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AZRTL Condemns Obama on ESCR Reversal

AZRTL Condemns Obama on ESCR Reversal


Arizona Right to Life Condemns Obama Order to Rescind Embryonic Stem Cell Research Federal Funding Ban

President Obama continued his attack today on life-saving policies instituted by previous Administrations by rescinding President George W. Bush’s 2001 ban on the use of Federal Money to fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

The process of harvesting stem cells for this research kills the tiny days-old human being from whom the cells are pillaged. President Obama’s Order will allow the use of YOUR tax payer dollars to expand this “research” and further sanction the destruction of innocent human life by the Federal Government, and it places 400,000 frozen embryos in mortal danger.

Arizona Right to Life strongly denounces this horrific decision. In addition to killing the babies from whom the stem cells are harvested, and notwithstanding the President’s misleading moniker that this research is “Promising,” Embryonic Stem Cell Research has never cured a single disease, despite countless attempts in privately-funded research over the past decade. In fact, it has produced numerous tumors and cell mutations in test patients.

Conversely, Adult Stem Cell Research has yielded treatments for over 70 diseases including Type-1 Diabetes, spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s disease. Cord Blood Stem Cell Research and Pluripotent Stem Cell Research have shown rich potential as well. Regardless of the fact that these methods have been successful and are all non-fatal to the cell donor, and despite being in the worst recession in decades, the President has forged ahead with his morally and fiscally irresponsible insistence on the pursuit of life-ending and financially wasteful Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

Despite campaign promises to unite the country, this move comes just days after another anti-life attack in which President Obama overturned regulations protecting healthcare workers from being forced to perform procedures that violate their consciences, and in the shadows of the looming FOCA efforts. President Obama’s radical policies have blatantly attacked pro-life policies and adherants, and have divided this country more than ever before.

Arizona Right to Life condemns this policy and the dangerous precipice on which it places this country. We call upon the President to carefully reevaluate the reports on previous Embryonic Stem Cell Research, the promising potential of other forms of Stem Cell Research, and the wishes of millions of concerned citizens nationwide.

Arizona Right to Life urges you to contact the White House and voice your concern over being positioned on this ominous slippery slope. We solicit your prayers and advocacy for the tinyest and most innocent among us, and for the President to adopt a radical change of heart and mind before additional lives are destroyed.

Arizona Right to Life is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)4 organization committed to articulating and protecting the right to life of all innocent human beings, born and unborn. We are the oldest, largest and strongest pro-life organization in Arizona.


  1. So I see that some un-American, family-hating cowardly traitors worthy only of deportation are again baring their drooling fangs and spewing their filthy venom lest any patriotic and honest citizens get a break.

    Just kidding! You guys are doing great! Have a terrific day! You’ll “stem” the tide any minute now!

  2. Oops! Confused you guys with the socialist “liberal” monsters who are the enemies of decent people everywhere. My mistake! I apologize profusely for the insults obviously meant for “illegals.”

  3. Antifederalist says

    The leftists have said they’re not going to let morals/ethics/religion get in the way of science. Funny, they’re letting their own ideology get in the way of both facts and human life. The cold, hard facts are that more scientific discoveries/advances have been made with ADULT pluripotent stem cells rather than embryonic stem cells. Additionally, there are couples out there who would LOVE to adopt the embryos (and have), birth them, and raise and nurture them. Yet the murdering, snotty leftists refuse to see the facts and condemn those children to death. Sickos.

    Further, not imposing morals/ethics/religion on science, eh? Then why all the opposition to cloning? How about if we find some genetic markers for homosexuality and there’s a rash of aborting gay babies. Think the leftists would step in and impose their moral choices on pregnant women? Finally, I guess it was OK for Mengele to experiment on the Jews, right? I mean, after all, who are we to stand the the way of science with out morals and religion, right?

  4. Hey Folks,

    It’s YOUR tax dollars. If you want the federal government dumping millions of dollars down a rat hole that has already been proven unsuccessful, keep your mouth shut and go on with your daily lives. This is all about pleasing political special interest groups who got Obama elected. It ain’t gonna heal anyone – in fact, it will make their lives worse. So go about your daily lives. You’re not mad enough yet as the fed keeps stealing your money and wasting it on unsuccessful political agendas.

  5. Auntiefederalist says

    Darn that Obama. There’s no need to kill babies to cure diseases. Just put all those tiny days-old human beings in the Octo-mom’s womb. Then, when they pop out, we can all subsidize the cost of their birth, housing, feeding, clothing, schooling, etc. Those darn liberal socialist just want to waste our tax dollars!

  6. Auntiefederalist,

    Heh. I’ve always thought the fastest way to have gotten conservatives to pull the plug on Terri Schiavo would have been to pass a law saying that her healthcare and rehabilitation would have to be paid for by the state.

    Watch how fast the slogan would have gone from “Life: What a Beautiful Choice” to “Life: Well, Let’s Not Be So Hasty Here…”

    The fact that conservatives are willing to allow all these snowflake babies to suffer in living death and not allow, nay demand, they be given to Nadya Suleman-types even at the cost of the American taxpayer, is nothing less than full support of China’s “One Child” policy. Anti-F, your support of Hu Jintao is sickening.

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