AZGOP To Search For New Executive Director

With the pending departure of current AZGOP Executive Director Sean McCaffrey, the State GOP will have to choose a new Executive Director.  Staff hires are ultimately the decision of the State Party Chairman, so we don’t expect any formal announcements until after the State GOP has its convention in late-January, but with pro-Randy Pullen slates winning handily in most districts, the Chairman’s re-election is more likely than not.  This has led to the usual political parlor games of trying to guess who will be hired.  Several politicos have suggested that Pullen will again go outside the state as part of a more national search, like he did in 2006 before bringing in McCaffrey.  A few local consulants have also been mentioned as potential hires, and there is talk that Pullen will consult with Jan Brewer before making any decisions.  A third possibility is that Pullen will promote from within.  As one consultant explained, “Pullen has traditionally promoted from within and rewarded good work with advancement.”  The same consultant predicted that AZGOP Political Director Brett Mecum would be the logical and correct choice.  “He’s smart, he plays nice with everyone, knows the state, knows the players and candidates, and he’s loyal to the Chairman and the Party.  What else are you looking for in an ED?”  Should Pullen win re-election, indications are that Mecum will remain in some capacity and Finance Director Amilyn Gordon would also remain.



  1. Fog on a clear day says

    Randy getting elected is laughable.The entire Republican delegation is against another Pullen term. The same group that unseated Rob Haney and Tom Husband, is hard at work to make certain Pullen packs his bags. Pullen has been traveling around the state as of late, visiting state committeemen asking for their vote this January. Unfortunately, for Pullen, the interest is elsewhere. The delegation has a few people in mind, they will make the final selection and Pullen is absolutely not one of them. Once the Attorney General’s office is done with the Pullen & Bruce Ash invetigation with respect to the mishap of illegal finance contributions accepted by the party, I doubt Randy will be in any position to present himself as a candidate for anything other than TENT CITY.

  2. Casual Observer says

    This goes far beyond the delegation. Many, many PC’s who worked their tails off to win in November have recognized that the current weakness of our party in AZ falls squarely at the feet of Pullen. The claim of victory in legislative races is not due to anything the state party did and cannot be legitimately spun to indicate such. In many cases, it was in spite of Pullen’s leadership that candidates were able to win and then only because of the hardworking grassroots and candidates themselves. Outside of Maricopa, he is despised for his ignorance until it suits him, then the meddling and super-delegate mentality kicks in.

    There can be no denying he was not handed the healthiest situation, but pointing out the weakness and failure of others does not make him better; he has taken a bad case of lack of attention and allowed it to turn into multi-system failure…. can’t keep a staff, flat broke, facing criminal charges, division and faction in-fighting rules the day…. such leadership deserves a return performance? Nope, the people have had it and are saying so at LD reorganizational meetings.

    Maybe he needs to “spend more time with his family”.

  3. galloping artichoke says

    The entire delegation was against the first Pullen term and he still pulled through. I suspect that there are not many people that voted for him last time that are going to move away this time.

    I sincerely doubt either of you (if you actually are two different people) have a clue of what is going on statewide. Do you really know how the districts are moving in Tucson, Yuma, and Northern Arizona? Really?

    Here’s a clue, all of the anti-Pullen primary candidates that were pushed by these same people that you claim are so strategically astute were simply DESTROYED, as was their pathetic and deceptive ballot proposition.

    The biggest clue however is the lack of an opposing candidate. If Pullen losing was such a foregone conclusion, I would assume there would be people falling all over themselves to take that slot. We are about 5 weeks out and still no opposition candidate. Why would that be?

    When I look over the past 6 months ALL of the division and faction in-fighting has come from one direction, and it isn’t from Randy Pullen.

    The real question you have to ask yourself is now that it has been demonstrated that the former “underlings” can win elections not only without the anti-Pullen faction, but with that faction actively working against it, what possible credibility could you possibly have in leading us forward?

    That is your real problem isn’t it, Nathan?

  4. Wooden Teeth says

    Pullen won by four votes last time against an “anyone but Pullen” candidate. Only a couple PC’s who were recruited to support him and who saw Pullen’s “masturbation” ad have to change their minds. Not a leap at all.

    What was actually proven in the election is that the party is irrelevant. All the money dried up because of the delegation’s relationship to Pullen, yet somehow conservative types still won. Sure, some people think it’s because Pullen did a good job, but the reality is that IE’s and direct giving to candidates took the place of the party’s fundraising structure.

  5. galloping artichoke says

    Lisa James is hardly a cardboard cut out.

    The “conservative grassroots” faction of the Arizona Republican party is far stronger than two years ago. There are additional slots this year that weren’t there for Pullen two years ago.

    Additionally, can you go ahead and name these IE’s that spent for Republicans in the General? Most of the ones I saw were set up to smear Republicans in the primary.

    You cannot simultaneously hold Pullen accountable for all the bad that happened, yet not give him any credit for the good. That is just dishonest.

    The fact that money was purposely held back from the state party by our congressional delegation is pretty crappy as well. It says more about them than it does about Pullen. Especially when it has no real effect.

  6. Wooden Teeth says

    It will be tough to find winning candidates who will admit the party didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t do jack to help them. Doesn’t prove anything. Maybe talk to some losing candidates…

    Why can’t I blame Pullen for the masturbation ad and not credit him for, say, Al Melvin winning? Can I credit Al Melvin for Al Melvin, and still blame Pullen for the masturbation ad. What’s inconsistent about that? If you want to credit him for the sun coming up today fine, but don’t ask SA readers to do the same.

    My point is that based on the election results the state GOP is irrelevant, no matter who is leading it. Conservatives have proven there can be great victories with the AZGOP. Credit Pullen all you want, but if you follow the money you’ll find out how little the state GOP had to do with anything.

    But if someone wants to think Pullen’s masturbation ad helped Arpaio beat Saban, and was therefore money well spent, I can’t help it. I can only try to help SA readers by telling them to think twice about where the credit goes.

  7. galloping artichoke says

    Wooden Teeth,

    Honestly, I don’t think you have a clue on what exactly the state did and didn’t do for candidates, nor could you list these supposed IE’s that helped Republicans win outside of the state party.

    Obviously SOMETHING happened. You don’t pull off what happened in this state by coincidence. And there is a whole lot of groups that can be agreed to be eliminated as factors, namely the “delegation association.” Also, anybody or anything associated with Nathan Sproul.

    No one is saying Pullen is perfect, but you are going to have a hard time firing with November’s results. He said he was going to concentrate and win these legislative races and that is exactly what happened. How many Republican officials can claim successful results in the past four years?

    The ONLY victory Sproul has is Ann Day with about 12 other losses. We are going to be asked to choose between the two (the other candidate will be a Sproul surrogate.) That’s a simple choice.

  8. Basil St. John says

    Pull off what happened in this state? All Republicans did was win a couple of House races and one Senate race–in districts where they had a voter reg advantage! Are we really supposed to be impressed by that?

  9. GOP Boomer Gal says

    The State Party helped a LOT in LD 26 by opening an office in Rancho Vistoso. That office was packed every day by volunteers making calls for candidates.

    Randy Pullen and Brett Mecum have both been very accessible and helpful in LD 26.

  10. Randy Pullen is not the Problem

    There is no good reasons to replace Randy Pullen as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Pullen has successfully lead the Arizona GOP through some of the toughest times since Watergate.

    The problem facing the GOP, is not Pullen, is not conservative versus moderate, it’s more basic then that, it’s who is to control the party, the grassroots from the bottom up, or the establishment Republicans from the top down.

    Political parties are not like corporations or military organizations. Top management can’t just give orders or policy directives and expect elected party officials to simply obey. A political party, like a government, must operate with the consent of the people at the grassroots. If a political party allows itself to be governed by a ruling elite, it no longer reflects the will of the average citizen and will lose election after election, until it no longer remains relevant and is replaced by a party that does represent the will of the people.

    Government by the consent of the governed is how power is ultimately structured in America. Yes, special interest and big money does have a disproportionate influence on our government, but when push comes to shove, the people ultimately prevail. The establishment or elite country club Republicans may be motivated by the best of intentions, but they don’t see the world from the same vantage point as the people at the grassroots.

    Who are these elites? They are the big dollar donors, lobbyist and the elected officials they control, who are concerned with their own selfish interest first. They do not represent the average American citizen. They represent the few, sometimes at the expense of the many. When they control a political party, a clash of interest develops and the party divides itself.

    Many of the elites are like spoiled children, when they don’t get their way they hold a tantrum, such was the case with the election by the grassroots of Randy Pullen as state party chairman. Pullen was not the establishment candidate and he defeated their candidate, how dare he.

    Randy Pullen didn’t elect Randy Pullen state chairman however, the state committeemen elected by the precinct committeemen who are elected and represent the Republican voters of Arizona elected Randy Pullen and therefore, Randy Pullen represents the Republican voters of Arizona and whereas he has been doing a good job under the most difficult of circumstances, he deserves re-election and the support of the GOP rank and file.

    Randy Pullen isn’t the problem, those that can’t accept the will of the people are the problem.


  11. galloping artichoke says


    That’s certainly more that we did two years ago, and it’s certainly better than just any other State in the union. How many states added more republicans to state office? The only two that I know about are Arizona and Tennesee.

    What Arizona Republicans did is a big deal. Sorry to dissapoint you.

  12. Iris Lynch says

    Well said, logical and well presented. Too bad it won’t have any effect on the disadvantaged.

  13. Basil St. John says

    GA: 2006 was the aberration in state races. 2008 was regression to the mean. You’re easily impressed.

  14. Fog on a clear day says

    GA: I’m an ancient female that has lived here all my life. I don’t know Sproul however, from what I have heard & read about him the past 4+ years I don’t think I want to know him.Sorry to disappoint you. I could tell you were all excited thinking you were responding directly to that reptile.

  15. It is interesting to me that Pullen spent money on two candidates that were 15 to 20 points ahead, but didn’t have enough money to help out all the other candidates. What is more interesting is that he did have enough money to send out a franking piece to all pc’s basically promoting himself to be reelected.

  16. Big Sister says

    Who knew the party was made up of sheeple who wait with baited breathe for “the delegation” to call and tell them what to do? Who knew the delegation was so in touch with so many and had such absolute power? DANG, now that’s impressive!

    This Sproul character, he must have lots of free time to post so many times on this site under so many different names (it surely can’t be that there exists free thinking others who would oppose the current exalted one), which must explain why he is obviously incompetent at everything else he does.

    OR…these are sorry excuses for failed leadership that will substitute for a conscience and allow those who crave power to give it another go. Just keep calling the opposition bad actors and align them with other “bad” actors or “bad” issues and divert the attention from the real topic. Pullen was a divisive character before and still is. He has never been in it for the right reasons and still isn’t. He is jealous of the power others hold and will do whatever it takes to rid them of that power and requisition it for him. He can’t win an election outside of the party, leaving him no avenue for leadership except to scare folks and divide the party so as to undermine any attempt to bring it back to whole.

  17. Reading through comments – very interesting.

    Randy Pullen and crew actually did very good with state races this last election cycle. Yes, we lost a few house seats we could have won but it was only because of “single-shot” strategies by the Dems. Congressional races were a different story as DCCC money poured into this state like we have never seen. Bob Stump squeaked by in his ACC race because conservative faith voters turned out for him and single-shot him over less conservative candidates McClure and Wong.

    I applaud Randy Pullen, Sean McCaffrey, Brett Mecum and the rest of the crew for strengthening the state legislature and holding the line elsewhere.

    And No, I am not actively seeking the ED position with the State Party.

  18. I think it is obvious that Randy Pullen should be reelected. His brilliant strategy to position the Republican candidates as underdogs was responsible for all those victories. He handled expectation management brilliantly. Denying money to support legislative candidates engendered huge sympathy among the electorate for our impecunious candidates. Who better to handle a budget deficit than legislators who are elected without money? Also impressive is the way in which Mr. Pullen has made the SCA contribution DISAPPEAR into thin air, like it never happened.

  19. If the “mission” of the AZ GOP really is to elect Republicans – any concerned citizen who dared look at the website for information or direction during the elections were arrogantly snubbed and sent away empty handed.

    An ominous sign: Take a look (right now!) at the circa-1996 website of the AZ GOP and see how out of touch the AZ GOP leadership is. There is a decent template but neither the folks on payroll or the volunteers noticed that nobody updated their website??? It’s nearly FREE to update your website guys! Roll up the Grecian Formula and pass it around.

    Considering the national exposure Arizona Republicans have received (not to mention the visits of the candidates for President and Vice-President and worldwide media coverage) there was only one picture of McCain/Palin posted and that was AFTER they lost the election. The AZ GOP still has pictures posted of Randy Pullen riding his bike and a few shots of GOPers from March 2008.

    The Maricopa County Republican Committee website was worse. It was sorely devoid of any relevant information for voters but was one heck of an advertisement for Russell Pearce, the Pachyderm Coalition and Border Bouncers.

    Sean McCaffrey shouldn’t be trusted to be anyone’s political consultant since he didn’t market his own “company” candidates well. Good luck on finding a guppy or two.

  20. A working flash map of Arizona and a Social Network UI is hardly what I would call circa ’96.

  21. Inside Out says

    Mr. Poggles,

    If you have all of the bells & whistles but the car won’t start………..

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