect campaign still idle waiting to be launched.

    We’re not interested in living like Zimbabweans. Their robust economy, an export nation, good employment, was wrecked in less than ten years time, their currency worthless as Mugabe seized one industry after another, seized productive farms and gave them to his cronies, throwing thousands out of work at a time – all by the rhetoric of redistributing to the poor guy. No, he redistributed to his pals.
    One lesson of the Third World is that all a nation has must be maintained with diligence or it can be ruined in shocking speed by greedy political opportunists.

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    So Joe the Plumber,

    Should we elect you? What are your qualification? Have you met, talked with or spent time with Brad? I have. I have seen him at multiple GOP clubs, Tea Party meetings, etc. He is sharp. He can think on his feet. He can hold Q&A as well as anyone I’ve seen. He is a rock solid constitutional conservative. If you know of a better candidate for CD-1 who is it?

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Stephen, with all due respect, you know and we know *nothing* *zip* about Bradly’s background or experience except what he tells us. Good salesmen that he is, I expect as much. But have your verified his claims? Visit Globe his hometown and ask some questions. Go on, its not far from Phoenix.

    Bradly is sophomoric and theatrical… and totally entertaining. Beware of entertainers posing as serious candidates.

  6. ………………..
    “Beware of entertainers posing as serious candidates.”
    So the Democrats run AL Franken and he wins.

    Anyone else running? Nope. Then to vote out Kirkpatrick means a vote for Beauchamps. What’s her claim to gravitas?

  7. VV seems to be on point here. There is no frontrunner in this race. In the Mitchell, Shadegg and Paton seats we have clear front runners emerging. In the Kirkpatrick seat it is a bunch of no name, no money folks, which is sad since it seems like she is the most vulnerable Dem in the state.

    As of now the GOP frontrunner is: Nobody

    Oh and Kohut, didn’t Bradly hire the infamous idiot and former Coconino County Chair to run his campaign? Anybody dumb enough to do that leaves serious doubts about his decision making process. Not that I am impressed with the Dentist guy or Bowers. Frankly we need a cowboy to run, not a lawyer, a crazy person, a dentist or an artist.

    Find me the cowboy and I’ll show you a Congressman.

  8. Sedona Sunrise says

    It seems the message is – there needs to be Leadership Reform – Rusty is not from the district and therefore should go home!

  9. Sedona Sunrise says

    It seems the message is – there needs to be Leadership Reform – Rusty is not from the district and therefore should go home.That is, his lobbyist job in Mesa.

  10. Stephen Kohut says

    Conservative 2 the Core,

    Are you that cowboy? Are you going to do out on a street corner to find one to run?

    Until you get your cowboy to come on in and rescue us we get to deal with things as they are. We have three candidates. Pick one or don’t vote in August. I made my choice based on discussions with the candidates we have and I’m fine with my pick. Good luck with your choice. I don’t see John Wayne riding over the hilltop to save us.

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