Beauchamp Overwhelmingly Wins Debate on Economy, Jobs

Bradley Beauchamp

For Immediate Release: Friday, February 26, 2010

After Tuesday’s debate between AZ CD-1 Candidates in Show Low on economic issues, Bradley Beauchamp has distinguished himself as the strongest, most knowledgeable candidate in this crucial field.

The debate, originally scheduled between candidates Bradley Beauchamp, Rusty Bowers, and Paul Gosar was narrowed down to two candidates when it became apparent that Gosar was a no-show. Beauchamp and Bowers therefore, were left to display their knowledge of today’s economic issues.

According to a poll taken immediately after the well-attended event, Beauchamp received 90% of the votes cast, and Bowers merely 10%.

Karen MacKean, from Smart Girl Politics, commented on the evening, saying, “It was a spirited exchange between Bowers and Beauchamp, but Bradley Beauchamp clearly comes across as the conservative Constitutionalist. He is passionate, articulate and understands the issues.“

The debate, once again, proved that Beauchamp is the one candidate who is not only willing to travel the district, but can also diagnose, identify with, and improve the economic issues of today. His knowledge of business, commerce, and the Constitution are ideal for a district eager to hear sound reasoning and solid ideas.

“As a small businessman in Arizona, I understand the pressures we are all under. I also understand that best way for America to come out of this recession is to let the free-market work,” said Beauchamp, following the debate. “The people willing to create jobs are burdened enough by the government as it is. I will make sure the government gets out of the way and lets capitalism work for the people, as it was intended to.”

Bradley Beauchamp was born and raised in Arizona. He worked his way up from washing dishes in a café and laboring in a turquoise mine to becoming a schoolteacher, successful attorney and most importantly, a defender of the Constitution.

Bradley Beauchamp graduated from Northern Arizona University and began teaching

government and civics in Globe, Arizona. After several years in the classroom, and desiring to study the Constitution more in depth, he was accepted into the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Upon graduating he returned to Globe to practice law in the small towns and rural communities of Arizona. He is endorsed by many Republican leaders in Arizona’s First Congressional District, including Charles Christensen, Bobbi Peterson, John Rhodes, Terri Kibler, and Rick Fernau.


  1. 10% Rusty? Really? You were the Senate Majority Leader. I guess Mesa voters couldn’t make it to the White Mountains this time.
    Better luck when Flake retires.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Bradly is always the winner… when he tells the story. Then again, its a one sided story.

    Bradly should tell the folks about his experience running for the school board in Globe…

    Then again, the past week has been full of the story out in CD-1 that Bradly is trying to cut some sort of deal with John McCain. Hope that isn’t true. It would certainly put the kibosh on his self-anointed Constitutional mantle.

  3. VV you are right again. Bradly isn’t as crazy as the guy from Cottonwood but most of his stuff seems too unbelievable, and lacks credibility. He needs to start being honest with people.

    BTW nobody I know considers a lawyer a small businessman, they just consider them lawyers.

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    I agree with Veritas Vincit in that if you tie up with McCain be prepared to get painted with the RINO brush.

  5. Starfish Trooper says

    VV- 90% to 10% is kinda hard to lie about…

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    who said ‘lie’? in politics its called ‘spin’ and when you write your own press releases and begin believing them… then its time to go home to Globe.

    Beauchamp is desperately trying to tie his future to McCain and the old Renzi network in CD-1.

    Is anyone helping Ruth over Yuma way?? Raul is just too much to continue suffering with.

    Hey! Maybe Raul and Bradly will start a stand up comedy act and move to Vegas!!

  7. Starfish Trooper says

    VV- Facts are stubborn things… an 80% margin in anything is usually described as a “devastating loss”. You characterize it as “spin”. I’m thinking your allegiance to Rusty is clouding your judgment. What say you?

  8. Harris Shirley says

    “… well-attended event … 90% of the votes cast”

    Guess that qualifies the issue. No one defined how many attended and no one gives how many votes were actually cast and, who counted them or conducted the poll.

    Comment #2 paragraph 1 appears correct.

  9. Slotback says

    Slick lawyers are always good at debating. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were also “constitutional lawyers.” I guess all you have to do is say, “I’m a constitutional lawyer” and a bunch of people will run out and vote for you. And what’s with the Mesa haters? Mesa was part of CD1 for decades, it’s the conservative anchor of the county. Do Beauchamp’s supporters bring this up because Beauchamp was born in and raised in Phoenix? Bowers has lived in CD1 for longer than Beauchamp has been alive, and has actually accomplished things for CD1. Like when the radical environmentalists wanted to make small water systems- groups of families on a single well pay $60,000 for tests that included ones for pineapple spray, Bowers fought for the little guy and won. When the liberals were keeping us from having the right to carry a concealed weapon, Bowers fought for permits and won. It was an important first step to where we are today with regards to gun rights. Bowers took arrow after arrow from the liberal press and was elected time after time. Beauchamp was appointed to the school board in Globe, and was voted out! In fact, he received fewer votes than a candidate who removed himself from the race! Beauchamp is not the man for the job, Bowers is, and he has proven it.

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