Barack, you can’t have my wallet

You gotta love YouTube. spent millions of dollars to air their Alex ad only to have some guy put up his own version at no cost and get thousands of views!


  1. Excellent! With approximately 20% of the current economy related to government spending; estimates are the Obama plans would increase that by 100%! An extraordinary 40% of the economy would be based on the federal government.

    From where would that doubling of the tax revenues come?

    I suggest those who feel they need to pay more be allowed to do so, if you vote for Obama your taxes go up. Since those that feel they should not work hard, provide for their own success, and follow in their pursuit of happiness but have the government provide all needs and wants seem to be allowed to do decide NOT to pay, why can’t we have it in reverse?

    Vote for McCain, you get to keep the money you earn and pay a fair or flat tax.

    Vote for Obama, you have to double your current tax and then some in order to pay for all the extras; like health care for those who do not have it regardless of reason. And while we are at it, equalize the wealth of folks like Warren Buffet, Barbara Streisand, George Soros, and the endless list of Hollywood types with a list of those who have never made anything above the federal poverty line until we have no more poor among us.

  2. What really gets me is these left-wing moms who think that they have any say over what their kids do when they turn 18. If this stupid mom’s kid wants to go enlist when he turns 18, then there isn’t a damn thing she can do about it. What a presumptious bitch.

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