Barack Obama Advocates Redistribution of Wealth in 2001

Here is the Senator in his own words pushing for the redistribution and reparation of wealth in a 2001 radio interview with a public radio station in Chicago.

It’s not too late not to be duped into socialism!


  1. [snooooore]


    “The context of the clip appears to be the civil rights movement, and the fairly commonplace observation (stated beginning with Martin Luther King) that the ’60s movement succeeded in winning African-Americans legal rights but stopped short of lifting them out of poverty.”

  2. nightcrawler says

    Ahhh..But therein lies the rub Klute.

    “but stopped short of lifting them out of poverty.”

    Give a man a bowl of rice and he is happy for a day, teach him how to plant rice he is happy for a lifetime.

    It isn’t government’s job to lift anyone out of poverty. Poverty has existed since the beginning of time and will exist as long as man does. In the animal kingdom there as fat lions and thin ones. Just the way it is.

    What the government can do is to lift the barriers that hold people back by excess regulation and the self-fulfilling prophesy of entitlement payments, which only leads to co-dependence and more poverty.

  3. Yeah! Because what we’re doing right now totally doesn’t resemble redistribution of wealth IN ANY WAY AT ALL!

    We’ve never collected income taxes in higher proportions based on how large your income is! Except for that time we did.

    We’ve also never, ever invested money from one area of the country in another to pay for a massive public works project that the region that got the project couldn’t pay for! Except for all those times we did. That’s why I don’t use electricity in the Southwest or Appalachia– that’s redistribution of wealth that got us the Hoover Dam and the Tennessee Valley Authority!

    And we’ve never, ever, EVAR used federal money to help ailing schools in districts that were the poorest in the nation, or used federal money to help fund local public safety in areas that were economically dying.

    If people do it I guess that’s ok, but if the government tries to do it IT’S SOCIALISM!!!1!!1

  4. Nightcrawler,

    While I’m obviously not privy to the innermost thoughts of Sen. Obama, his statement sounds like metaphor. I doubt he was actually thinking that MLK or Malcolm X were going to handle bushels of cash to African-Americans and say “Here you go brother, I just took this from whitey”.

    “Poverty has existed since the beginning of time and will exist as long as man does.”

    And whether you call it taxes, tithing, zakah, or whatever, so have taxes. Deal with it.

    “What the government can do is to lift the barriers that hold people back by excess regulation…”

    What, exactly, is “excess” regulation? The way the current conservative movement defines it, ANY regulation is “excess” regulation.

    I agree with J-Dog – we redistribute wealth all the time. Hell, the top tax rate during the Eisenhower Admin. was close to 50%! I love how setting the top tax rate to 35% to 39% is this radical wealth redistribution plan worthy of comparison to the Communist Manifesto.

  5. What do you call the bailout plan which makes the government an owner of bank shares? Nationalization of banks is socialism, isn’t it? And this bailout plan was created by President Bush and apparently Senator McCain – remember he stopped campaigning to ‘work on the crisis’.

    Just asking….

  6. Does this mean that if Obama wins decisively, that this publication will accept it as an affirmation of the existence of a socialist majority in this country?

  7. This is an honest question.

    I would like to hear from those Republicans who will tell me how their businesses and personal finances have been improved by the last eight years of Bush’s economic policies, particularly his tax cut.

    I’m asking for some specifics. I assume you all feel you are much better off now than you were in 2000 after eight years of Clinton. How?

    Instead of telling me what you fear about the future — remember, McCain may very will win — tell me how you have benefited from the economy since the turn of the century.

    I will not respond or refute; I am really interested in knowing how Republican economic policies have benefited you personally or your company.

  8. What I love about the above Obama supporters is that they will not acknowledge and/or defend Obama’s socialist views…even when they are extremely apparent in the video post. Rather, they resort to Bush-bashing as a defense. Their theory: It’s okay if Obama is a rabid socialist…Bush was a bad President. Someone please help me connect the dots!

  9. Dulce,

    I am a registered Republican – so you help me – is nationalization of banks not socialism?

    As I said, I am just asking….

  10. It is important to discuss/debate the tax policy issue, but it doesn’t help promote clear communication to misuse language, like “rabid socialist”. “Rabid” means “extremely violent”, “infected with rabies”, or “raging, uncontrollable”. “Socialist” means a supporter of the “state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods”.
    Calling Obama a “rabid socialist” is similar to calling McCain a “warmongerer”.

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