AZRTL: Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Slams Pro-Lifers in Official Document

Arizona Right to Life has issued a response to Napolitano’s DHS report. Napolitano warned law enforcement agencies that certain types of people could be engaging in domestic terrorism. The report painted a broad brush, likening them to white supremacist groups, Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. The types of people Napolitano listed in the report were one-issue organizations such as prolife groups and groups opposing illegal immigration, returning war veterans, and people that prefer local & state control over federal government control (I think this latter category would include virtually every Republican in the country?). We’ve heard that one Congressman has already called for an investigation of bias within Homeland Security over the report, and a lawsuit has been filed by the Thomas More Society on behalf of Michael Savage and others on free speech grounds. Why is DHS issuing reports like this, when they should be going after real terrorists like al Qaeda?

Dear Friends,

Arizona Right to Life is saddened and deeply disappointed by a recent report made public by Department of Homeland Security Secretary and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano regarding many organizations throughout the nation, including pro-life groups and our nation’s military.

Arizona Right to Life PAC cannot understand the mental acuity behind recent comments made by Secretary Napolitano. In a Homeland Security report sent to police and sheriff’s departments, titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” Napolitano warned about groups like Arizona Right to Life,

“Rightwing extremism in the United States…[includes groups] rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority….[and] may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”
The report asserts that “right wing extremists” made up domestic terrorist groups that were responsible for an increase in violent attacks in the 1990’s, including the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and hints that with Barack Obama as the first African-American president, there will be a rise in white supremacist militias.

This characterization of many worthy organizations, such as Arizona Right to Life, as hate groups or terrorist groups is extremely offensive and lacks any basis in truth. Organizations such as Arizona Right to Life are composed of peaceful citizens from all walks of life and all political parties. These organizations work to restore, in law, all protection of all innocent human beings, including unborn children, as was the case prior to the U.S. Supreme Court’s edict in Roe v. Wade in 1973. This work does not reflect the action or attitude of a hate group or terrorist group. Quite the contrary, the whole goal of these organizations is to end violence against all human beings.

Secretary Napolitano, and the Obama Administration, feign a lack of understanding and “concern” over the mission of pro-life organizations as a thinly veiled maneuver to forward an agenda based on extremist disregard for human life. As citizens of a nation founded on the tenets of justice and freedom, no one should be willing to tolerate such blatant manipulation and disregard for truth.

The answer that all Americans should be demanding of this administration is “Why is the Department of Homeland Security spending our time and resources singling out groups like pro-life supporters instead of focusing on identifying and apprehending the real terrorists – like al-Qaeda – groups that have vowed to destroy America?”. If Secretary Napolitano is unwilling or unable to address the true threats to this country, it is imperative that she be immediately replaced by someone who can and will.

Secretary Napolitano has issued a weak apology to the United State Military for the outrageous and erroneous statements made in this report. This is not enough. We urge our grassroots supporters to contact Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and demand that she formally apologize, recant the statements made against the many organizations that have been libeled by this report and begin to fulfill her obligation to address the many real threats against our country. Contact information can be found at


  1. Bravo to the formal complaint. It’s critical to take the high road and clearly and formally document dissent. I am thinking, and I heard Michael Savage say it a day after I thought it, that this action of DHS is bordering on illegal. It’s public funds used to create biggotry, with slanderous statements.
    As always with these type of cases, is there malice? I say YES!

  2. That bombing was a single event, almost 14 years ago- hasn’t Al Qaida staged hundreds of attacks on US interests since then? Why so little mention of them since she was appointed three months ago- isn’t keeping a lid on those medieval savages 80% of her job description? Isn’t that why the Department of Homeland Security created in the first-place?

    Apparently there is no bounds to what government assets Obama will prostitute for his own purposes… while neglecting daunting, actual threats in the meantime.

    So all who wondered why Obama chose this obedient toady to head Homeland Security now have their answer: a serious choice who would have focused upon real terrorist threats -not imaginary, partisan ones- like, say, a Rudolph Giuliani, wouldn’t have been a willing participant in such a sham report.

  3. Olga Glomba says

    Oh Lord!
    Is this the person officially in charge of our Homeland security making this remarks?
    How sad to waste resources to label good non-violent citizens from all walks of life and political parties to discredit them in public view of what their real goal is, stop the non-sense killing of unborn children because is the easy way out and do not forget that if real Non-violent movements succeeds in their effort to educate our citizens about the real concern and dramatic effect abortion is having in our communities and in our country it will not be profitable to Planned Parenthood, which by the way donated billions of dollars to Barack Obama political campaign.
    Very poor report based on facts of incidents that there is no proof it was committeed by True Pro-life groups constituded by non-violent citizens.
    Trying to use such a report of misguided facts in regards of the involvement of Pro-Life Institutions is low politics and embarrasing..

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