AZRTL PAC Sets the Record Straight

Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee Chairman, David Roney, has set the record straight on the Maricopa County Republican Chairmen candidates on his Lighthouse Blog.

In an earlier Sonoran Alliance post, conservative pro-life grassroots activist Haney was endorsed by the PAC. The original post did not mention any candidate survey but Roney cites responses of both Rob Haney and Jerry Brooks in his extensive post:

Question 1. Do you support the complete reversal of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions, thereby allowing the Arizona State Legislature and the U.S. Congress to once again protect unborn children to the degree they deem appropriate?  Haney: YES; Brooks: NO

Question 9. Would you support and vote for a bill to remove government from the abortion industry by preventing the use of state facilities or resources to perform abortions not necessary to prevent the death of the mother, and to prevent state employees from performing, referring or counseling for abortions, other than those necessary to prevent the death of the mother?  Haney: YES; Brooks: NO

Question 10.  Would you oppose and vote against the use of taxpayer funds for abortion other than to prevent the death of the mother?  Haney: YES; Brooks: NO

Question 14.  Would you support and vote for a bill that would prevent the use of abortion as a means of birth control?  Haney: YES; Brooks: NO

On many of the remaining questions, where Haney provided “Yes” answers, Mr. Brooks replied either “N/A” or left the question blank.  Out of 26 questions where “yes” is the pro-life answer, Mr. Brooks only answered “yes” four times.

David Roney then notes in his post that the endorsement was not made out of any ill will or malice:

Mr. Brooks claims to be pro-life, and in his heart he perhaps is, but the differences between Mr. Haney’s pro-life positions and those of Mr. Brooks are quite stark.  It was based on those differences, and not any impropriety, that Arizona Right to Life PAC endorsed Mr. Haney for GOP County Chairman.  And once again, they have taken the correct action.

For those Republican casting their votes this Saturday based on the sanctity of life issue, it will be interesting to see if this issue marginalizes either candidate. My impression is that the abortion issue is no longer the prominent issue for Republicans as it once once. Instead, illegal immigration has dominated Republican voting behavior in the last 24 months. Thus far, I have heard very little from both candidates leading up to this election.


  1. The only legitimate choice women should have is to fertilize their egg/ or not. Anything after that point is just dealing with a consequence. Pro-choice positions either have to admit that those women that need a choice after conception are ignorant or irresponsible.
    Some Pro-Life advocates believe that it is a moral imperative to stop abortions with or without legislative action. As a candidate for president Steve Forbes used to explain his preference for a social crusade similar to the temperance movement to combat the choice of abortion. A social movement that was far more visible and effective than legislative battles to define these “choices”.
    Just making the point that some people dont necessarily rely on the laws to make the changes. Those pac questions are all based on legislation. Maybe they should make crossing the border illegal too.

  2. West Valley Guru says

    Glad Roney cleared it up. Does anyone know if they’ll be doing the same thing in the State Chairman’s race? How about the Dem party contests? Being as they are a non-partisan group, I’m assuming so. It will be interesting to see how Lisa James squares her claims to being pro-life with wanting Giuliani as President.

  3. For some more back ground on Lisa James see this story at Gila Courier.

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