AzRTL PAC Announces Endorsement of David Schweikert for CD 5

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Arizona Right to Life PAC Announces Endorsement of David Schweikert for Congressional District 5 GOP Primary

Phoenix, AZ- April 5, 2010 – Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee (“AzRTL PAC”) today announces its endorsement of David Schweikert in the Republican Primary for U.S. House of Representatives District 5. AzRTL PAC endorses David Schweikert based on his  strong pro-life voting record while in the Arizona legislature along with a long history of support and involvement in the pro-life movement.

“While other candidates for this office have indicated they are pro-life in an AzRTL PAC questionnaire, David Schweikert’s personal story and his strong pro-life voting record makes him the unquestionable choice for pro-life voters.  We urge all pro-lifers to support David in the August 24 Primary, ” said Walter Opaska, Chair of AzRTL PAC.  David’s mother planned on having an abortion but changed her mind while driving to the abortion.  David was born at an unwed mother’s home in Los Angeles and later adopted by the Schweikert family.

David expresses his commitment to the the sanctity of life in his own words here.

Before making this endorsement, AzRTL PAC seriously considered all of the pro-life candidates and concluded David Schweikert is the mostly likely candidate to defeat pro-abortion Harry Mitchell in the general election.

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  1. They endorsed him last time as well correct?

  2. Yes David got their endorsement last time too. This race is shaping up to be pretty dull. Susan Bitter-smith, the very liberal Republican he beat last time, is running again, but no one even realizes she’s running since she lost the endorsement of Arpaio due to her choosing to be a trustee for the Don Stapley legal defense fund against Arpaio. Some carpetbagger from California named Jim Ward with a history of never bothering to vote is also running but no one has ever heard of him.

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