Barack B’roke the Country

Stunning essay by Pat Buchanan on WorldNet Daily today entitled, “Is America’s financial collapse inevitable?”

But if taxes are off the table, Afghan war costs are inexorably rising and cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and entitlement programs are politically impossible, as pressure builds for a second stimulus, how does one reduce a deficit of $1.4 trillion?

How does one stop the exploding national debt from surging above 100 percent of GDP?

America is the oldest and greatest constitutional republic, the model for all the others. But if our elected politicians are incapable of imposing the sacrifices needed to pull the nation back from the brink of a devaluation or default, is democratic capitalism truly, as Francis Fukuyama told us just two decades ago, the future of mankind?

What the looming fiscal crisis of this country portends is nothing less than a test of whether this democratic republic is sustainable.

Buchanan paints a devastatingly bleak outcome for these United States which makes me wonder if it does indeed happen, won’t those in control ultimately get to rebuild the Constitutional Republic or Socialist State as they deem fit?

Call me a natural born pessimist but I cannot see any light at the end of this economic tunnel other than November 4th, 2010.


  1. Devastated Right says


    As one who’s been naive, writing online freely, questioning this administration, the left, tuning in to current events, I thought I could have a civil discourse. I believed most on the left, while politically misguided, were worthy and honorable. I bought in that politics was just about debate of issues.

    But all too late I saw that the debate was not about thoughts– not about words– it was about EVIL. The Left has a plan, and the Right has been New World Ordered for termination.

    As one who continues to pay an ultimate price– every item on my computer hacked, every aspect of my life questioned, and most of my work and writings misjudged. Me, arrogantly thinking I could play paper chase. All to see I was blind. Blue crew men paid to ruin those of us trying to enlighten. It seems that there are NO LIMITS to what is monitored–stolen from us. Years it seems and even those we loved will lie– years of friendship–even family– for the sake of political street cred. It has been horrible, devastating. It continues and I’ve little recourse as I cannot see the origin of this evil species yet, and only my word- now destroyed–against there’s which is backed by lib dollars it seems. I just don’t know.

    Friends are naught, and politics brings out true evil. What did Mulder say to Scully? Trust No One?

    After I quit blaming myself, I realized something. This Lefty Machine will stop at NOTHING.

    Oh and did IQ points just drop significantly; did no one catch The Prez referencing the undies terrorist by name three times last canned TOTUS Notes presentation? These lefties are not stupidly risking all of us with egghead liberal academics policies; the CREEPS are PURPOSELY Setting up the country. WHY would ANY
    US President refer to a terrorist by name and call him and ‘adversary’ like one is playing a friendly round of golf??!! This President is bordering on treason: he basically gave the terrorist scum and his entire movement of vile insects a ‘what up’ shout out! Obama knows that one speech HONORED THE TERRORIST!!!
    It is happening.

    When I saw financial and emotional havoc in my own life, I wanted, as a parent and a center-right person, to choose to not give in to a darkness looming. Yet, I had NO IDEA what these evil twisted masters of the Dark will do in the name of ‘justice’. Now they are peeved that they got caught believing a lie, all while they harvest ID and track anything they want. Remember Glenn Beck noting how every computer logged on to the White House during cash for clunkers was legally grabbed due to legal loop holes? I submit that this language is embedded in Facebook, a majority of banking sites, and many institutions of Obama Uniblab proportions like Google and Yahoo. You log on, agree to the terms, and they can legally claim anything, accessing you completely. Give me my tinfoil hat as the Signs are all here. But who am I? Just another crazy right-wing extremist. Call Jayno, I must be a whack job–oh hey Janet, I’m also a right-to-lifer you tool. I am not nice though–not anymore. And um, I am listening sweetie…

    DSW, There is true EVIL creating the chaos you note- that fiscal crisis reference.

    DSW, you’re calling yourself a “natural born pessimist ” but you see, even you, a person still worthy of respect, even you are being blindsided. You all are.

    The Left we fight,functions like Nazis, like the eco-terrorist insane clown posse brains, like demons. It’s about the A in the circle crap– Anarchy is a tattoo of pride. Dread locks them all up.

    They do not do this because they believe in a cause; they do this because they don’t. They all just want to watch the world burn in ORDER to pick up the pieces and reshape it all. They truly see all of us as kindling in a fire they think we started. Burning you, me, the next guy, including any number of completely naive citizens jumping online to blog or stand up.

    They WANT KSM standing in a court room in NYC, with Eric Holder, gently manning the turban as the court circus –all eyes on the prize of terror-chic KSM. He’ll probably get out an insanity plea/book deal–weekend furlough to friends in the Hamptons! Ghost written by Bill Ayers. He can be the new Amnesty International spokesman, singing of how we need to divest for the sake of Allah. Don’t you see it? Terrorism is the new trend for the Spring and Fall Season!! Heck, the Obama team don’t even need to get the Turban Cowboy out on the project runway yet. Just the thought of the evil SOB, scares the entire city into PTSD. This is the core of the plan. Terrorize by manipulating the crisis and playing off of the fears of the traumatized in the country. Use our fears against us all.

    As for your point DSW, this chaos theory of economic and social blitzkrieg is also pointed, designed, well-coordinated, and literally devoid of faith.

    So, what does one do? Choose not to be in the tunnel AT ALL. Realize that even if your life is illegally hijacked– everything is now under some monitor– you own you. It is an inalienable right granted to us by GOD.
    Those weasels crab about racial profiling? Yet, they and use, and justify it all under some collective 1984 mindset.

    Everyone in the Right is to be targeted. The left plan– turn conservatives and moderates into kindling for their idea of some “Burning Man” festival. It’s like a big pot-toking party in the desert, with loads of academics, think tanking liberal users, and political dope pushers inviting in the young and the restless for a drag… But remember, these Democrat Demons of Chaos cannot touch faith.

    Real friends will surface and fake will get swallowed up. It also helps to be smarter than they are. In spite of all of it DSW, we did get the message out that global warming is a big hoax, that EVIL is looming, and that faith in self ONLY pairs with a deep FAITH in God.

    God knows and he speaks to all of us. We just have to listen. God will not only provide a light, but a way out of the tunnel. But then God is not a person and has a different sense of time. I want to rush and stop gap the libby mad dash.

    But I know in my heart, it’s all about letting the Libby dash run with the herd– a mentality taking them right over a cliff. They are chasing themselves over and out.

    Besides, what other people think of us is truly not as important as our relationship with God.

    I thank Jesus and Mary daily for showing me a way out of all of this. As for what others think, it does not matter. I know who I am, and um I KNOW who they are.

    Have faith DSW, you’re a good soul and this mess is just a reminder for all of us on the Right, to STOP relying on the Nanny mentality, stop buying in to a networking system based on virtual reality. Yes–Get off the phone, the grid, the couch, and the soap box once in awhile.

    BUT–Don’t be afraid to wait them out though too. Let them dive off the abyss into the oblivion they so seek. If they build it, the chaos and the anarchy crap, it will come to them in one final thud of dump drive to nowhere.

    I grew up and got smarter. This new version of CREEP is all liberal smack down lost in the air ducts of consumer and corporate infrastructure, and it claims to be progressive ( like it’s a good thiNG!) and ‘liberating’. This CREEPfest lingers in the republican and democratic toolboxes. It is big on compromise and sings about getting along a lot. This is all while holding a flag in one hand, and texting the tramp stamp troll patrol with the other. Ah the long arms of gov’t– How they branch out, and reach into the pockets.

    With the mindset of my fav Brit Hume regarding Tiger Woods, I recommend the Lefties get some religion, and realize a double cross isn’t the same thing as a Hail Mary. God doesn’t play with dice Blue Men!

    Even Jesus knew a den a thieves when he saw it and wasn’t afraid to walk right in the center of it all and um, turn the tables.

    Liberalism claims to be post-racial and designed to help the down-trodden and disenfranchised rise up against ‘the man’– Corporate greed as their poster child of the Dorothy make-a-wish, heel-clicking crony crowd. They are the core of ‘progressives’. They are fully hooked in to BOTH parties.

    But even a few men of history are often misread. Some here in AZ elected office. Some good thinking and seeking individualism and independent thought worked with a progressive agenda and got got caught up in the thirst for power. Never side against sacrifice for American uniqueness.

    Like Teddy Roosevelt, whom I like to believe still knew the difference between good and evil. He did stand for something when Liberty was about freedom and was not just a word meaning taking advantage of others. Yet hindsight is 20/20 and I can see he bought into globalization at a bad point. But he is of another time and not like his cousin FDR. He’s not the real problem of the progressive machine we see today. Left and Right, we’ve got a problem and it’s called globalization as organized by liberal infrastructure.

    Going off grid invokes images of survivalists or lots of guns, MREs and sheds. There is a need for fiscal off-grid mentality– a boycott of all liberal machination of our unique worth based on computer tables and actuarial diagnostics of nothing. Let’s see banks get smaller and offer loans based on work history and personal knowledge of the client. We all must rage against this machine. Invest in each other not computer-generated realities. We cannot buy into facsimiles of citizens in an undocumented underground of labor liberal virtual world. Avatar based electronic scoring (credit, identity, and records of all life activities) is the super highway for all illegal alien loans, fake books, and even voter fraud.

    International banks cook the books– heck entire nations do, and one is to worry about one’s FICO dropping after a bad financial year? We are all being conned into this system. It does not matter anymore.

    DSW, it’s simple– KISS principle– Keep it Simple Stupid–We are losing self-reliance. This is not performance art– this is survival here.

    Create again and buy into only one path out– Faith. All the rest is a system based on virtual value taken without any right, without the knowledge of the owners–you me, and all private citizens!

    –FIAT currency is dying. We cannot wait for anyone else to um Fix it again…

    This is not about a political fight– it’s a spiritual calling to rise above the machines.

    Whether Sarah Palin, or Sarah Connor we need a hero– I say a conservative woman not afraid to play a little Stratego or is it 3D chess now? Well, the machines are in play, full of money–our money that is– being used against us, and um nobody wants to KISS.

  2. for months, I have heard that this administration was doing all of this on purpose. And for months I had dismissed this theory. I honestly believed that those in charge were simply STUPID. Now, I must admit, all of this administrations “game-playing” is with purpose. One example,at BHO’s “Job Summit” all were welcome, except for groups like the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE!!!!!!
    How do you have a job summit and exclude the C of C?

  3. Quick poll: Is anyone stockpiling food, ammo and other survival items?

  4. No. Not stockpiling. Face it, how much can one stock pile with a hundred neighbors? One can stock pile but in a total collapse, people are going to be roaming for whatever they can get, wherever they can get it. Plus, farmers need to sell, people need to eat … the middleman makes the connection, even if it’s by horse cart.
    Human enterprise wont’ be shut down, it’ll shift and move in response to the conditions, but it’ll be there. It’ll be called the “black market” but it functions and gets people what they need.

    ” won’t those in control ultimately get to rebuild the Constitutional Republic or Socialist State as they deem fit?”

    That’s what Obama and all his radical friends want. Pre-campaign Obama talked “redistribution” and that the Constitution is an impediment to such plans. Weather Undergound terrorist and Obama mentor William Ayers thinks nothing of eliminating millions of Americans to impose his twisted vision of a new restructured society (His 1960s book “Prairie Fire” was discovered by the underground blogger, zombie and is available to examine at zombie’s blog zombietime).

    A lot of Obama’s pre-campaign speeches and comments seem influenced by Nation of Islam philosophy. Obama’s ostensible spiritual guide for twenty years, Reverend Wright, praises Louis Farrkhan of Nation of Islam, a peculiar choice of hero for some who passes himself off as a pastor, but not peculiar for a “pastor” who screeches, “G– da–m AMerica!”

    Louis Farrakhan travels to Libya to schmooze with America’s enemy, Ghaddafi, whose life dream is to create a United Pan-African nation with – guess who – Ghaddafi as supreme leader implementing his personal vision of “Islamic Socialism” as detailed in Ghaddafi’s work: the GREEN BOOK.

    Van Jones, an avowed communist hired by Obama, with an unvetted position controlling billions of dollars for “Green priorities.” speechified about “Green Jobs” in the inner cities and “Green Sectors” and clarified in the same paragraph that it referred to “redistribution.” Which as Joe the Plumber, the Middle Class Average Guy who wasn’t supposed to know about such things, quickly noticed is the basic tenant of “socialism.”

    Time to take a very good look at what Ghaddafi wrote in his GREEN BOOK: His egotistical blend of Islam and secular socialism, and a long screed about the failures of capitalism and free markets.

    But, Ghaddafi has not achieved his life’s dream. Africans have been abused at his hands (Chad Civil War) and been the victims of his terrorist attacks (Kenya bombings). Africans fought back and he did not succeed. Because it’s all theory and talk over here, Ghaddafi has more admirers in North America than amongst Africans who’ve been at the physical receiving end of his brutality.

    Just because egomaniacs propose and intend to impose doesn’t automatically mean it’ll work. People react.

  5. Oh, anyone notice that the ailing “3-months-to-live” Lockerie Bomber is still … alive and doesn’t seem to need that cane he was teetering on in Scotland anymore? Perhaps it’s the warm Libyan weather that’s revived him and added a few unexpected years to his mass-murder-tainted life.

    If they were so worried about his health in prison, why didn’t Scotland extradite him to the USA and delivered him to, say… Sheriff Arpacio’s tender care in Libyan-like warm Maricopa County?

  6. [insert theramin music here]




    (there ain’t enough tin foil to contain THIS thread)

  7. Devastated Right says

    Survey here says–no stockpiling for us, we need to eat less here anyway :-). Chick-fil-a anyone? I’m plotting to take over the world– one nugget at a time. Oh and if I choose BBQ or honey mustard– it’s not a sign. it’s just a dip.

    I’m more saddened about about the internal dialogue of conservatives I once thought I knew- let alone the few phonies I met of late.

    As for the Ivy league Libs or elitists of either troupe, local nerds–who could care if they get huffy. Privacy is still a right– I mean I think so… so I am told. But I am simple.

    But I’m also proud of the fact that I’m kinda dumb as to the ways of the force in the whole black opps bs of community chest politics. I’m more of a Palin Political junkie– I actually believe people are capable of being decent.

    But then, when I feel my family is threatened, and I can’t see from where, I’m gonna bite back–even if I get clawed in the process. Even if I kinda stepped in it myself, I am not going to let a crisis go to waste… use their tactics against the lefties ppl.

    I don’t really care if drama ensues. Surveying the land, I see lots of potential- even if I am standing out here by my lil lonesome. C’est la vie.

    Polls are only as relevant as the questions asked. So far, you are the only one asking anything I can get my pea brain to grasp so…

    As for the GOP, well IMHO it is also time to reflect. Stop shooting the messengers, the newcomers, the people who don’t say things properly, or anyone who questions the process. The Darkness I challenge of the GOP in this state is in its spirit (not anyone’s color, duhhh).

    I like the Martin Luther King Republican as a model of all conservatism. Before he was turned by the left, and then taken out for questioning ALL authority, and being determined and dramatic. He was killed for believing in real people.

    Judge the content of character as a whole package. Sadly though, MLK jumped ship at the nudge of the Kennedy Machine–becoming a democrat. Let’s hope the Mass. election can bring in some social symmetry.

    Quit the insane hysteria of total smear and actually listen, read, reflect, and challenge the Left DIRECTLY. They are falling all over themselves in gloat and paper thin relevance. Heck, take the Green and Global warming material. IT IS A LIE! It’s also the fundamental component of the ENTIRE DEM PLATFORM–permeates all policy.

    I can’t harp on this much more– been trying for years to find someone who’d see or just wake up. Nope… the good ol boys are still snoring. Even my heroes got lost in the nuggets of dumb.. oh well. I will hope they wake up and smell the coffee.

    Let’s right that error next week and right the seat of the of the Lyin, er Lion of the Senate.
    RIP Senator Teddy. I pray for his soul as I think he needs it, and I hope he is at peace.
    But this is the chance we’ve been awaiting!

    Point of clarification and about the other Ted I mentioned before—

    Progressives are an evolution that metastasizes in both parties. It IS the problem regarding the fiscal collapse you noted. Yet, grouping Teddy Roosevelt, who seemed to see progressiveness as a way to open up markets and foster the private sector in America of over 100 years ago, as the same mutant philosophy it is now under the witchy spell of Hillary Clinton or any of the current administration, is to compare apples and oranges.

    Once the policies of the Woodrow Wilson crowd mushroomed, we saw sad history with the absolute turn of the screw. That design of really fascist social policy with fiscal oligarchical structure IS THE TEMPLATE of today’s economic implosion.

    DSW, I say survival plans best be designed or modeled as if a plague of the Spanish Flu variety were hitting the country. Fiscal Collapse is like a killer virus.

    We seem to have no problem at Homeland Security stopping planes or controlling infestations for a flu. Heck every airplane was pulled over with anyone coughing, but we cannot seem to control international takeover of our economy– or stop a watch list worthy scumbag with nuclear panties on. Gosh, maybe if they were edible and he’d been a disenfranchised Gay Muslim, they’d at least look in HIS drawers.

    No, Homelandia and the like are too busy looking at middle aged women in line at Costco for possible terrorist links through obscure references to God and um family values on subversive mom chat rooms. Stop, drop, and roll– the right wing mothers are coming to get ya, one tea bag at a time. Geez.

    But the GOP is lost in Yonkers too–The FED is raking it in, and yet where’s the GOP on that point? Do we want to fight dragons we cannot see or win?? hello?? conservatives? Come on…

    Couldn’t Mr. McCain do more for us by carrying a big stick with him when he stands in the way of Obama, as our senator defined in his weird radio advertisement? Have you heard that ad? Good Lord.. who wrote that? The image of McCain fighting Obama– um, no.. Please have some dignity. McCain doesn’t need to stoop to that. He was fighting real Evil when Obama was trying to find his birth certificate there in the circular file back in HI.

    Truth be known, how many people will be hurt by the financial implosion? Are there more people going homeless, without support, families breaking up? Couldn’t our state and federal leadership spend more time saving people DIRECTLY by saving the financial Katrina Storm– just GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

    With all due respect to Senator McCain, we do not need him nor Obama in the way of basic capitalism and the emerging small business right here. Instead of just blocking Obama, maybe the Maverick could work on letting Obama’s crew ramble on as they are doing themselves in politically. Our senior senator would be better off stopping government; or better yet, let’s see him try exposing the President as the crooked politician he is. McCain is a noble man and a worthy senator who waffles and folds too much.

    People are going under. No flu shot is gonna save families who lost jobs while Obama and McCain play rock, paper, scissors in the middle of DC.

    Survey says I need a glass of wine and to forget this stuff. My crystal ball works better when I’m not visualizing McCain and Obama in a rumble.

    Keep up the good fight DSW…

    As for the trolls well I’m sure they got there minimum wage allowance from Acorn to read the posts and plot how to take over AZ govt without dropping their bongs or losing their place in line to donate plasma.

    As for GOP trolls, let’s hope they weren’t the same team who wrote the terrible radio spot…
    we’re done for if that’s the case…gads

  8. Not Stockpiling

    I do have a question. How many of you won stocks in companies who have taken US jobs out of the country?

  9. ………………
    ron Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 7:24 pm
    Not Stockpiling

    I do have a question. How many of you won stocks in companies who have taken US jobs out of the country?
    Just wondering, why is that a question?
    See what happened to GE stock with that Democrat carpetbagger CEO spotted tick in charge of it? The grubby jerk wiped out people’s retirements. $60 to $5.

    US companies prefer the USA. No crime, good eletrical, excellent roads, trains, waterways, airlines, banking. WHat would possess them to pack up and leave? Why that would be taxes and punitive regulations that either force them to close or move to friendlier regions.
    The companies that can’t leave close. Note the current and rising unemployment in the USA today? The ones that can’t leave are indeed going out of business. The only ones to survive are packing for China and India.

    Most investors are the little guys who bought stocks – one- two-three-four monthly for decades planning to live off the dividends.
    Social Security is a Ponzi scheme waiting to collapse. Their only hope, with the Tax and Spend Democrats in charge, for those dividends to provide some cash to live on is from the companies which pack up and leave.

    If the Democrats cut taxes, passed tort reform and stabilized the infrastructure, all these companies woud come right back.
    It’s not their fault they are moving.

  10. ………………..
    Devastated Right Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 7:12 pm
    Couldn’t Mr. McCain do more for us by carrying a big stick with him when he stands in the way of Obama, as our senator defined in his weird radio advertisement? Have you heard that ad? Good Lord.. who wrote that?

    Oh, yeah! Heard it this afternoon and my jaw dropped so much my chewing gum fell out.

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